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Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Moss

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Moss is a high intensity lip colour designed to last up to eight hours and is infused with black diamonds to reflect light.

Available in six shades.


Rimmel London Lasting Finish By Kate Moss


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I purchased one of these lipsticks when it was reduced for quick sale one day and was really delightfully surprised by its quality!  I have since purchased another one and now have shade 05 (hot pink/red) and 56 which is called Boho Nude.  These lipsticks are creamy, incredibly pigmented and long lasting with a satin finish and a non-drying formula.  The lipstick doesn't fully set so it does still transfer and does need touching up a few times during the day but this contributes to it not drying out the lips and I would prefer to re-apply than deal with flaky lips!  Overall a really good formula at an excellent price point that provides lovely coverage and is comfortable to wear.
I grabbed one of these during a sale at Priceline in the shade 027 which is a warm coral-red color. This was a limited edition shade from the Kate Moss collection and unfortunately it isn't retailing anywhere in Australia anymore. The lasting finish lipstick range by Rimmel is very true to it's name. It comes in a standard plastic tube and glides on so smooth leading to a lasting creamy velvet finish. This is a really hydrating lipstick and I love how well the shade stays put. I had a chicken burger and fries and still had a decent amount of color left on my lips! I have light-medium skin with neutral undertones and always gravitate towards lip colors with cool tones. This one is a warm toned lip color and I get so many compliments every time I wear it. It's a shame the shade is no longer available because I have had colleagues ask me about wanting to buy it. The only con is that it isn't transfer proof so I still have to deal with lipstick stains on my cups. It also does have a bit of a woodsy cinnamon scent which I am not so fond of but it isn't that strong.
I have a few of these but the only one I have continued to use on and off is shade 107. It appears super super dark in the tube but when applied, is actually a darker berry shade that is strangely flattering.  For some reason, I find some shades more drying than others. This one really works for me and lasts a long time. There are definitely other matte lip products in my collection that last longer and are less drying etc, however, I rate this highly for its price point.
Honestly not the best red lipstick I have tried. I was hoping it would be great because of all the reviews, but it wasn't.  For someone who suffers from dry lips during winter, this just didn't meet my expectations of what a moisturizing lipstick should be. I wouldn't call it long lasting either. The shades are very pretty though.
Kate Moss....she nailed the Boho look eons ago,and she is still,20 odd years in,a fashion icon.So,when she and Rimmel joined forces,it was inevitable that some stunning products were coming our way. Fast forward 15 years into this "tour de force",and along came the anniversary edition of this range...and some perfect shades that are Kate to a T (and will be you too). I am a nude shade devotee....dozens sit in bags / on tables / in lockers all around me,but i had to get the shade "Boho Nude" (No.56) as this light (but in no way "concealer - esque" ) nude with a subtle sheen is "me in summertime" perfect. This lipstick is a warm, caramelised nude that looks as cool by day as it does by night (which,i will admit,you will need to re-apply to get you from day to night)...this doesn't quite live up to the  "Lasting Finish" claim as you may want,but it does go a serious few hours without touchups or bleeding (the "moist but matte" formula aids that no doubt),but it won't really get you through eating or drinking (or kissing,you saucy bohemian). One thing i simply MUST mention about the Kate range is the scent...it is beautiful (for some reason,calming...something in my olfactory sense is triggered when i smell it,something from a long time ago) and very signature throughout this whole line (somewhat sweet / soft / fruity all at once),so those touchups will be an absolute pleasure.Add to the whole sensory experience is the anniversary edition packaging...rose gold tube,silver band around centre,with standard red hued signature on top...so very pretty to behold along with the texture of the lipstick and it's scent. Not really into nudes (what ? say WHAT ?),well,there are many other shades (including another 5 from the 15 year anniversary offering) from Rimmel to give you whatever look you want to channel...at a very "no need to hide the receipt" pricepoint. TIP:Looking for a classic look that hasn't dated since the 60's (seems to be Kate's fave era) that suits EVERYONE... but with a noughties twist ? Take on the timeless Brigitte Bardot with a sultry smokey eye (don't just think black...go navy or even a plum shade to add that updated twist) and a tailored - to - you nude lip (the entire range has so many you are bound to find one that gives you that "my lips but better" hue ) and a whisper of bronzer or blush.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick has sleek strong packing which I love. The lipsticks are numbered instead of named and there is a very good selection of colour for all skin tones. I bought 16 and 12 numbers,12 is bright orange shade while 12 is coral pink. It is highly pigmented, only one swipe is enough to show intense colour.  