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Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer

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Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer is a cream stick concealer that helps conceal blemishes and dark circles. 

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer


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I've probably gone through more than 20 of these over the years (I have five strategically placed at this moment!) So it's safe to say this does the job for me! For years the Ivory shade was really the only cheap light cream concealer I could find and even after trying out some of the newer options I find myself always coming back to my trusty Rimmel HtB! Personally I don't like liquid or pot concealers, this does a perfect job of covering spots and redness, it does require some blending though! The stick format is what makes this a must-have for me, it has got me through many a workday as my only base product! The consistency is very thick and creamy, no strong chemical or alcohol odours and the coverage is pretty instantly opaque! If your not into cream or stick concealers this is not for you, but if you are this is the best bang for your buck you can get!
This was one of the first concealers I ever bought, so it holds a place in my heart. However, it had been years since I first tried it so I bought a new tube from Priceline the other week, and unfortunately I think there's other concealers on the market now (because this ones been around for yonks!) which just perform better... But here's my two cents anyway.. FORMULA: The concealer is a old-school wind up concealer, so I find to be quick a thick formula. It is marketed as both a blemish-hiding and under-eye concealer, however I would not recommend using it under the eyes as because it is so thick and quite drying. It is also quite hard to blend, meaning you have to tug at your eye area when attempting to blend it. I find the product quite stiff and difficult to work with and quite hard to blend over larger areas of the face such as the under eyes. I do have quite a dry/dehydrated skin type so I find that this product clings to the fine lines under my eyes- so if you have more mature skin  I would not recommend using this concealer under the eyes. Although, I think it may work better if you have slightly oiler skin. I also find that this product work best with a finger (as it is warm and helps meld the product into the skin) or a damp beauty sponge rather than a brush.   COVERAGE AND LASTING POWER I actually think this is quite a highly pigmented concealer, which definitely works better when covering small blemishes. I would recommend using a small pointed brush to place the product over the blemish and then using a finger to pat in the product and blend it (and then add powder if that is your preference) to get the best result. I think (especially if you set it), the concealer lasts quite well throughout the day. When I used it on my blemishes I found that it lasted a good six hours before it started to wear off, however I did find that it still looked quite cakey on the skin. COLOUR/COLOUR RANGE: Sadly, there are only three colours in the range. I have the shade soft honey which is a light shade with a warm yellow undertone. When I went in store I noticed that all of the shades were for light to light medium skin tones and are all variation of a light colour but with slightly different undertones (warm honey has yellow, and the others are a salmon undertone as well as a more orange undertone). So, I was not overly impressed with the colour range at all as I would not be able to recommend these products to those with fair or deeper skin tones. Also, as I mentioned my shade is quite yellow, meaning it does not look great under my eyes so I tend to only use it around the face.  PACKAGING: The packaging is quite handy as it a small tube, meaning it is perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. I had this rolling around the bottom of my bag at one stage and I never had a problem with the packaging, it is sturdy and not messy as the product is compact.
I feel like concealers are the unsung hero of the makeup world—most of us rely on them daily to do the important job of concealing imperfections and perfecting our base, yet we don’t give them much recognition.Until now, that is. Rimmel London’s Hide the Blemish concealer is an old-school, wind-up stick concealer that has been around for a long time. And with good reason. This beauty can conceal anything from a small zit to a major eruption,and even cover dark circles, redness and broken capillaries. It has a thick,creamy consistency that covers the problem area well, and once you set it with powder, it won’t budge. It doesn’t look cakey and it doesn’t dry your skin out.What more could you ask for? I have the shade Soft Honey and have used the same stick for an embarrassing amount of time, but I still have half a tube left, and it hasn’t shown any signs of drying out. The packaging of the concealer isn’t the prettiest (brown& cream), but neither is its job, so I guess that makes it equal?! Regardless, if you are in the market for a heavy-duty, affordable concealer that can conceal even the mightiest of blemishes, then I would highly recommend this gem from Rimmel.
This was my very first concealer and I got it just after I first started using makeup back in year 10. Like most girls find just after they begin using makeup are unaware of the fact that a good skincare routine is necessary, I began to break out and had to find a good concealer to cover up some blemishes. Pretty unaware of the makeup market and the quality of particular brands, this was the first concealer I reached out for and it has done me well ever since. I find that contrary to most concealers this product matches my skintone very nicely and works well both underneath and over the top of my foundation. My only issue is that the concealer is in cream form and can be quite heavy and harder to blend even with minimal application. Additionally, whilst its storage in a 'bullet' is great for tossing in a bag on the go, it is not great for applying to acne spots directly as it can cause contamination (to solve this, I suggest using a q-tip or a lip brush to apply). Overall, the coverage is fantastic when used with setting powder to finish it off and I was so impressed that I bought one in a lighter shade to cover my undereye circles. My current one is almost completley empty, so I'll definetly be making a trip to the shops again to buy another one of these- they are cheaper, yet still good quality and multipurpose. Definetly one to look out for if you are in need of a lower budget product you can use everyday! :)
I love this concealer! Great for blemishes and dark circles under the eye as it gets rid of all dis-colouration to the face. A must have in all makeup bags!