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Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel is a brow gel that helps define, fill and fix brows with a weightless, lightly tinted gel. Available in four shades.

Available in four shades.


Rimmel London Brow This Way Eyebrow Gel


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Holds brows in shape

I purchased this product in clear, as I just needed something to tame my unruly brows without needing to add colour or thickness. The tube is smaller than a full-sized mascara but has a similar but smaller tapered brush at the end. It does work to hold my brows in place, without leaving them stiff or 'crunchy'. It lasts well throughout the day. I have no complaints and it works as intended. The only minor criticism is that it can come out a little bit clumpy if you're not careful to wipe off the excess.

Great for the price!

This is a great eye brow gel for someone who just wants to use something quick andon the go. I have quite full eyebrows anyways and if I am going out I usually fill them with an eyebrow pencil too. I use this one days where I just need my eye brows to look neat and polished with a hint of colour. If you did not do other things to your eyebrows i.e tint or use a pencil and just used this product on its own you may be disappointed as you may find that there is not much colour when brushing on your brows. I wish the tube was bigger! You can usually find this on sale so I always pick up a couple when I find it and last me for a while. The price point is great so if you are not sure if you want to use it, definitely give it a try!
This eyebrow gel has a strong colour, which is good after a while but a little intense at first! I also found the brush a little small which put a little bit too much product on my face, but smoothing out the product with a clean brush helped to disperse some of the colour.
I like that this is an affordable brow gel that comes in a range of shades. The gel formula is slightly wet but holds the brow nicely. The colour looks natural (although slightly dark on me but I could have easily chosen a lighter shade so that isn't an issue) and holds my brows in place too. It comes in a simple tube packaging and a spoolie for you to comb through your brows easily. The only thing I dislike about it is the size of the brush. It is way too big and long so I was not able to use it for any precise brown application. I hope they'll revamp the packaging and provide a smaller, shorter brush head for more precise application.
This product surprised me because I thought it was going to be great and get me Cara Delevingne's full and luscious brows like it did in all those Rimmel Commercials but I didn't really like this all that much. I mean the colour was exactly right for me and the products bottle was ideal for carrying around. But, when I applied this I got way too much product even after I wiped some into the bottle. It made my brows look like someone had gotten brown paint and gone a little crazy. In a nutshell, it wasn't that precise, little too water like on the brows and just wasn't what I was looking for. I haven't thrown it away but it's my plan D brow gel. I have the clear brow gel which is fine because it's clear and does leave behind any colour and I'd give that a solid 4 and half stars but their tinted ones just don't it for me. But don't worry Rimmel I still love you.
I don't usually spend money on brow gels but recently I had to get my hands on one due to my out of control brows and no time for a wax and this is the one I luckily found! I use 'transparent' just to keep those straw eyebrow hairs together, and it does the job. For a first time brow gel user, this is a great product. Positives:  - holds for a few hours (5 hours max, for me (thick eyebrow hair) - not tacky or sticky - not clumpy Negatives: - I have not used any other brow gel so cannot compare, but sometimes not enough product comes out on the spooly.
This would have to be the best priced brow gel currently on the market! Available in four shades  (two of which I have personally used), Brow This Way is the perfect product for unruly eyebrows that have a mind of their own. Keep them in place with a few strokes of the clear gel using the mascara-style wand within or achieve a fuller brow by using a tinted gel. The Blonde shade is perfect for my brows which are dark blonde in colour and sparse. This gel really does make brows appear 'fuller' and helps to frame my face when I am wearing a full face of makeup. Having said this, I still wear Brow This Way on my makeup free days because I still like fuller brows and feel tidy when I know my brows won't go astray. If I could make one suggestion to the Rimmel team it would be to taper the mascara wand within or make it shorter because for those like me with thin brows, the large wand can go beyond my brow line which makes a mess, leaving coloured gel above or below the brows. Time-poor women want an easy to use product, not have to clean up unwanted gel from their freshly applied makeup. Based on its pice, natural choice of shades and its one small fault I give Brow This Way a much deserved four stars.
I have light-mid brown natural brows and thought 002 Medium looked like it suited.  Wrong!  It is too dark, should have gone with 001 for blondes even though I'm not blonde.  The brush is too big and too much product comes out, I have to wipe it with a tissue to remove most as it is quite thick and gluggy. It is quite a wet formula, takes a while to dry but once dry it holds my brows nicely and no little flaky bits.  Overall while I like the finish, the holding ability and how it naturally adds some volume to my brows, it is too much work to get it right - I prefer a quick out-the-door in 5 minutes ready product.
They say you are never fully dressed without a smile but I say you are never fully made up unless you do your eyebrows!  Even if I don't put a scrap of makeup on I will always ensure my eyebrows are groomed and the Rimmel Brow this way eyebrow gel is a great product to use when you need a quick and easy brow solution. As I have gotten older I have found that my brows are not only becoming more sparse, but they are producing the odd grey hair.  I find this particularly perplexing as it is the only place where I have them!  Unfortunately the bare patches and the greys means there are parts of my brows that look 'empty' and I have found that I am needing a brow product with a bit of colour to help disguise this issue. Even though I am a blonde I have medium dark brows.  You would think this would make it easier for me to find a brow product, but it isn't.  Many of the brands do brown brow products but they are often too red or are too dark for my complexion.  Finding a blonde brow product has proven to be difficult, however the Rimmel Brow This Way gel product in blonde has been a great find at a great price. I like this product but I don't love it.  I find the brush to be a little too large to apply on the tail of my brow and I have found it difficult to get the definition I require because of it.  I also need to ensure I wipe off the excess brow gel otherwise my brows look overloaded with product and they will look 'crunchy' rather than soft and full. Whilst I believe this to be a good 'drugstore' dupe to the Benefit Gimme Brow I prefer the Gimme Brow as it offers me a smaller brush and a better consistency.  If you are new to brow gels though I would encourage you to try the Rimmel Brow This Way to see if this type of product can help your brow issues.
