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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Extreme Lipstick

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Extreme Lipstick is a creamy, high impact lipstick that lasts up to 10 hours. The ultra-precise applicator easily glides onto the lips in just one swipe.

Available in 12 shades: Hella Pink, Blush Touch, Dat Red, Thirsty Bae, Lit!, X-tremely Bare, Snatched, Cray cray, Salty, Buzz'n, Mauve Maxx, Extra

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Extreme Lipstick


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Beautiful shade

I have this lipstick in the shade Dat Red. This shade is very striking and this lipstick is moist and lasts for at least half the day. It transfers a bit but nothing significant. I quite like this lipstick.
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Great, but not long-lasting

I have found this lipstick super easy to apply, a lovely smooth and creamy texture and consistency and great pigmentation. As nice as that all is, I did find that it was not super long-lasting (especially with all the mask wearing at the moment!) and I needed to reapply often. I would recommend fit you don't mind reapplying.
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An alright lipstick

I loved the pigment of this lipstick and how it felt on the lips, but unfortunately the formula dried In a way that maDe my lips feel really dry. I do have dry lips to begin with so this may have been have been a contributing factor to this. I also found it didn’t last more then a few hours even when extra caution was taken.
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Hands down favourite red lipstick I own!

This is one of my now favourite lipsticks! Let’s talk about the packaging, I love how secure the lid is, I’m not afraid to put it in my handbag with the worry that the lid will come off and go through my bag. I love the shape of the lipstick! It makes application very easy and a clean process as the shape fits nicely over the shape of your lipsI I can comfortably apply this lipstick without needing lipliner. At first application it feels so light, buttery soft and melty, it feels like you are putting on some type of lipgloss! It has a very sweet scent to it which I don’t mind. BUT don’t let the buttery texture fool you cause this lipstick can LAST. After an hour or so the lipstick changed texture, and it started to loose it’s buttery glossy feeling and began to have a more matte drying feeling which is a more familiar post lipstick application feeling. With the the lipstick applied I drank from cups, straws and ate a sandwich and it was still on! less vivid but I didn’t feel like to reapply. Winning! I recieved this lipstick in DAT RED and honestly it is a beautiful red! Anytime I have worn it I have got compliment after compliment! Every time I have worn this lipstick so many people have asked which one I am wearing and have recommended it to anyone who has asked! It is definitely a stand out!
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Feels Amazing and Easy To Apply

I generally struggle with application of lipstick and end up looking like the joker. However the teardrop shape is a game changer, it really allowed me to apply the bold red to my lips with very little mistakes. It truly felt amazing on, it wasn't sticky but it also wasn't drying my lips out, making it a perfect formula for my preferences. Also didn't budge which was excellent. The only downfall I found was the discrepancy in colour. I tried the 520 Dat Red, which in pictures looks like a blue toned red. However, I noticed it comes out more like an orange toned red which I personally don't like with my skin tone. Other than that, I can't fault it.
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Average at best

I received one of the darker shade which can be flattering for most people but the texture ruined it for me. It’s almost too oily and it slips off the lip and get on everywhere and not long lasting. Would not buy with own money.
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I love this lipstick, so easy to apply it and not only Does it look great but also lasts all day I received this as a trial and would definitely purchase this
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Creamy, lovely shade if you can ignore the name.

Lovely creamy formula went on really easily. Applicator very easy to use. Didn’t find that it lasted longer than other creamy lipsticks. I did love the shade but hated the name... Thirsty Bae??!! Really?
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It was okay

the colour was great but the smell wasn’t for me. too sweet and plasticy smelling. it felt pretty nice but if you went over your lip line it was hard to remove
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Not the best

Loved the colour and the smooth application, however I feel like the colour needed more pigment as it didn’t last too long and needed reapplying.
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Creamy texture and vibrant Red Lippy

Nice bright red lipstick - it had a very creamy texture and feel. It did last well (bit hard to get it all off) but didn’t set as well as I prefer - easily smudged and a tendency to bleed. Colour was fantastically vibrant and texture was great but I wouldn’t recommend it if you need a stay style or suffer with bleeding (even with a good lip liner)
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A great everyday lippy to keep in your handbag.

lovely formula, felt very hydrating and long lasting. The shade wasn't right for my skin tone but i would been keen to try some of the other shades. A great everyday lippy to keep in your handbag.
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Goes on easily, creamy finish, non-drying lipstick

This is a good everyday lipstick to have in your bag. I went for Blush Touch which is a relatively neutral shade which goes with everything. The lipstick is creamy and goes on easily. It's not as long lasting as other lipsticks I've used and did need frequent reapplication. Overall the lipstick was good although it does have a strong fragrance and taste. However this was not unpleasant. I found that it did not dry out my lips like some other brands.
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Lasring, but not extreme

The lasting finish lipstick arrived in time for stage 3 and 4 COVID restrictions in Melbourne-perfectly timed to see whether it could cope with the rigors of mask wearing. Application was a breeze with the tear drop pointed tip, the texture was silken and creamy without a drying effect. Mauve Maxx was a deep enough hue to look like I was wearing lippie but also natural enough for the bare faced look mask wearing demands. A little disappointed that it did transfer to the mask, but not completely and the transfer to tea cup was minimal. Overall, a pleasing result and I look forward to wearing often once our mask restrictions are lifted.
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Fantastic lip stick

This lipstick was better than I expected. The shape of the stick made it easier to apply to my top lip however personally I found it trickier at first to apply to my bottom lip. It didn't tend to smudge much on cutlery and glasses which is a big plus and the colour stayed bright and vibrant all day.
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An average lipstick

This was a very nice moisturising formula but i didn't find that it lasted very long on the lips. It was very well pigmented therefore one layer was all you needed to apply. There wasn't a specific fragrance attached to the lipstick.
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lovely and long lasting

I was fortunate enough to be included in the BC review team for this new lippy and received the colour Blush Touch which is a lovely, slightly darker my- lips- but- better shade. This lipstick is long lasting and as such, a touch drying. It's super pigmented and only needs to be touched to the lips to impart colour. I like the tapered shape of the bullet allowing easy and precise application. I found it lasted a fair few hours and seemed to wear off evenly. I preferred to apply it by pressing it onto the lips with my finger for a more natural look. Fab lipstick!
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Lovely texture

Well, I’m on the edge on this one. It’s creamy and it apply easily. But it stops there for me, I have really pigmented lips and this lipstick doesn’t work for me at all. It’s not pigmented enough to give dark lips enough colour at all. I got a light shade so that’s probably why. I think if I got a dark red it will give me a nice natural finish.
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Lovely lipstick with a perfect application!

What a great shade the nude is!! I was so pleased with the size of the lipstick, the way it glided on perfectly and the texture wasn’t too wet or dry.
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Great lipstick..would recommend!

Great product with a silky finish and vibrant colour. I would recommend this lipstick if you are looking for a long lasting colour that doesn't dry out the lips. Great packaging as well.