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Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation is a radiant liquid foundation that features anti-fatigue peptides and a vitamin moisturising complex to help give skin a healthy, luminous glow. Provides SPF 15 sun protection. 

Available in six shades.


Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation


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Ok, let's start with the specifics. Rimmel Wake me up foundation comes in a tall square bottle with a tapered bit at the middle. It has a bright orange lid which has a bright orange pump underneath. (yay for pumps). It has orange and white writing which stands out nicely. It also has Rimmel embossed on the side which is quite unique. It comes in a 30ml bottle and retails for $19.95 Now the good stuff. The foundation is a light creamy texture that is easy to apply. It has a light scent to it that fades after a little while of wearing it..  I use my fingers but have also used a brush which still helped the product glide on. I just personally prefer my fingers. It provides a light coverage that you can build to medium but it does apply quite lightly but not as light as sheer. The product claims to 'instantly reawaken skin'. I have to say I 100% percent agree. It appears to have a shimmer to it but after application you don't look shimmery or disco ball like. It blends into your skin in such a way that you look luminous, youthful and glowing. The type of skin I wish I naturally had. I don't so this is great to fake it. Colour matching isn't too difficult to do in a Priceline store where they can help and give you a second opinion if needed. I have pink undertones to my skin and prefer a yellow based foundation. And this is exactly that for me. There are 6 shades in the range which isn't a whole lot but I'm glad there was one for me. I have normal skin that can be a little dry in patches. This foundation doesn't cling or make these bits more obvious. In fact it's perfect to use when I am feeling a little dehydrated as it has a real moisturising effect that actually leaves it feeling better after I've applied. it. When I use it I wash my face thoroughly, moisturise and prime. After that's dry and I've waited about 5 minutes I pump about 2 pumps of foundation onto my hand and apply from there 1- 1 and a half would be perfect. I dot it on my nose, chin, cheeks, chin and forehead. Then I start blending outwards and add extra product to build where I want. After I've finished I will either leave it as is or set with a little translucent powder or a powder foundation. I usually wear it on it's own in the cooler weather and apply a powder if I'm feeling like I might get a bit sweaty to help it stay in place. It wears quite well and would be fine for work or any occasion for that matter. You should grab this one today because: You are left looking youthful, glowing, perfected and flawless. Your skin has a glow but doesn't sparkle like glitter. I highly recommend  this product. It's cost effective and delivers on everything it promises. I feel beautiful, confident and glowing when I wear it which are all great things. If you want something with light, buildable coverage that has a dewy finish. Look no further.
This is my favourite foundation when my budget just doesn't stretch far enough to pay for groceries as well as my beauty fix. This foundation has a lovely creamy consistency and is very easily dispensed with a pump to be sure that there is no wastage. It is so very easy to apply, whether it be applied with finger tips, foundation brush or beauty blender, particularly when used over a primer, as a little goes a long way and gives this foundation extra staying power. Medium to full coverage is achieved effortlessly, and it does an outstanding job of covering all sorts of imperfections without the need for concealer, but whilst also providing a beautiful, glowing natural looking complexion.  With my combination/ oily skin I do find that at the end of the day that although the foundation is still in place and doing it's job, I do experience some very noticeable greasiness in my t-zone, although this is easily fixed quickly with some handy blotting paper. My only other gripe about this product that prevents me from giving it 5 star status is that the formula can feel a little heavy when applied, and doesn't feel "naked" throughout the day.  Pros: - Easy application to obtain medium to full coverage. - Gives skin a natural looking glow whilst concealing imperfections without the need for concealer. - Long lasting formula. - Great value for money! Cons- Combination/ Oily skin may feel and look greasy towards the end of the day. - Formula doesn't feel completely weightless, and feels perhaps a little on the heavier side. Tips/ recommendations- I highly recommend this foundation for anyone wanting a long lasting foundation that is going to provide coverage for even some of the more difficult to conceal imperfections. I would recommend that all skin types apply a primer for a base as it really makes it so much easier to apply and ensures that the product goes further and application lasts longer. My last tip for this product is that if you are prone to oiliness to keep some blotting paper on hand to quickly eliminate the greasy look and feel that can appear well into a busy day. 