I hate to say it but I was not a fan of this product at all! Firstly the brush is way too thick, and because of this it would disperse way too much product on to my eyebrows and it was really hard to clean up. The thickness of the brush also meant I would constantly get product on my skin around my eyebrows which would disrupt my makeup. I just felt like using this product was a hot mess and there are so many other brow mascaras better than this, especially the loreal brow plumper!
The following review is for the clear version of this product as I’ve not tried the tinted versions.   This brow gel comes in a tiny tube of 5ml of product. This is probably the only downside for me as most other brow gels I’ve tried are almost double that. As Rimmel is a fairly inexpensive brand (and quite often on sale) this isn’t so bad if you stock up when it’s at a good price.   I really love the brush on this brow gel. Most others I’ve tried are quite large and awkward making it hard to apply without getting the gel above or below the brows. I think most other brands seem to think a regular length mascara wand will do which is a bit silly considering brows and lashes are not much alike! The Rimmel brush is about a third shorter than a regular one making it the perfect size to quickly and effortlessly apply your brow gel on the run. It’s also nice and soft – I’ve had others that feel like you’re running a toothbrush through your brows which isn’t pleasant!   This brow gel dries fairly quickly once applied, roughly about a minute. The brows feel very naturally soft after application and don’t have that ‘crispy’ feeling. Once set I find that my brows stay in place all day.   Another bonus is that the barrel of this gel is clear so it’s easy to see when things are getting a bit manky and it’s time to throw it away. Yes it’s not pleasant to look at but, as a bit of a germaphobe, I’m not comfortable with wondering what’s lurking in those opaque tubes!   This is a brow gel that I keep coming back to and always make sure I have a backup on hand. Definitely a solid four star product for me and would easily make five stars if Rimmel increased the amount you get for the price.
Despite not being blonde, I was pretty chuffed about the possibility of applying the blonde gel to a friend's brow, given that there aren't that many options available for the fair-haired ones in drugstore ranges! I'm going to discuss the size of the brush first. It's not as thin as I'd like, and a little longer than ideal, but it does still allow for a fairly comfortable application of the gel, provided that you're careful with the wand. That said, if you're clumsy, or if your hand slipped, it's easy to go from brows to BROWS! That goes for the blonde shade too. I think with this one, less is certainly more. I do like the formula, in regards to the stay power. It's not one I'd have to worry about running on me, or fading throughout the day. That definitely makes it a bit of a winner! This retails for $12.95 each, and while it's great that the range does have a pretty great blonde shade, I wish it had more colours, but it is still early days yet!
I have coarse, unruly eyebrows with a few patchy areas so I use the Rimmel eyebrow gel in the brunette shade to fill in and hold my brow strands in place. The brow gel comes in a tube with a spoolie brush identical to traditional mascaras. The gel has dark brown pigmentation that is good for filling up sparse or patchy areas.  All I do is take the spoolie brush and apply the gel on my brows in an upward and outward direction. The pigmentation in the gel fills in my sparse/patchy areas and the gel holds the brow strands in place all day. Doing this defines and opens up my eye area. The outer ends of my brows grow in a downward direction and this gel does a fantastic job of holding the strands up all day.  Overall I'm happy with this product. The gel has enough hold to keep my coarse, unruly brows in place and the spoolie brush is convenient for touch ups on-the-go. The pigmentation is genius because it fills up my patchy/sparse areas in just a few strokes and especially helpful when I'm in a rush...I've even used this on the train during morning commute.  The only downside I would say is the spoolie brush does bring out excess product which I have to blot off with a tissue and I wish the spoolie brush was just a little smaller to work better for the brows.  Pro Affordable  Holds brow in place all day  Pigmentation fills in sparse/patchy areas in a few strokes  Tiny tube, convenient to slip into handbag for touch ups on-the-go Con Excess product on spoolie  Spoolie brush could be smaller 
I really like the idea of this product. It's similar to Benefit's Gimme Brows but at a much lower cost. If you don't have much time to do your brows this is great. A couple of swipes and you're good to go. However I find that you have to wipe quite a lot of product off the brush prior to application otherwise your brows go all crusty. Other than that, I like it and use it almost every day.
Not a fan of this product--it does provide a hint of colour, but no hold (at least for my eyebrows anyway!). I also found the brush was a bit too big to allow for precise application.
I have this in blonde and although it's probably still a bit dark for me Its probably the right colour for most blondes. regardless I love it and it always goes on great, drying time is pretty short and doesn't dry clumpy and can be brushed out for a more natural look. I love it for a quick clean up for the brows.
I like this product but way too much product comes out on the wand. I have this in clear and user it to set my brows before using a brow powder to fill in the gaps. Cons- you have to wipe almost all all the product off the end on a paper towel otherwise your brows end up crunchy  and clumped. Pros- good size wand/spooly for brows, had a good hold setting the brows for most of the day, cheap. If you're looking for a good clear brow gel then this works well, you just have to wipe the wand before you apply the product.
Keep those eyebrows in place with this eyebrow gel. The spooly is great for even application all over the eyebrow with adding a light tint of colour.