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Rimmel London The Only 1 is a long-lasting lipstick that offers pigmented colour and features rosa fruit oil and vitamin E to nourish and hydrate lips. The lipstick features a slanted bullet for easier application.

Available in 12 shades.


Rimmel London The Only 1


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Rimmel London The Only 1 Lipstick is formulated with a blend of lightweight oils for easy application and also provides a weightless feel. Vitamin E is added for its moisturising properties lips. The lipstick comes in a black tube, not just any ordinary tube. The top is squared off on a slant with the rimmel logo imprint, this then tapers down into a rounded finish. Quite abstract, really. The tubes also have a coloured band that indicate the shade of the lipstick. The lipstick is creamy and very opaque. I have the colour Pink A Punch and it is a very pigmented coral pink shade. I do find that I have to take care when applying this lipstick because it has a slanted edge, rather than it being a traditional bullet shape. The formula glides on the lips and feels very similar to a more gel like formula. It is quite creamy and comfortable on the lips, but not so-much-so that it slips and slides throughout wear. This lipstick lasts very well on me, even through eating and drinking. I get around 4 hours of wear before it needs reapplying. The Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick has the feel of a high end lipstick without the expensive price tag.
A while ago I became aware that Rimmel had reinvented itself from an ultra-cheap brand with awful packaging, to a chic brand with a certain super-model as its ambassador. I still hadn’t tried many Rimmel products until I bought one of the lipsticks. I have become  more and more surprised with the good performance of some cheaper brands and this was certainly the case here. The Only 1 lipstick applied so well with one stroke, smooth and creamy and very moisturising .It reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Arden Plush Lip Gelato, a luxurious and exxy brand, but at a much more reasonable price. It may not have the greatest staying power – I found there was some transference – but it looked really nice and comes in a good range of colours. I would definitely recommend The Only 1 for those who want a comfortable, satiny finish at a budget price.
There is no better moisturising long wearing lipstick like this one. Through eating and drinking this has serious durability! The colour range is so great and the price point is perfect. I really cannot say enough about this product, it really is the best and glides on beautifully! It gives a lovely satin finish that gives total confidence!
This lipstick is literally the only 1. I'm really impressed with this line from Rimmel! I find the majority of the shade super flattering and fun. I am in LOVE with the shade 510 best of the best it's a beautiful bright red with a slight pink undertone. There's not a ton of neutrals in this line but Rimmel already has plenty of nudes so I'm not complaining. I do find that the slanted form of the lip stick doesn't suit the shape of my lips so I like to get a lip brush and apply it on.  The formulation is pigmented, moisturizing, and lightweight.  I would definitely reccomend this to anyone who wants a luscious lip smoothie that gives you colour that lasts for hours and moisturises your lips. Tip- always keep the stick winded down to prevent any breaking and I like to keep my lipstick in an area that isn't too hot other wise it does melt a little. PS- Get ready for the flood of compliments about your stunning new lippy ;)
I own a Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick (rosetto/rouge à lèvres) 810 One of a Kind. When applying onto lips, it glides smoothly and has a really nice smell that makes you want to taste and eat it. It looks great and I always get complimented on this lipstick everywhere I go. It really stands out on your face. This is absolutely one of my favourite lipsticks because it's glossy, long-lasting, hydrating and moisturising.  I recommend this lipstick for those with either yellow or neutral undertones in their skin.
Rimmel the only one lipstick* comes in a sleek black plastic packing with coloured ring. The packing is adorable because you can see the colour of lipstick with out opening it. It has nice smell which is not overpowering. The lipstick  is creamy and pigmented, it glides smoothly on my lips. This is full coverage lipstick and one swipe is enough to show colour. The formula is very creamy and moisturising which is great for dry lips. My lips feel soft and hydrated even after hours of application. It does not highlight lines and dry patches of my lips. Like all creamy lipstick it does transfer a bit but if I apply it properly, it does not transfer much. The lipstick shades are true to its colour, I own five shades, they look intense on my naturally pigmented lips. Rimmel the only one lipstick  has decent staying power, but darker shades last longer than lighter shades. On average they last on my lips up to 4 hours with eating and drinking.  It also leaves pretty stain when it disappears. Overall, I like this lipstick and it is a good addition in my make up collection. I highly recommend it for every one, those who have dry lips will surely love it.   
