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Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer

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Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer is a double action concealer and highlighter that adapts to skin tone and helps mask fatigue, especially dark circles under the eyes. The tube design features a soft precision brush suitable for use on the delicate eye area. 

Available in three shades.


Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer


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This was my first favourite concealer growing up! Its small packaging allowed me to throw it in a bag and take it to school with me, and the brush meant I didn't need a separate brush so it was easy to use on the go. I did find it came out quite light, so it's great using with foundation but if just using concealer it wasn't quite enough.
Just going through my makeup cabinet and I have a lot of Rimmel products! And, yet again, the Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer is an absolute winner! I have repurchased this item since discovering it and will do so again, as well as recommending it to people I know. I use the 'soft ivory' colour and it matches my skin perfectly. It comes in a squeeze tube with a brush attached to the tube and it is very easy to use and apply, it goes on smoothly and with good coverage. I use it under my eyes with a brush and for blemishes and spots I use my finger. I find the trick to keeping extra good coverage is to wait for it to dry a bit before I blend it out. It doesn't crease, though it does fade a bit over the day, so I keep some in my bag for a touch up. In saying that, I haven't found a concealer yet that doesn't, and this one lasts the longest out of the ones that I have. I also use it to touch up around my lips after I have applied lipstick and find the precision brush is great for doing this and making my lips look perfect.  It is a great price and often on discount. Highly recommend this product! 
Great price, great quality and a great coverage. I love keeping this is my bag just in case I need a quick touch up or I am running late and need to cover up some bags. This blends into my skin tone really well and I find that you don't need a lot of this for it to make a difference. A small drop goes a long way. I need like a litre tub of this because I am never going to have to go searching for a concealer  again!
I stumbled across this concealer about 3 years ago and haven't looked back since. It combines concealer with highlighter which works wonders on the dark circles under my eyes. This is the first product I pick up in the morning. With a quick squeeze of the tube, I use the built in brush to apply to any of the imperfections I have on the day (blemishes, pigmentation, darker circles under my eyes from poor sleep). On nights out I also use it for contouring by applying it on my forehead and cheek bones and blending. It is very creamy and light, yet does the job of a much thicker foundation in concealing. In 3 years, I've never seen this product look creased, even on long days of work and uni. The only downfall to this product is that it only comes in a 7ml tube. I wish I could buy this in bulk!
What had been purchased initially as a concealer for under my eyes quickly became a product to help me with highlighting and contouring.  The concealer has a flat tip brush which gets squeezed out when pressing on the product.  The flat tip brush was nice as it did some of the work for you by blending and essentially drawing out where you wanted your concealer to go.  You could apply with precision in the areas you wanted like underneath your eyes to cover dark circles, or as I would also use it on the bridge of my nose to make the nose appear slimmer. I would draw an upside down triangle with the concealer underneath my eyes to help brighten the area and I used it on my cheekbones to highlight the area without having to use an actual highlighter.  It's a much more natural and subtle way to contour, especially if you are first starting out or are older and want to avoid using something with shimmer which can definitely draw attention to lines and wrinkles.  Plus I find that this look is more approachable and reasonable for everyday so I can still achieve that sculpted look while still being professional enough for work. The texture of the concealer was creamy but blendable.  It wasn't thick and yet not runny either making it the perfect consistency for under the eyes.  You could blend it out with your fingers by gently dabbing it in, a beauty blender or with a concealer brush.  It instantly made my eyes and face look much more awake and helped lighten the dark circles under my eyes so it wasn't as noticeable. I would set my concealer with a bit of banana powder and I found that I didn't really have any problems with creasing or settling into the lines under my eyes.  I would only use a little bit of the concealer, just a couple of swipes and that was more than enough.  Anymore and it would look caked on.  Because of its brightening properties I would advise not using this for blemishes.  It can draw more attention to the area which is exactly what you want to avoid.  In addition to using it on my cheekbones and nose, I would also use a little bit in the middle of my forehead, on my cupids bow to make my lips appear bigger and just a little bit on my chin.  Overall, I've repurchased it several times and am happy with the quality and consistency of the product. Tips : I would recommend pressing gently as the product may not come out at first and if you keep pressing than an overload of product will come creating wastage Use an eye cream first before using the concealer to keep the area hydrated and smooth.   When choosing your colour, go one shade lighter than your natural skin tone Recommended: For those who want to conceal dark circles and brighten the eye area as well as subtle highlighting! 
I purchased this product with the intention of using it as a highlight, not a spot concealer.  It doesn't cover my dark circles (severe) completely but it does help. Other people say this product is too thin but I find this a good thing. It doesn't cake or crack throughout the day. I place it on my forehead, bridge of my nose, chin & under eye. It brightens and brings my face 'to life'.
I bought this concealer to cover blemishes and I have to say that the product is way too thin! I can understand using it for a highlight (which i have had to use it for instead) but I like ones that can be used for both. I wont be repurchasing
Super affordable, great basic product. Perfect for under eye shadows.   Not heavy duty enough for spots, but a good, everyday, workhorse concealer.
This concealer is easy to apply and very blendable. I use my fingers to dot it onto my skin and blend gently and this concealer hides any slight blemishes and uneven skintone I have. It didn't irritate or clog up my skin. It actually made my skin look smoother and look more supple and natural. It is perfect for daily use and since it works as a highlighter, I notice that it gives my skin a soft and radiant glow I recommend this very affordable concealer because it works well to keep my skin looking fresher and more even toned, so its perfect for everyday use!
This is a great, affordable concealer. The brush makes it really easy to apply and it has great coverage. The consistency also makes it easy to blend out. It's amazing for under my eyes however wouldn't use it to cover blemishes on my face. Would definitely recommend trying it.
The Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer is a great value concealer and one that I regularly use.  This concealer comes in a plastic squeeze tube with a brush applicator. When you squeeze the tube the product comes out through the brush. I primarily use this as a concealer but it also be used as a highlighter. The formula is creamy, and blends easily on the skin. It is lightweight and natural looking on the skin. I find this is a great product for covering the dark circles under my eye, red marks and any blemishes on my face. There are only three shades, but luckily for me the light one matches is a good match for my skin. This is a very affordable concealer (and it goes on sale fairly regularly too). 
This concealer is a really winner for me. There are three shades, which isn't really great, but the lightest shade actually suits me skin tone, which is fantastic. This has a really good amount of pigmentation but I just really don't like the applicator because once you've used it a few times, bacteria from your face builds up on it and its just unhygienic. Great product regardless
The older I get the more important concealer seems to be in my beauty routine! Dark circles, puffiness and sallowness really ages the skin so having the right concealer is very important.  The Rimmel match concealer really impressed me.  The soft precision brush, the creaminess of the concealer and it's ability to cover my imperfections while also adding brightness under my eyes without creasing made it five stars in my book.  My suggestion would be to just use a little bit under the eyes (like an upside down triangle), dab it gently with your ringer finger to blend it properly and you're set for the rest of the day. The creaminess of the concealer is hydrating for under my eyes, making my lines and wrinkles less noticeable (double win!).  It's high end results with a bargain price!
I use this concealer as part of every day makeup routine and I actually really love it. I find myself reaching for it over other high end brand concealers because it doesn't crease and it's super easy to blend out. I use the lightest shad not highlight under my eyes and down the centre of my face. I was a bit sceptical at first that it wouldn't last too long given its only a small tube, however you don't need much and the product goes a long way! I would say it is better used as a highlighting concealer as opposed to covering big blemishes, but overall I think I'm going to repurchase this product when it runs out.