The formula is semi matte but creamy and glides smoothly on my lips. It is full coverage lipstick and one swipe covers my lips perfectly. It gives semi matte finish, It is comfortable to wear and does not accentuate dry areas on my lips. In addition, they are formulated very well and even in hot weather, they do not melt.   This lipstick lasts for a long time on my lips, it does transfer a little bit.  But if I properly seal it, it stays for up 6 hours with eating and drinking. Upon disappearing, it leaves a pretty pigmented stain on my lips. These lipsticks are not very good for dry cracked lips, it is better to moisturise and exfoliate your lips before using them. If it is applied on dry lips, the pigment settles into the fine line of lips.     Overall, I like these lipstick, it is difficult to find good lipstick in this price. Rimmel  often has special offers, you can easily find it below its RRP. I think these lipstick are better than regular Rimmel lasting finish lipsticks. As Kate Moss lipsticks have decent staying power and last for long time and leave pretty stain upon disappearing.  You might like it if you want affordable lipstick with decent staying power and you have normal healthy lips.    
I own 3 of these, with number 19 being a 'My Lips But Better' shade that I return to time & time again.  Lasting Finish is a lipstick product that's honestly as good as brands that cost 3 x as much. The lipstick goes on beautifully, is richly pigmented, layers well for a longer lasting wear and definitely looks like I'm wearing a lipstick that cost a lot more than $13! It also feels lovely on my lips, it's so soft, creamy and hydrating.  Unlike other long wear lipsticks I own,this never drys out my lips in any way. It also lasts really well if I take the time to layer it & use a lipliner underneath, easily getting me to lunchtime before I need a top up. Great range of colours to choose from too. I wear 19 most, as it's the ideal 'my lips but better' type of shade that suits daytime, nighttime, anytime. Highly recommended - best $13 I've ever spent on lipstick!
This was me putting on my big girl pants and buying my first red lippie. I chose the shade 10 which I would describe as a blue-based or cherry red, and I'm so glad I did. It's just gorgeous! It's a waxy lipstick and so opaque in just one swipe. It does transfer a bit but it's pretty easy to touch up and it doesn't get flaky. And it's comfortable to wear all day long. The black case is pretty sleek and the lid snaps shut, so I feel perfectly comfortable throwing this in my handbag.
Great colours and smooth application. Very comfortable to wear and long lasting - what more could you ask for!
Kate Moss is gorgeous and so this is lipstick! Who wouldn't want to carry around a beautiful sleek and glossy lipstick that has staying power and is non drying. The coverage is smooth and easy to apply and the colour lasts more than a few hours. It comes in a classy black chic tube with red print and looks great in my make up bag. I recommend this long lasting lipstick for anyone who wants a dewy creamy lip colour for daily and special occasion use.
Favourite lipstick of all time! I am quite fussy with my lipsticks because I am picky with my colour. They last so well and feel really nice when wearing. The colours are so pretty - there is definitely a lipstick colour everyone would like so if your'e looking for a new lipstick don't look anywhere else, these are the best! My holy-grail
This lipstick literally saved my life! I was looking for the perfect red and I honestly couldn't find it until now! i strongly strongly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't even dry out my lips! no words no words !
I’ve been on the hunt for a bright red lipstick to wear when I hit the town or want to make a bold statement, and finally Rimmel London’s Lasting Finish in the shade 22 has me covered! The strong point of this lipstick is the intensity of the colour, and the gorgeous coral and pink undertones. There is simply no way you wouldn't stand out in a crowd with these bold lips! While it may go on a bit rough due to its high wax content, this formula is infused with black diamonds and reflects light for a glamorous finish. For the price I didn’t think twice about giving this a go and was surprised by how beautiful this product is. I definitely can justify getting the other colours in this collection and intend to do so! By taking the time to add your own level of moisturizing gloss to give it that extra kick and shine, you will take your lips from Voom to Va-Va-Voom!! This fabulously dramatic colour is a perfect go-to lippie to dress up any outfit! COLOR = 22 fora bright dramatic red lip! BASE = High Wax, Semi-Matte finish RATING 1 to 10 with 10 being PERFECT! = 9 PRICE $-$$$? = $, worth buying!! At these prices, buy a few!! PROS: Awesome affordable price, the rich colour,staying power and doesn’t bleed. CONS: Has a fair few chemicals in it but whatlipstick doesn’t?! 
What a great collaboration between Kate Moss and Rimmel!They have created a classic red lipstick shade that is affordable and longlasting. The ranges from vibrant reds to perfect pinks and natural nudes, sothere is a shade to match all skin tones and occasions. Although the lipstickhas a slight metallic scent and can be a bit drying, the formula makes up forit being creamy, long lasting (without the need of a lip liner) and true tocolour. You can either have a light colour or build it up to the perfect shade.The lipstick just glides onto my lips so smoothly, is great for everyday wearand with the infused black diamonds to reflect light, this is a beauty musthave and a staple in makeup bags.