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Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara

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Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara is a lash-lengthening mascara that works to increase lash length by up to 99 per cent. The formula conditions lashes, leaving them intensely coated yet soft.

Available in two shades.


Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara


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I bought this mascara after a friend recommended it to me and WOW, it is amazing! It has lasted over a year now and still works perfectly. It comes in a metallic green container with black lid which is a good size and easy shape to handle. It glides onto my lashes super smoothly and has an instant effect. My lashes look thicker and longer, but incredibly natural and zero clumping! I can wear this all day and night and it won't smudge or have any flaking as happens with some other mascaras I own. I will 100% be buying this mascara, it is the best one I have used to date and incredibly affordable! Highly recommend. 
The criteria for a good mascara for me is it has to be really black, it has to make my eyelashes noticeably longer and thicker. It can’t make them clump up and it has to remove easily at the end of the day, while not smudging or transferring while it’s on. This mascara definitely meets that criteria. The colour is intensely black and the clever brush design tugs ever so snuggly as your applying it that it gets right to the root of the lashes. It gives me a great fan of lashes both lengthening and thickening them.  I would recommend this mascara to everyone as it has a great brush, great durability and gives you black long fluttering lashes.
Still using this Lash Accelerator mascara after one year from opening it! The formula is perfection: just does not want to dry out! I have so many mascaras lined up to be used, but just will never get to them as this one is never-ending and never-drying.      I do not use mascara daily, so when I pop this one on everyone notices! I wore just today this mascara and nothing else on, and my male friend said: why are you wearing makeup? Makeup...hmmm...Just one (yup, one!) coat of this mascara makes such a difference!      I curl my lashes as they grow in scattered zig-zag motion: straight, down and left and right.  So curling gets then face same direction: up with a nice curl. Then I apply Lash Accelerator mascara in just one coat. It lengthens my lashes and thickens them at the same time! And best part: it holds the curl all day! All day! Without it my lashes go down and messy as before in about an hour. Also my lashes are blonde, so they are invisible, and when wearing this mascara my eyes pop and look so big and round!     This is the best mascara I have found that does it all in just one coat: volume, length and hold the curl! And it does not flake, no smudging, just stays the same all day long (even on a most humid and rainy day): fabulous! Thank you Rimmel for making this gem!