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Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes Eye Primer

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Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes Eye Primer is a matte finish primer that adds intense definition to the eyes. The primer has a long-lasting water- and crease-proof formula that can be worn under foundation to prolong the wear of eye makeup.


Rimmel London Magnif'Eyes Eye Primer


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I was always skeptical about the need of eyeshadow primers, so I thought I'd give a reasonably priced one a go! This changed my life. It's easy to apply, makes colour pop and makes my eyeshadow lasts longer. I would recommend to anyone, especially first-time eyeshadow preppers!
This is a good eyeshadow primer that works really well with the Magnif'Eyes eyeshadow palette. It really helped make the eyeshadow look really good and pigmented and also last all day. Blending was really easy on top of this product and it is such a great, affordable price. I found it a little sticky and tacky but I had no problems with that when applying the eyeshadow. A really great product again from Rimmel, definitely recommend!
Love this affordable eye primer! I have extremely oily eyelids and most primers don’t work for me but this drugstore one is the perfect formula. It applies nicely, great colour as a base and is slightly tacky until set with powder. Eyeshadows blend beautifully on top and last all day.  Amazing product definitely recommend
I have oil slick eyelid and my eyeshadow keeps sliding off after few hours especially during summer. I purchased a high-end eye primer which kept my eyeshadow in place a little longer. I have this belief that price and quality are inextricable but I am totally wrong because I discovered Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Primer and it delivered more and I only paid four times less. It does deliver exactly what it says in the tube. An eye primer that intensifies eyeshadow and lasts all day because it is crease, smudge and transfer proof. When applying, less is more for me because I find it uncomfortable to my eyes when I put a lot, it feels like it stretches my eyes. So I only swipe the applicator once and use my ring finger to blend it, this way it gives me a flawless base of my eyeshadow.
This is the first eye primer I've purchased. I've only just recently started to do eyeshadow and so I wanted an affordable and dependable eye primer. The doe foot applicator is super easy to use. It can be a little sticky at first, but shadows blend so well on top. Lasting power is really good with no creasing.
I cant get enough of this eye primer, its so good and so cheap I don't even have to reach for my more expensive eye primers. Its creates a nice base for an eyeshadow to stick so it lasts all day. the product can be a little tricky to put on and if apply to thick of layer can be a little heavy on the lid but once you get the hang of this product you wont have this problem ever again unless put on in a super hurry and get carried away. I initially thought it would be to good to be true because of ive tried 'drugstore' end eye primers and they always tend to crease or just don't last but not this one, its a keeper. It creates such a good flawless base on eyelid for eyeshadow and just makes any colour eyeshadow pop plus ive got pretty veiny eyelids so this is just perfect. I also sometimes use this product as my concealer/highlighter and kills it at hiding my dark circles and any blemishes. I would definitely this to anyone and everyone, I think im on my 5th bottle :) Pros: - gives a flawless base - makes eyeshadow pop and lasts longer - super affordable and just as good as expensive lines - versatile product as can use as concealer etc.. aswell Cons: - can be tricky to apply - & if apply to much can be uncomfortable on the eyes
Good matte primer, blended nicely into my skin and had a solid coverage for the bags around my eyes. Reduced the redness I get in the mornings and stayed on all day. It worked as a great base colour for my eyeshadow due to the matteness and lasted all day (if a little difficult to completely wash off). Very impressed, great range of shades and would recommend!
Great product! Great price point too. Would definitely buy this product again as it is just as good as the high end eye shadow primers! This products must be tried if you have oily eyelids that are prone to creasing! The doe foot applicator also makes the application so easy. Great product overall
Love love love this! Ladies this is a must in your makeup bag. The Rimmel Magnif'eyes has the perfect coverage and really does make your eyes pop, as well as covering bags under the eyes and any other imperfections like redness. I also love it because makeup lasts longer and looks a lot smoother on, great product definitely a 5 star
This primer works really well on me! Rimmel has done a budget friendly eye shadow primer that allows eye shadow colours to adhere to the lid better, preventing creasing, and also getting the shades to pop. I love that this has a doe foot applicator, which you can brush onto the lid itself, or onto the finger before touching it to the lids, which is my preferred method. This way, you can control the amount of product that goes onto the skin, because being over enthusiastic with it can leave a white sheen to the area that's untouched by eye shadow. For what you pay, this is definitely an excellent primer!
Absolutely perfect coverage! Made my eyes pop and look brighter! Would 100% buy this product again! Colour blend is amazing. This covers all bags under my eyes and completely covered any redness and made the whites of my eyes whiter! Pricing is fantastic! A great range of colours to choose from too!