I initially bought this on a whim & am so glad I did. It has everything I need in a foundation. i.e. Beautiful texture - it feels creamy on my fingers, and even better on my face, neck & decollete. Great (medium to full) coverage - it hides my red tzone & dark circles beautifully, without needing to use a concealer It gives a radiant glow to my complexion & my skintone looks very even.  Out of all the foundations I own it works best at hiding age damage on my neck, caused by my youthful ignorance of the dangers of sun exposure. It goes on so smoothly, spreads evenly & a little pump is all I use each time, making it great value for money. It has SPF 15 included, which is absolutely essential in any daytime foundations I buy.  It feels amazing, like I'm not wearing anything at all, despite it's medium to full coverage. It keeps looking freshly applied from AM well into the evening - an impressive feat, my skin looks fantastic even if I'm not using a primer underneath. It takes a few years off my complexion - who wouldn't love a foundation that makes them look younger! The pump bottle is perfectly designed, efficient and leakproof - I can pop this in my handbag or makeup bag without any danger it will spill out. For under $20, this is a ridiculous bargain - I find I prefer it to other foundations I own that cost 3 or 4 x as much. I really can't fault this foundation, it's the best drugstore one I've ever tried, and I've purchased a few bottles since first trying it.  Hoping Rimmel never discontinue it!
This is a fantastic foundation! I'm used to using mineral foundation however, I've heard so much about it that I wanted to test it out for myself. It blends in really well, I personally use a beauty blender as I find that gives a more natural or airbrushed look compared to a brush. There are many shades so you should be able to find one to suit your skin tone and it gives a gorgeous glow. I also find on bad skin days that I can build it up quite well to give more coverage. I do find that if I want to go out after work that I have to reapply in a few areas (particularly my T-zone) so it lasts the rest of the night.  I would definitely recommend to my friends.
I am SUPER fussy when it comes to foundation. Rimmel Wake me UP foundation is fantastic, it comes in a range of shades suitable for almost everyone.  I use Soft Beige.  I have fair skin and this tone gives me a lovely healthy glow. It comes in a pump bottle (2 pumps is enough for me) Applied only with finger tips coverage is natural and easy to blend.  I find a brush is useful for any extra hard to cover blemishes.  I set this with a loose powder but it is not necessary if you are feeling particularly lazy lol This foundation lasts all day and doesn't get shiny or make the skin feel clogged.  A great quality product at a fraction of the prestige brand prices.
Rimmel foundation is one I am pleased with....it comes in a tone to suit my pale skin and covers those spots and scars without being too obvious! It also does not leave my skin feeling dry like some do....love it.
This is a fantastic high quality foundation at an affordable price.  I'm not usually a fan of liquid foundation as it tends to basically slip off my combination skin during the course of the day.  No such issues with this one!  This comes in an elegant glass bottle with a screw off orange lid and I tip a little onto my fingers, and blend onto skin. It's not creamy, not runny just somewhere in between.  I honestly had low expectations as I usually need a creamy texture or powder for my skin type but this blended so smoothly, made my skin more radiant and dewy without being too shiny and stayed that way all day!  It didn't feel heavy, didn't irritate or break out my skin and it gave a medium but natural looking coverage without blotchiness or creasing /flaking.  I think this would suit all skin types as it is also quite moisturising.  Quality foundation with a very low price tag! Very impressed. 
Honestly, I wasn't a huge fan of this foundation, even though it does have it's positives it also has a few negatives. Unfortunately, in my experience, the negatives outweighed the positives.   Okay, so this foundation is a very light coverage, it won't cover any blemishes or serious discoloration in the skin. I got this as I thought it would be a nice foundation to wear when I'm running around in the day and just want my skin to be natural, hydrated and fresh with a nice glow to it. This did deliver on that as it felt moisturising and when it was first applied it gave a nice dewy finish to the skin.   The lasting power of this foundation is also pretty good, I found that it did stay on my skin for at least 5 hours or so, which for a light coverage product is decent. However I found that after only a couple of hours the foundation had oxidised on my skin making it appear patchy and orange which is not great especially as I have quite fair skin so it was really noticeable.   Another negative to this product is that I'm not quite sure what skin complexion it would be good for, usually I would say dry skin, but I found that when I wore it, if I had any dry patches at all, it would cling to flakes of skin making it more obvious. Also, after several hours, my skin started to look greasy and oily so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with an oily complexion either. I tend to have normal skin complexion so I was surprised that this didn't work for me.   This foundation does have a couple of positives and I have heard from a people who have liked it and it has worked great for them, so definitely try it if you can get a sample, but sadly this one just wasn't for me.
Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation is fantastic! It provides a great, buildable medium coverage, with a natural dewy finish. It goes on well with fingers, a brush or a beautyblender and doesn't transfer or oxidise during the day. It's also quite long-lasting, I can usually get a good 6-8 hours out of it when using a light setting powder or spray. Whenever I wear this foundation I often get compliments on how radiant my skin is- if only they knew it was all because of this product!
I use the shade Ivory in this foundation and find it matches my skin tone excellently. The product has a pleasant scent to it, with no chemical smell apparent. The blendability is excellent, I use either a makeup brush or beauty blender and find the coverage even and consistent, with no creasing or patches what so ever.  I have oily/combination skin so I prefer to use this foundation in winter when my skin is drier as it has a slight moisturizing aspect and helps my skin look more luminous and healthy.