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Rimmel London Natural Bronzer

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Rimmel London Natural Bronzer is a pressed mineral bronzing powder that provides SPF 8 protection. It can be used to highlight or shade facial features to deliver a natural glow. 

Available in two shades.


Rimmel London Natural Bronzer


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This is a great budget bronzer which has a nice natural looking tan. I typically use mine over my foundation in summer to add a bit of that sun kissed look without looking orange. The pigment itself is quite strong, but blends well and allows for the colour to be built up easily. This is defiantly one you want to apply with a big brush (not a puff) to allow for blending into your skin.
This is a great bronzer that gives your skin a beautiful, natural and healthy glow without that fake, orange colour.  It comes in a round pan and the bronzer itself is quite pigmented so I would be careful about using too much! Start off with just a small amount and you could always add more on.  I wouldn't call it a matte bronzer as it does have a bit of shimmer in it but it won't make your face look sparkly.  I still like to use it for contouring on my cheekbones, forehead, and along the jaw line.  Overall it's a great bronzer that works well and gives you a sunkissed glow.
This was one of the first drugstore bronzers I had tried and it is great for beginners! I loved the colour however found that you had to build it up for a more intense look. The other thing that was disappointing is the bronzer did not last the entire day. They are def better bronzers out there however it is a great staple bronzer for the price.
One of my first bronzers when I started getting into makeup. It's a basic bronzer that has quite a nice tone to it however I find this quite matte and have since found other bronzers which give me the natural glow that I want. All in all, its not a bad bronzer for the price that it is if you're after a more matte look.
A cheap + cheerful favourite for a summer glow all year round. Apply with a light hand as it has lot of pigment.   Brilliant value product.
This bronzer is great for summer time as it's quite pigmented and you only need to use a dash to get a golden glow. It may be a bit overwhelming in winter due to it's intense golden colour. Great to use on your chest and lightly on your cheeks for a summery glow!
This is a brilliant bronzer, especially when you take into account how affordable and easily accessible (I picked mine up from my local pharmacy) this product is. I find that it is very lightweight on the skin, however is also surprisingly pigmented. I recommend you use this product with a large powder brush, apply a little around the perimeters of your face and then blend out using a large fluffy brush (I also find that this product is very easy to blend). This powder bronzer is also extremely finely milled which means it is very soft and feels very smooth on the skin. It is quite a matte formula with perhaps a little bit of shimmer in it, but it is not at all glittery on the cheeks. I also find that it is a good colour match for my skin (I have medium toned skin) yet it is quite dark so I would not recommend this product for those with very light skin as it would be rather orangy-toned on the skin. But for me the colour match is very nice but because it is quite warm I would most definitely recommend this as a bronzer product to warm up the face but not necessarily as a contour shade- as you can do with some bronzers- as it would not be quite ashy enough. Lastly, the packaging is not exactly my favourite as it is all plastic and mine actually cracked in my suitcase when I was travelling the other day, so beware that it is rather flimsy. But, overall I was very impressed with the formula, colour match and look of this product on my skin, especially for the terrific price tag.
Lightweight compact, colour is exactly what I was after - a rich summer bronze tone. It has a chalky feel which I wasn't sure about (how it would blend onto the skin). It definitely delivers a shot of summer on application. Very easy to apply with correct professional brushes. Well priced and will now be a staple.
If you're looking for an inexpensive bronzer, that's easily available at most drugstores/supermarkets, then it's hard to go past this little gem. This bronzer gives a lovely finish to the skin and isn't at all orange toned. It applies evenly and doesn't have that 'muddy' finish that some bronzers do. It does contain a small amount of shimmer but it's very natural looking and not over the top and glittery. Another bonus is that this bronzer is waterproof which is something I don't think I've come across before. Having that extra bit of confidence that your makeup is going to stay put is worth its weight in gold! This comes in a very generous size of 14 grams of product so it will last for ages. The only downside is the packaging. It's a fairly basic pan of product with a plastic lid that fits over the top. I'd love to see this in a hinged compact (with perhaps a mirror) but for the price you really can't complain!
This is a great all natural bronzer that gives you the sun without the damage. You can even use it as a contour for that extra chiseled  look