Who doesn't love a lipstick that when you apply you know you are not going to have to worry for hours about reapplying ?  The Rimmel London The Only 1 are definitely number 1 in my makeup drawer as they fit my very exacting standards and are my lipstick of choice when I want to look my polished best. I currently own 6 colours and am looking to add the remaining 9 to my collection as they are beautiful to apply, leave my lips feeling moisturised and have amazing staying power. If there was one criticism it is the shape of the bullet. I find it challenging to get a crisp lipline straight from the bullet so for the stronger colours I apply the first layer of lipstick with a lip brush. This ensures I have the definition I need on the lipline whilst also adding an extra fine layer of lipstick to ensure longevity. The Rimmel The Only 1 lipstick is the one I grab when I am attending events as I KNOW it will perform well and will require very little touch up (if at all) and the Revolution Red has been my most complimented red I have ever worn.
I love my Rimmel The Only 1 Lipsticks. First of all, I'm impressed with the formula Rimmel have created. I agree that the texture is lightweight and glides on easily, and it definitely isn't heavy or dry. In fact, when I first apply it, there's a somewhat 'wet' feel, but this goes away as the lipstick seems to set. There is certainly a lovely moisturising quality to The Only 1 lipsticks. The formula contains Vitamin E and Rosa fruit oil, and it feels like they really do their job! In terms of colour, again, this range is a winner. I found the colours to be intense (especially Pink A Punch and Best of the Best) and highly pigmented. These were also fairly long-lasting on me. I have a habit of rubbing my lips together a lot throughout the day, which wears away normal lipsticks, but even with that, the colour was still vibrant, to the point where I would look in the mirror and be shocked it still looked that fresh. I found that certain shades lasted longer than others, in particular the intense shades mentioned above, whereas Naughty Nude and It's a Keeper didn't have quite the same staying power. I still had to re-apply after eating but that's to be expected. I find this range very comfortable to wear, and love that when it does wear off, my lips were left with a lovely stain, so they didn't look completely bare. This is great if you're too busy to re-apply your lippie throughout the day. I found the circular shape of the product in the bullet meant application was slightly trickier than applying lipsticks that have a pointed tip. I had to take care around the edges and the cupid's bow in particular. However, this is easily fixed by using a lipliner. Overall, I think these Rimmel lipsticks are a great all-round product, and I'd highly recommend them!
I have three shades this lipstick: 510 The Best of the Best (a bright red), 700 Naughty Nude (mauve-nude) and 800 Under My Spell (dark plum/red). I love these lipsticks for an everyday, comfortable pop of colour! Packaging: The lipsticks come packaged in a sleek black tube with a representative band of colour for easy access to the colour you’re looking for. This range of lipsticks also have the same delicate fruity scent which is true to Rimmel standards, as their other lipsticks also feature the same scent. Coming from a sweet tooth, I absolutely love the smell, but it is not overpowering. People who do not like fragranced makeup will need to consider this before purchasing. The packaging feels light in your hands and would be a good size for stuffing into your handbag for the day or for travelling. The overall packing to me feels and looks a little luxurious. Formula and application: The formula is quite light and creamy and the pigmentation is initially really good. The lipsticks really do glide onto the lips like velvet, and deliver the colour in such a silky way. It feels amazing to apply. They have a slightly sheen-y finish to them that make your lips really shine. For me, the darker colours probably had the least amount of pigmentation and I had to swipe over my lips a few times to achieve the opacity I desired. The formula is definitely moisturizing and doesn't make the lips appear dry. The shape of the lipstick makes it a little hard to apply a clean crisp line on my lips. I wouldn’t dare try to re-apply without a mirror (with some lipsticks I can apply without a mirror), and I think a thin lip brush with concealer is absolutely necessary to clean up the lines around your lips to ensure perfect application and finish. Longevity: The lasting power was adequate. I found I had to reapply after about 2-3 hours mainly to the inside part of my lips. In saying that, a full on reapplication of the lipstick was not necessary, just a touch up on the inside of the lips. Whilst the formula is incredibly smooth and hydrating, I’m guessing it lends itself to a lesser lasting power. The product also started feathering at about 2 hours so a lip liner is an absolute must for this lipstick. While it wears beautifully on the lips initially and is super comfortable to wear, the longevity is the downside. Final verdict: I really like these lipsticks because of their incredibly comfortable formula, and love to wear them for a pop of colour for daily wear, but if I was looking for a lipstick that would last me all night, or was going to a special event, I would probably not use these lipsticks. The price point is pretty good, at $15.95, available from a whole bunch of difference stores makes this lipstick pretty accessible to everyone.
I love the feel of this lipstick on my lips. Super pigmented so the colour is bold and strong. And incredibly moisturising and creamy. Only downside for me was the shape of the bullet. I found it a bit harder to apply around the cupids bow due the flat round shape especially with a bold colour. But easily fixed by using a lip brush for application. Love!
These lipsticks are amazing. They apply so smoothly to the lips and are a really hydrating formula. The colour last all day and doesn't crack or bleed. My favourite colour is 500 Revolution Red, it's a beautiful true red colour. I would definitely recommend these.
