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Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner

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Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner is a coloured liquid eyeliner that creates clean and bold lines that last all day. The tapered, felt tip applicator helps achieve a clean, highly pigmented line that wears for up to 24 hours. 

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner


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This is a wonderfully pigmented, easy to use and long lasting liquid eyeliner.  Liquid eyeliner is what I normally prefer to use and I like that it comes in a felt tip format.  You can easily control the pen and glide it along your eye without any pulling or tugging.  I start off by lightly tracing my eyeliner with the pen and then I go over it and fill it in.  You can make your winged eye as thin or as thick as you want and you can create that perfect flick with the fine tip.  Once I draw with the liner it dries fairly quickly and it doesn't move or smudge.  It's great for everyday wear and it's very affordable!
This pen liner has precise tip and it can be used to apply thick or thin liner. The liner itself is very pigmented, both colour are opaque, and they dries quickly.  They are very easy to apply and last for 6+ hours with out smudging and budging. They are not 100% water proof which is good for me as I washes it easily. In the above picture I applied it over my BB cream and on the inner corner of my eyes due to oily lids it did not show the intense colour. But I am happy with the results as I do not want dark intense colour in the inner corner. I find that on oily surfaces it does not work well like all the pen eyeliners.   I recommend these eyeliners for every one, They are very easy to apply, they are great for thick and thin line.
I searched high and low at so many department stores and pharmacies to find a liquid liner that had a 'pen' type of applicator and found most were 'brush' type applicators. In came Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner. The liner comes in black, blue, and white and I purchased black. I was so excited to try this as a winged eyeliner is one of my go-to makeup looks. The liner has a soft, tapered felt tip and applied relatively thin. This is perfect for me because I am quite clumsy and it allows you to draw precise lines and flicks, and you can simply go over again if you want a thicker line.  I can put this liner on in the morning and my eyes are still perfectly lined come the evening. I don't have a single bad thing to say about this product. If you're like me and struggle to do an accurate line invest in this liner and you wont be disappointed
These felt tip liners come in 3 shades, and while the black isn't the blackest black I've ever tried, it's definitely a shade appropriate for work. This is easy to use (even the most uncoordinated of people would find this easy) and it dries down fast, which means that it won't smudge - it certainly hasn't with me! I do find it a little disappointing that it doesn't shut with a reassuring click, which means that I'm constantly pressing down on the lid to make sure that it's closed. Additionally, continual usage means ongoing use and decreasing pigmentation of the liner. I'm concerned that this means the longevity of this particular eyeliner won't go beyond a couple of months, but the upside is that liquid liners are like mascaras - they should be thrown out regularly! These retail for $13.95 and can be found just about anywhere that sells Rimmel, including Big W, Priceline and Target. 
I wear liquid eyeliner often and would always struggle with getting the perfect winged eyeliner until I came across this. It's got the perfect firm tip and the colour and texture that it produces is fantastic. I love the control (feels like holding a pen) it allows and lasts long too with no smudging. It's affordable too.
I am so glad I discovered the Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner.  I love a great, yet affordable liquid eyeliner and this eyeliner does the trick. Its a soft (very important for the eye area), tapered, felt-tip applicator, that is very easy to use. The long, skinny tip means you can you have really precise thin lines or go a bit heavier if you want. If lives up to its claim of being highly pigmented - I only have to apply one eyeliner once, and I don't need to keep re-lining the area. Once applied the liquid dries really quick, and then stays on all day - no smudging or transfer.  At the end of the day it comes off easily with some makeup remover.  It comes in three colours - black, white and blue. My favourite is the black. Bottom line, is if you like winged eyeliner then you need to go out and buy the Rimmel London Colour Precise Eyeliner and try it now. 
Great liquid liner for beginners! Very black and glides on really easy, and precise enough to get that precise wing !
Great liquid eyeliner. A strong black colour and soft but firm tip to apply. I love it so much more than others I've tried!
I love a great buy and this one is just that! An affordable, no nonsense product which on application, glides effortlessly over the eye to create a clean, defined line. I have found that it does stay on for 8 hours but have not trialed it for 24hours wear. A staple for me. :)
Wow! I am in love this product. No more sharpening pencils, just pristine, even, beautiful lines every single time.
This liner is amazing its easy to use doesn't much and is so precise
The name says it all. This eyeliner puts all the control into your hands so you can achieve PRECISELY the look you are after without the need to reach for the Q-tips for touch ups or ruining your perfect smokey eyeshadow.  AFFORDABLE & RELIABLE 
I've been looking for an eyeliner so I can do a perfect wing on my hooded eyes.I saw this in our local chemist and I give it a go for 25 years of my existence I've never been so satisfied the applicator is perfect for my eyes so easy to apply and what I'm happy about it makes a perfect wing it's really pigmented as they promise and it never transfer on my hood in my eyes it's really clean and it really works for me and for the price I pay and the quality it's a big thumbs up Rimmel!!
This liquid liner is amazing. It's so easy to apply, and the tip does not fray. It lasts for hours and is smudge proof. It's so affordable, especially for the amazing quality it is. I use this everyday and don't see myself switching to anything else anytime soon!
This liner is the only one that has ever made me happy. It does not smudge, it leaves a clean line and allows for fine lines and flicks. super impressed!
I love how this liner gives me a precise line and its so easy to hold and use and remove too. Love it, and have repurchased many times.
This liner is so easy to use. You get good control with the line because its like a pen so you can hold it near the tip. It also lasts a long time once on. I do recommend