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Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Liner is a soft, long-lasting precise lip liner that contours lips, leaving them defined. The waterproof formula features a smooth wind-up tip that applies colour that lasts all day.

Available in six shades.


Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Liner


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First bad: there is a very small amount of product in the pen, 0.25 g. 52$ aud for a gram! So, high end makeup item? It is retractable plastic pen. Creamy formula so be careful not to get too much product out when applying as it will break. Glides on like a dream. Prevents lipstick from going everywhere. Lines lips with precision. Stays put and lasts for hours (until I take the lip stuff as usual before eating. Do not like the idea of any product on my lips as even some of it ending up in my system...no). I got my perfect  "nude" Eastend Snob. CAn wear it with any of my lip formulas and colours really.
Easily the best lip liner I’ve ever used. A friend put me onto the Rimmel lip liner and I’m so grateful. I needed a lip liner because I have tiny lips and any lipstick I put on myself just vanishes in minutes. When I use the liner the staying power of my lipsticks is incredible, and I start to look like I might even have lips lol.  The formula is very creamy and you can only press lightly or it can break, same if you wind it up too far. At the prices you can get this in Priceline or chemist warehouse grab one in each shade and stock up.
Eastend Snob smashes it out of the ballpark every time. It’s the perfect pink for me….sooo pretty, it’s my favourite lip liner colour. I could easily wear it on it's own but it is also beautiful with lipstick or gloss and it always looks fresh.  I love that it is a twist out pencil and the tip is really gentle on my lips. Application super easy and I am amazed at the staying power of this baby! The formula is buttery and doesn’t chap my lips. Once I line and fill my lips all of the hard work is done! Pros: *Looks beautiful and natural *Plumps up your kissy lips *Outside casing colour matches the liner colour perfectly.  *Prevents bleeding *Budge proof Cons:  *It does run out quickly but for the price I just buy a few at once so I never run out. I would recommend Eastend Snob to my family, friends, hairdresser, sales assistants and everyone else that will listen! ☺
Rimmel makes the best lip liners at the drugstore and their Exaggerate Full Colour Liner is no exception. Although the packaging is a bit cheap and the pencil has a tendency to break if you have winded it up too much, this lip liners are the best. The formula is in this perfect middle spot between dry to creamy, it's super easy to apply and it lasts for a couple of good hours. I have been using 'Eastend Snob' non stop for the past 3 weeks and it's a gorgeous pinky, natural nude. Most days I don't even put a lipstick on top of it, I just define and fill my lips with the liner and then reply it after lunch. Eastend Snob is my favourite colour out of the range as it goes with everything, with a smoky eye, a super sharp wing-liner, glittery eyes, you name it. 'Red diva' is another stunning colour, as the name suggests its a lovely red liner that always define my lips before I apply my red lipstick on. After going through 3 of this babies I can honestly say that they're my favourite affordable lip liners. For $12.95 you get a lip liner that is as good a high end liner, with an amazing formula (although some of them smell like plasticine?) that would suit everyone, even for gals with dry lips. It's a Fab product for a Fab price. 
No exaggeration. This is an amazing lip liner. I tried Eastend Snob, a pretty nude pink colour that perfectly matched my pout for a natural look. The formula is a nice soft and creamy one, and the liner's thin, angled tip makes for precise application. A lot better than pencil lip liners. It contoured my lips really well, leaving them looking defined and really full. Lovely. The colour is really pigmented and it stays on. It's also waterproof. Yay! The easy wind up packaging means you have to remember to be careful to not wind the product up too much and lose it. I recommend this to anyone who wants an affordable lip liner and perfectly defined lips. Colour in your lips entirely with this liner or finish with lipstick and you don't have to worry about lipstick bleeding.
I have thin lips that scream out for lip liner so I can make them look full but it is hard to get a nice natural shade. I've been using budget friendly Exaggerate liner, shade no:063 Eastend Snob by Rimmel London and the colour is perfect. I line my lips and then fill and the shade blends perfectly with my skin tone giving me full natural looking lips.   For the first time ever in my whole make up life, the casing colour was actually true to colour and matched the pencil!! I hate sharpening so I love that it is a twist out pencil and with the slanted tip it glides on without pulling. The over sized tip makes application super easy and I am amazing how long this brand lasts on my lips. Eastend Snob  is a beautiful pinkish nude colour and is my favourite lip liner. I wear it on it's own or with a lip gloss and it always looks great. I highly recommend trying it.
I adore this lip liner! It has a super creamy formula and slanted tip for perfect precision each time when I line or fill in my lips. My favourite shade from this collection is 'Addicted' which is a gorgeous muted mauve pink. I'm a sucker for wind up lip liners because there's no messy shavings at the end of it! No scent and under $10 at the drugstore. Cons: Sadly this lip liner is very soft (as is it creamy and blendable!), so be careful when using the product! I reccomend only winding up 2mm max to avoid the product breaking off. Simply too good a product to waste!
I swear by these lip liners, I have them in a variety of colours and I find they are by far my favourite out of all the ones I have tried from the drugstore. The formula is super creamy and blendable and feels very soft in your lips which means they work well because you can blend out your lines slightly so it does not leave such a harsh lip line, creating a much more natural effect. I also find that the lip liners are suprisingly pigmented considering they are so affordable. If you are not a huge lipstick fan I recommend using these liners to fully shade in your lips as an alternative to lipstick (and then I use a small lip brush for any extra blending and for more precision) because they work so well and are extremely long wearing. I also find that when I wear these under my lipsticks they help to increase the wear time of the lipstick and as they are so creamy they help make applying products on top-such as lipsticks- much easier and I find especially with super drying lip products such as liquid lipsticks this lip liner helps acts as a barrier between the lips and product- helping it stay on the lips longer as well as stop it from drying out. Lastly, I also like how the liner comes in a twist up pen so then you don't have to worry and sharpening (and wasting) the product. The nib is also rather thin which enables you to get a precise line when lining your lips. Overall, for the price as well as the quality of this product I think it's a terrific option for an everyday lip pencil!
I used to steer clear from lip liner, probably because I was always worried about having that 90's dark lip liner look which completely haunted me.  I didn't see a reason in using it but without it I would have so many problems.  My lipstick would bleed and it wouldn't be as precise.  It wasn't until seeing how much I could do with it and how it could fake a full full lips a la Kylie that I finally broke my lip liner virginity.  The Rimmel liner is a wind up which requires no sharpening, it gives you one less thing to worry about it.  But not only that, I prefer the creamy, smooth formula compared to a pencil liner.  It's a lot more forgiving with mistakes and just an overall natural appearance and application.  No more lipstick bleeding and lips looked more defined.   A special tip, take the liner a bit lower on your bottom lip to fake a plump pout!
The Rimmel lip liners are one of the best! They're not too creamy and not to hard making it easy to apply and also long lasting. They're great as just as a lip liner or all over lip colour. The only negative is, just keep in mind not to wind up too much otherwise it will snap off. The colour selection covers the essentials and the price point is awesome at $12.95