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Rimmel London #InstaFlawless Skin Tint

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Boost skin’s radiance with Rimmel London’s #InstaFlawless Skin Tint, a moisturising tinted primer designed to perfect and enhance the complexion for a natural-looking glow. Providing up to 24 hours of hydration, the formula can be worn on its own or under makeup.

Available in two shades.


Rimmel London #InstaFlawless Skin Tint


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Whenever I'm in a rush and cannot do a full coverage makeup, I use this! What I love about it is that it gives me just the right amount of coverage - it evens out my skin tone and completely covers the redness on my chin, without my face looking like I actually have anything on it. It's very hydrating and gives me glowing skin. It's consistency is quite thick, so you wouldn't need a lot of it, but it can be just as buildable as a foundation if you want to use it on its own and want a bit more coverage. It can also be used as a base - it is supposed to be a primer after all -  but in my experience, the dewiness it provides can get drowned out by a thicker foundation. Perhaps if mixed with a lighter coverage-foundation, the glow it gives may hold. It also smells really good! But if you are sensitive to scents, you might want to check it first and see if you're okay with it, because the scent is pretty distinct and once you've applied the product, it lingers for a while. It has an SPF of 15, but I checked its composition and I could not find zinc oxide - which is an important ingredient in sunscreen. I don't know if I missed anything, but if it really does not have it, then that's definitely a minus point. It does have titanium dioxide though, which is an effective deflector of UV rays, but zinc oxide would have been perfect. I figured though I can still use this and not worry so much by applying it after my regular sunscreen. All in all, I like the tint it gives my skin - it looks natural, with a light coverage and just the right amount of healthy glow I need to get away with not wearing makeup. Especially with the seasons changing, it's definitely perfect for a dewy, summer-look!
In a sign of the times, Rimmel have hashtagged a product name with #InstaFlawless. This SPF15 product is described as a perfecting, radiant skin tint, that provides a natural looking glow, primes, perfects and gives 24 hour moisturisation. I have the shade Light Medium, which at first seemed a little dark for my pale colouring, but with continued use, I actually don't think it's too bad colour-wise. This product immediately reminds me of my Garnier BB Cream. I love that it can be worn alone as a skin perfector, or under foundation if you're after a fuller coverage. I've been wearing it for a natural, barely-there look on the weekends, and if I'm super-rushed on a weekday morning, I'll smooth some on to even out my skin tone and skip the foundation. I must say I don't really bother with using this under a base, luckily my skin is clear at the moment, so I can get away with #InstaFlawless by itself!
Rimmel London #instaflawless comes in soft tube packing which is very easy to use. It comes in two shades and I got the lighter/medium. The light/medium shade is more orange while I have yellow skin tone but upon application it is not visible on my skin.  This product has noticeable fragrance and texture is very similar to BB creams. It has thick creamy consistency, upon application, it moisturizes my dry skin very well and leaves it little bit greasy. My foundation and other makeup glides smoothly over it. My foundation longitivity is not much affected but the finish  is better even after long hours. Sometimes dry patches are appeared on my face after few hours of foundation application but it does not happen with this primer. I can not use it alone because the coverage is very little, while using it as primer is much better. Overall, This product is great for those who have dry skin and wants a hydrating primer or very light coverage BB cream. But this is not very suitable for those who have oily skin, or want pore minimising and fine line blurring primer. 
I am a long time, huge fan of rimmel makeup products. The ads with Georgia may jagger are brilliant, the price is always so affordable, and you really get what you pay for and the products themselves always live up to their promises. I saw this when I was hunting for a bb or cc cream that wouldn't blow my budget, and this is what I eventually settled on. The next morning, after cleansing, serum and moisturising, and waiting a few minutes for the moisturiser to sink right in, I dabbed this. On my forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and buffed it in with my big fluffy brush.  The result? Soft, plump, glowing and dewy, luminous skin. It was a pretty impressive result, but that's what you can expect from rimmel time and time again. If you want full coverage that hides all your redness, dryness and blemishes, stick with your usual foundation. However if you want something that gently evens out your skin tone, hides some redness and blemishes that gives you lit from with in luminosity without the heaviness of foundation, that you can apply in minutes and gives protection from the sun, than this is the product for you. I'm very happy with every bit of this product, it is great for days when I don't want the bother or hassle of foundation, it really makes my skin luminous and glow like no other bb or cc cream or foundation I've ever tried, it is so budget friendly yet feels just as good as any expensive product I've used and you only need a teeny amount to cover all your face, so this tube of liquid gold will last me simply ages, and I will be buying this again and again in the future.
You know how it gets - you hit Winter, and suddenly, it's like you don't get any sun at all, and your skin is all pasty and pale and you lose all of your colour. Or maybe that's just me! Have no fear, however, because Rimmel totally has you covered! Or your face, at least! I've been loving the Rimmel #Instaflawless for that little bit of a lift to my skin and it has been fantastic this cold weather! It's meant to prime and brighten the skin, as well as hydrate while protecting the skin with it's SPF 15. Given it's shade, I used it as my base during the warmer months, but when it got cooler, I started mixing it in with my foundation to add a bit of warmth to it as my body is still a couple of shades darker than my face. This does nothing crazy, just add a healthy sort of glow! This is the perk me up for the skin, particularly when I'm looking a little too colourless for my liking, but be careful, because you can certainly go too far the other way, then you might look like you're wearing a totally inappropriate shade of foundation! For $13.95 for 30 ml, you can find this at just about anywhere that stocks Rimmel (which is just about EVERYWHERE!).
This product is amazing!! My skin feels like silk once this product is applied. This product is not only light and natural looking, it has amazing coverage for freckles. I have small patches of freckles over my cheek/nose area and all it takes is a small amount of this product and I get 90% coverage. My skin is hydrated all throughout the day, all I can say is..I can't live without this product!!!