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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer

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Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer helps increase staying power of makeup. The skin-perfecting base blurs, brightens and reduces the appearance of pores and imperfections for smoother makeup coverage. 


Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer


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I’am sad to write this review as I absolutely adore Rimmel products and own so many things from this one brand! I purchased this primer last year as I absolutely adore the Lasting finish foundation so I thought I would love this too. Sadly no, it doesn’t work with my skin type. It firstly feels like glue when applying it to the skin and it is hard to spread around the face. I struggle with it a lot. I have tried many times to try different things with it but it still doesn’t work with me.
I picked up this product when I first begun to experiment with using primers. It does its job and definitely helps your foundation last longer. I have oily-combination skin and the thickness of the formula helps my foundation stick to my face and not sweat off. I made the mistake of trying to apply it with a foundation brush when I first purchased it but have since learned that you must warm the product up in your hands before applying it to your face, using clean fingers is the best way to apply this product. Due to the thickness of the formula you do have to wait 10 minutes for the primer to set/dry before applying your foundation but the thickness is good because it does fill in your pores for a smoother skin complexion. However you need to put foundation over the top or you have a white tinge to your skin left behind due to the colour of the formula.  Pros: Fills in pores  Helps foundation stay on all day Prevents foundation from sweating off  Works for most skin types  Cons: Can feel thick and sticky on your skin Leaves a white shine - this could be devastating for darker skin tones but it is barely noticeable on pale skin Not mattifying Tips:  Use your fingers  Wait for it to dry completely (10min) before applying foundation I still use this primer as well as Benefits Porefessional, they work well together. 
For a cheaper, drug store option, this primer is awesome! I have combination skin, on the drier end and found that this works a treat. The primer itself is a thick, stark white substance and at first I was somewhat concerned about how it would apply and look on my face but I was (thankfully) pleasantly surprised. Even though it is thicker than other primers on the market, I found that it blends quite well as long as you use your fingers instead of a brush.  It is true to its name in that it delivers long lasting wear as my foundation does not budge all day. The foundation sticks to the primer, and because it's not a silicone based product, it doesn't slide around which is a problem I've experienced with other primers.  PROS: - Long lasting - Not silicone based - Easy to blend - Hydrating, make it great for those who have drier skin - Extremely affordable - Only very small amount required CONS: - The smell  - Doesn't work as well with lighter coverage foundations Would confidently purchase this product again.
The Rimmel London Lasting Finish primer is such good value for money and it really does make a huge difference to the longevity of my foundation base. Before I started using this primer, I found my foundation started to fade after a few hours of wear and even worse my foundation looked dry and cakey on my cheeks and chin. I have dehydrated, dry skin and this primer is hydrating and provides the perfect base for my foundation to adhere to. It really does help give me that flawless finish that lasts throng the day and adds that extra level of moisturisation that my skin requires. It's non greasy and glides on effortlessly, minimizes my blemishes and is shine free. I've tried higher priced primers and I keep coming back to this one, it's my go to primer of choice.
As they say, not to prime is a crime, so whenever I wear foundation, I am serious about always applying a primer first. This rimmel one is as good, brilliant even, as their foundations. On freshly moisturised skin, waiting a good 10 minutes, I smooth on a thin layer, building up as I need to, concentrating on redness, rough uneven areas shine and pimples. It blends like a dream, leaving my skin smooth, blurred, soft and the perfect canvas for my rimmel foundation. It lasts all day, makes my foundation flawless and even and my skin hydrated, and shine free all day. It really is a flawless long lasting finish.
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Primer is such a great primer. Smooths out all your skins impetfections and It definitely helps your foundation stay put for longer. I even found it can help hold your eyeshadow too so that's a bonus.