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Want a long-lasting foundation that also cares for your skin? Try Rimmel London’s #1 skincare inspired foundation - Lasting Finish 25HR. The long-lasting formula is infused with hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, helping to boost your skin with hydration so it appears fresh, plump and smooth. It blends seamlessly into your skin, concealing dark circles and imperfections. No need to worry about sweat, heat or humidity - your foundation stays flawless for up to 25 hours. Available in 14 shades: Sesame 070, Ivory 100, True Ivory 103, Rose Vanilla 150, Vanilla 160, Wheat 170, Soft Beige 200, Classic Beige 201, True Beige 203, Golden Beige 210, Sand 300, Warm Olive 302, Golden Honey 350, Natural Beige 400.

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation


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Natural finish

I don't wear foundation every day but I like to have some trusted ones on hand for when I need them. I bought the Rimmel Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation after reading some positive reviews. I chose the shade 103 True Ivory which turned out to be the perfect shade for me. I like more of a light - medium coverage although this foundation gives me a medium coverage with a satin finish. I'm able to apply this foundation with my fingers and then I use a flat foundation brush to finish off. The product applies very easily and leaves my skin looking smooth with a nice natural, dewy look. I have combination/dry skin and I find this foundation works really well for my skin, and the foundation doesn't separate from my base products. I think this is a foundation I'll be happy to wear at any time.
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Affordable & Amazing

The colour was almost spot on. I am very fair and have trouble finding a colour light enough for me. It was every so slightly on the yellow end of the spectrum for me, I assume it is meant for fair Asian skin tones, but once blush was applied I really didn't mind for the price point. I am moving house, so I couldn't find my special sponge for application, but with my fingers/hands, it went on beautifully, which I did not expect, I could sheer it out or go for two pumps for a very heavy/full but natural coverage, so much so that my mother said I looked like I had no foundation on at all, in the best way possible. The instructions say to use a primer beforehand, but I don't own one because of my rosacea and I had no problems at all, though, it definitely wouldn't look great after 25 hours as stated on the bottle. I would prefer something with natural ingredients, but again, for the price, I cannot complain. I have been using this for special events, so even though it is very affordable, it can definitely take you to the nicest events. My smile lines show after a little while, and it is not going to be my holy grail foundation for the rest of my life, but it gets pretty close. I do get a bit shiny and oily with it, but maybe that's because I didn't use powder every time. I like a foundation to be stand-alone, not need primer and powder as a requirement to work, only an optional extra. It does accentuate dry parts of the face. It will move/lift/patch ff if you use too much pressure with the products going over it - concealer, which you really don't need unless you are doing a sheer coverage, so that's a big plus, not even under my eyes, cream highlighter, etc. I will transfer onto clothes, so be careful especially with high collars or clothes that you need to put on over your head. No offensive chemical smell was detected. Despite the SPF, I didn't get any ghostly flashback on camera. It doesn't feel smothering or hot and uncomfortable, sometimes I even forgot that I was wearing it. All in all would recommend.
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Not for sensitive skin :(

This foundation glides onto the skin really nicely, I went with a colour that I thought would suit my skin and it was perfect! Unfortunately, the foundation has quite a strong fragrance which smells great but made my skin a bit irritated. I have combination skin and it seemed to accentuate my oil prone areas and slid off in those spots. Overall, it would be a nice foundation for those with dry/non sensitive skin but for myself it just didn't suit my skin type!
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Go to foundation

Love this foundation! It is my go to foundation it stays on all day and doesn’t dry out my skin. It is quite thick which I like as I like full coverage. I will definitely buy this product again.
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Great value for money, will last you months!!

I had the pleasure of trialling this product and was incredibly surprised by the results. I’ve not used drug store foundation brands for years because the colours never matched me but found this one really melts into your skin giving you great coverage and lasts all day. I tried this with and without primer and I prefer this on moisturised skin, you’ll need to experiment with the primers because the foundation may not sit on the primer well! A little goes a long way as well! This bottle will last you a long time..
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I have used this one before and it’s always been my fav Rimmel foundation! It goes nicely on my skin, I use my lasting finish with red cap primer with this, last all day. However, on windy day it gets dry around the mouth area, could be just my dry skin. I would recommend this for beginner or youth. It has bit of glow to it as well but not as much as their orange cap radiance foundation. If I had to give this out of 10 it will be 7 for smooth application and long lasting. It oxidies alot so go 1shade or 2shades lighter than the actual swatch.

Smells amazing

I love a foundation which has Spf for added protection. A little goes a long way with this foundation and i find it to be full coverage for me. It smells really good too. I have sensitive skin and this does not affect my skin. I love it.
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great product

I love this foundation!!! its smooth soft finish is complimented by its long lasting effect. I have quite oily skin and this stays on my face all day and still looks great! The glass bottle with strong pump is really easy to use and fees very sturdy. It has a buildable finish depending on what im after that day. really happy with the colour (ivory) and would 100% purchase again! very happy with this foundation.
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Perfectly light coverage!

