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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner

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Rimmel London ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner is an eyeliner that features a slanted felt tip that helps create both thick and thin eyeliner looks. The long-lasting intense black formula is also waterproof and smudge-proof for all-day wear.


Rimmel London ScandalEyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner


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Sheer liner, not pigmented at all and came off as grey rather than black. Smudged within an hour of wear and I have dry eyelids... not oily. Very liquidy and bleeds easily too. Try Maybelline or even Essence liquid eyeliners for a better result! However, it is easily to customise between thick and thin lines.
For the first use, this eyeliner seemed very pigmented and easy to use. It came in the standard marker packaging that I was accustomed to and didn't tug on my eyes harshly. However, within a few hours it was already smudging and running beneath my eyes. After two weeks of using this product it practically had dried up. It would take a few passes to get full opacity. I definitely would not recommend this. Cons: NOT waterproof NOT smudgeproof Dries out quickly
At first I thought it was user error, but it turns out that this eyeliner is just genuinely bad. It looks like a marker, feels like a marker, and is tough and drags on the eyelid. On first application, the pigmentation was beautiful, but as soon as I moved to the second eye, the pigmentation suddenly vanished. The formula dries down fast, so the applicator picked up the product that had already been applied on the lids. In the end, it created a jagged line that looked like it had been applied by an already dried out eyeliner. Pros: -Good pigmentation -Affordable Cons: -drags -tough applicator with no flexibility for getting between lashes -picks up product already applied -doesn't work well on the outer V There are much better liquid eyeliners out there!
I really like this eyeliner :) It makes perfecting a sharp wing much easier (even with my clumbsiness)  The pigment is also very good... doesnt look fadey at all and it stays on for the entire day :) 
There is not much to like about this liner. It is a texta type applicator, which is rough and scratcy on the eyelid. Not much pigment, I needed to go over the liner several times as it applied patchy. Difficult to get a clean line due to the lack of colour payoff. I had really hoped the marker styler applicator would provide a beautiful crisp line, but was very disappointed. Not even suitable to tightline with. Straight into the not to be used pile after just a couple of uses.
Easy to use felt tip, waterproof,long-lasting, and smudge-proof?! It must be too good to be true…. and unfortunately, this was the case. Yes, the eyeliner tip is very easy to use and the pigment is amazing, however after about 2 hours of wearing the liner (although it seemed completely dried down), the product transferred all over the back of my eyelid. Any other day I would have been happy that a liquid eyeliner could give me such an impressive ‘smoky’ eye … however it was definitely not the look I wanted to go for while at work. I thought I would give it one more chance and applied a light dusting of translucent over the top of the eyeliner to see if this would help it dry down more and not transfer onto my lid. Again, after about an hour I was already sporting a nice black line across my eyelids. I wouldn’t recommend this unless the look you are going for is ‘panda-eye chic’. 
I really wanted to like this eyeliner, but the tip of it was awkward to work with and I've used plenty of different eyeliners without problems, also it felt like I was using a felt tip pen to draw on my eyelids, it was very pigmented, however it claims to be smudge proof and unfortunately it was not.
This eyeliner had good potential and works well on clean skin. But as it has that marker sort of style once I have eyeshadow on (which is the only time I want to wear eyeliner) the quality of the application really reduces and the eyeshadow goes onto the 'marker tip'. I also feel the quality of the application decreased over time, I feel it dried out or something, if you buy it I'd suggest only expecting a 2 or 3 max month life span.
I love the slanted tip of this eyeliner! It makes creating the perfect wing super fast and easy, and the staying power is fabulous.  For me I found applying a second coat over the first layer created a nice intense black and I didn't have any issues with smudging or crumbling.  The only downside was that I found the tip dried out over time and became harder to apply, but for the affordability of the product I still think this is an excellent alternative to some of the more high end pen eyeliners. 
This is such a great eyeliner that can help to achieve a really strong winged eye or a subtle line on your top lashes. What I also love is that its so affordable!