These lipsticks are great ! They feel really nice on the lips and aren't drying at all. They have a great shine to them and they're really pigmented. My favourite is #200 It's A Keeper. It's a pinky mauve shade that's on the nude side. The only downside I've found with them is that I find application a little tricky. The tip of the lipstick is circular in shape which makes it feel quite bulky during application.
I received naughty nude and one of a kind,  the first was a pinkish nude and the second a wine red.  I found both had a similar smell that I could not place,   but both were equally moisturising and comfortable on the lips.  I found the nude to more of my taste in colouring so I found it easy to wear on casual days.  I think they are good value for the price and would like to try other colours in the range.  They would not last all day with eating and drinking but are easy to reapply but also fade nicely if  you were not to reapply. Naughty nude will definitely be in my rotation of lipsticks now.
I have tried Naughty Nude and One of a Kind. Both provided moisture and felt light and creamy. Nude was by far my favourite with a tone that suited my complexion, One of a Kind was a little too bold for me. Both had a strong fragrance, however not unpleasant. The flat angle of the lipstick made it a little more difficult to apply, particularly with the darker colour, and I felt that the colour was not long lasting and required reapplication every few hours. I will continue to use the Nude.
'One-of-a-kind'- Absolutely gorgeous colour, feels great to apply, smooth and nourishing with a pleasant fruity smell. This shade requires a lip liner applied either before or after application otherwise the colour will bleed. The only issue with this formula is that it has no staying power whatsoever! Despite blotting with a tissue twice after application, the product rubbed off on everything and left marks everywhere. For this reason only, I wouldn't buy this shade of product again. 'Naughty-Nude' - Very lovely colour, not quite a nude shade but more of a dusty/smokey pink shade. This product is suitable for both special occaisions and everyday wear, also suitable for warm or cool skin tones. Great all-round product., smooth and nourishing formula which smells yummy (even better than the 'One-of-a-kind' shade). I would buy this product again in the Naughty Nude shade but not the One-of-a-kind shade!
I received the lipstick in a nude (naughty nude)and a dark red colour(one of a kind) I liked the nude colour,it suited my colouring. It was easy to apply,made my lips feel moist,and was comfortable to wear. However,I found I had to reapply the lipstick often. The red colour was difficult to apply,and again I had to keep re applying. Overall,it's a good lipstick for the price. The only downside is that it doesn't stay on for a long period.
I tried the shades Naughty Nude and One of a kind. They both have quite a strong almost fruity fragrance, which I didn't mind it went away shortly after applying. Both lipsticks felt creamy and comfortable to wear. I'm not so keen on the flat slant shape of the lipstick though as I found it harder to get a precise application. The lipsticks lasted for a couple of hours without eating or drinking. Reapplying while out isn't a problem with Naughty Nude but I found it difficult to get a smooth even application with one of a kind, it seemed to smudge if not careful. I want to check out other colours in the range as I was happy with Naughty Nude.  Worth a look at if you are happy to swap having a lipstick that is comfortable with longevity and don't mind needing to reapply regularly.
I really like this lipstick. These are creamy and moisturising while still having an opaque colour pay off. Naughty nude is a great pink/rose nude which works well on my pale skin tone but I do think this would be a great universal nude colour. I didn’t feel like there was any need for liner or gloss with this lipstick. It is a great everyday lip colour. One-Of-A-Kind is a more dramatic, deeper shade. I definitely needed a liner with this shade for a cleaner look as it was far more high maintenance.Overall I am very impressed by this lipstick. 
I've been really impressed with The Only 1 lipstick range - it's probably my favourite from the pharmacy at the moment. For this trial I received Naughty Nude (which is perfect for everyday) and One of a Kind (deep berry, definitely outside of my comfort zone, but a beautiful colour) but I also own other shades from the collection. The lipsticks are buttery smooth, extremely pigmented and, what's great - really moisturising. I like that they leave a stain after the initial shine disappears and fade out evenly, so you don't have to worry about constantly touching up.  The formula of those lipsticks can be slightly inconsistent - some shades are great and don't feel too slippery (i.e. Naughty Nude), others can bleed outside of the lip line or look a bit patchy (i.e. One of a Kind). With the latter ones, I find that running your finger over the lips helps with spreading the product more evenly and also getting rid of the excess. With darker shades you may also use a lip liner. It's not easy to find good moisturising lipsticks that are also long wearing, but this line definitely stands out and can compete with more expensive brands. 
I liked that it is smooth on application and has a nice fragrance also however, you did need to re-apply often. I really liked the nude colour although the deeper red colour smudged and was messy on application so hard to maintain. I enjoyed that it did not feel thick or cakey after application and felt as if moisturised the lips instead. Overall, a good lipstick product for a reasonable price.