As someone who doesn't wear foundation daily (more so for those special occasions when trying to make a little bit more effort), I really loved this product and so much so, I want to wear it everyday! A little goes a long way, as it provides a really nice coverage without looking like you've piled it on. I'd definitely consider buying this as a staple make up bag must have.
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Blends Like A Dream

It actually blends like a dream! The coverage is probably a medium to full but it never looked too heavy or cake-y. In fact it always looked quite natural which is a major plus for such a great price point. I think the only downside is I have quite oily skin and the whole '25 hour wear' wasn't really up to the challenge of my t-zone. But to be fair, I was quite pleasantly surprised and I will definitely continue using this one.
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Great Product!

This foundation has really good coverage. It blends in easily. I loved the light fragrance it comes with. Makes it a perfect foundation to use on a regular basis. It's an excellent foundation in this price range and has become my new favourite foundation.
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Medium coverage but a little oily

Formula is a bit oily, stays on quite well but bleeds a little. Medium coverage, good consistency to use with a beauty blender. Would not recommend for people with oily-skin as it doesn't stay matte, I haven't worn it for 25 hours so I do not know how well the product will last effectively.
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Great price point with a nice dewy finish

Not bad for a drugstore foundation! I always get nervous deviating from my usual foundation, as I don't want to have a breakout, but I had no issues with the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25HR Foundation. It looked natural and dewy but I did feel it on my skin, it was almost a bit sticky, which I personally don't like. It did oxidise a bit as well, but other than that, no complaints! Great coverage and worked well on any dry spots. SPF is always a bonus, especially with the harsh Australian UV rays.
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A solid medium-coverage satin foundation.

This is a medium-coverage, satin-finish foundation. While the brand markets it as full coverage, one pump evens the skin, but leaves some blemishes still visable. The satin finish is kind to skin texture and dryness alike, leaving the skin looking blurred, with no dry, flaky patches to be seen. I prefer to use a flat foundation brush to spread the product evenly onto my skin, and then a damp sponge to blend it, however, this foundation would work equally well blended with a brush. While I can’t speak to the very long wear times the brand espouses this foundation holds up for, I can say that I noticed minimal separation of my base at the end of the day. For me, the only thing that lets this foundation down is the scent and the woefully limited shade range. It’s very strongly-scented, however, if this isn’t an issue for you, and you have a lighter skin tone, you might love this foundation. It would suit oily, combination and drier skin types, although those with very dry skin may find that this isn’t dewy enough for them.
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Love it!!

LOVE this foundation!! It sits really nicely and feels super comfortable. It is a bit yellow based but thats not really an issue for me
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Overall I like this foundation, definitely not my favourite but not the worst I’ve used. I like the coverage, not a fan of the smell of the foundation and I think I personally would like something a little less heavy on my skin.
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Potential Estee Lauder dupe?

I recently fell in love with Estee Lauder's Double Wear and thought this would be a good cost-efficient dupe. I was so pleasantly surprised! This definitely has lasting power and great coverage (but maybe not quite as thick coverage as Double Wear). The product is really easy to apply, I am able to pump it directly on to my brush or skin and find a little tends to go a long way. You can also layer it a bit without starting to feel or look to cakey. It doesn't have too much of a smell which I enjoy. Definitely a cheaper alternative if you are looking for something more sustainable cost-wise!
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Great for a Natural all day look

I really enjoyed using this foundation. My skin is combination, so i struggle with finding a foundation that doesn't dry me out or make me look shiny. The Rimmel London Lasting Finish foundation was easy to apply with the pump action dispenser, the colour blended into my skin perfectly and gave off a nice medium coverage. The foundation itself had a nice fresh smell to it. I put this foundation on and it will last reasonably well all day, if I have pimples or blemishes i will need to reapply/ top up towards the end of the day just because it is a medium coverage foundation. Otherwise if you're looking for a lightweight, easy to apply and a nice matte finish foundation this is the one for you. I would absolutely buy this again.
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Long-lasting, Good Coverage Foundation

The Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour Foundation is a full coverage and lightweight foundation with SPF 20. It comes in a nice glass bottle with a pump, so makes it really easy to use and control the application size, though a little heavy. The foundation was easy to apply with a brush or sponge, blends well and is quite lightweight but still giving a medium coverage that can be built up to a more full coverage making it quite versatile. It is true to the name and does last all day, giving a dewy look and hydrating boost to my face. I do not mind the fragrance to this foundation as it does not last too long, though would prefer it without and can imagine it is not to everyone's taste. Love that there is SPF in this foundation, and is very affordable. Would recommend this for the great wear, coverage, affordability and added SPF.
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Great light weight foundation

Light weight foundation with medium coverage. It oxidised when applying so be a little mindful of choosing colour.