Rituals Fortune Oil Caring Shower Oil

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Rituals Fortune Oil Caring Shower Oil is an oil body wash that turns into a soft foam upon contact with the skin. The formula removes dirt, leaving skin clean, soft and lightly scented with sweet orange and cedar.


Rituals Fortune Oil Caring Shower Oil


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I received a sample of this in the Marie Claire parcel and have mixed feelings about it unfortunately. The sample didn't come with a pump applicator which made it spill really easily since the oil has a really thin consistency, so I was glad to see that the full size product did have one and was more functional.  Given the thin and silky texture I was really surprised at how well it lathers up in the shower -  a small amount really does go along way which is good because it means it will last a while. This shower oil simultaneously removes dirt and moisturises your skin, leaving it feeling soft and clean when you come out of the shower - this has definitely turned me to using more shower oils I just love how they make my skin feel!  However the big downfall for me was the scent - the product description says 'lightly scented' however as soon I open the lid I feel overwhelmed with a masculine, woody cigar smell. I normally like earthy scents but this was too much. Admittedly, the smell does soften once your out of the shower so I continued to use the sample as I loved the moisturising effect of the oil - it even made my tan last longer :) but I definitely won't be repurchasing until it comes in a different scent.  Pros - Thin, silky consistency that lathers really easily - Effectively cleans and moisturises skin  - Considerably priced given the quality of the shower oil  - I found this really helpful in maintaining my tan due to the moisturising effect it has (in comparison to some soaps and washes which cause the opposite) Cons  - I hate the scent! But reading other reviews here, most people do like it so I guess it's a matter of personal taste 
As soon as I laid eyes on this Rituals Shower Oil I just knew I had to try it. I hadn't heard of shower oil before and the striking orange bottle really caught my eye. I really like my shower gels to moisturise my skin and this oil certainly does that. It has a thin, silky consistency and lathers well. It removes dirt and grime and softens and smooths the skin without a heavy residue. The sweet orange and cedar wood scent is simply divine! So many shower gel and bubble bath products are either fruity or floral but this oil has a warm, woody scent. It really stands out for me. I would consider it a scent that would appeal to both men and women. This is definitely a wonderful product for the Autumn and Winter months when the cold weather dries out your skin. I will definitely repurchase and recommend it to anyone who likes a bit of everyday luxury.
This is the first body oil I have ever tried and I must say- I've  definitely been missing out! I got this in a sample size in a little orange plastic tube with screw off lid. I was initially surprised by the very watery texture but this is probably standard for a body oil. A little bit lathers up incredibly  well-water basically  just has to come in contact with it and it starts getting foamy! It smells so beautiful and herbal.Sweet uplifting oranges ! My winter skin absolutely loves this! My usual body wash and even goats milk soaps werent hydrating  me enough lately. This luxurious oil has been my winter skin saviour. After a few weeks of use I  think  I'll  be switching  my usual body wash for this permanently ! Pros A little goes a long way so it will last for ages Well priced Hydrates winter skin and makes it silky soft Smells absolutely  incredible  and luxurious   Cons Takes a little getting used to the watery texture so over dispensing is easily done initially   I'd recommend  this for anyone really but especially  dryer skin types and those wanting  a pampering scented and feeling product at an affordable  price.
I love shower oils in winter as they feel so much more luxurious and nourishing to the skin. This oil is lovely and rich, lathers up great and  rinses off cleanly. The scent  may not suit the floral lovers but I think the orange cedar is, again, an ideal winter scent as it enhances that feeling of warmth and richness (think warm log cabin in the snow). This is really worth a try, especially if you haven't used a shower oil before.
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Replying to HanneThanks for the great review Hanne.  We are very pleased you like our Laughing Buddha shower oil so much. And for those who may prefer other fragrances, we have a few beautiful (some floral) alternatives. We wish you a happy, well hydrated winter!. 
I have quite dry, sensitive skin, so I'm always looking for a body wash that doesn't leave my skin feeling tight. I've used shower oils before and haven't loved the residue they leave on the shower floor! This shower oil washes away cleanly from both me and my shower. It's lightly scented, not overpowering. It leaves my skin soft and clean, without feeling tight and dry. It's not slippery at all. As a bonus, my partner also loves it, and I LOVE how it smells on him! I'd definitely recommend.
I love this oil. The smell is very delicate and not overpowering. It also lathers very well in the shower. You don't need to use very much of the oil for it to work effectively. I have been using it for nearly two weeks and it has left my skin feeling very silky and smooth to touch. The only problem I have with it is the packaging sometimes makes it hard to pour without a little wastage. Otherwise it is wonderful and I would highly recommend this product to everyone looking for soft, smooth skin.
It smells divine and left my skin feeling moisturized and clean. The smell doesn't linger after you shower which I was a little disappointed with, as it smells so nice BUT it's great that it doesn't clash with my perfume. Definitely buying this one ALOT.
I received a sample in my Marie Claire Parcel. It does turn into a lovely foam when used in the shower and leaves your skin feeling both clean and moisturized. The packaging is appealing, my sample didn't have a spray pump which would appeal to me as it would be easier to use.  The perfume is more on the cedar wood side rather than sweet orange. Although it doesn't leave a scent on your skin after your shower which is great because it doesn't clash with your perfume, it was quite strong in the shower and I'm more of a floral girl, therefore the reason for only giving it three stars.
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Replying to RosaWHi Rosaw, Thanks for taking the time to review the Laughing Buddha shower oil. If you love floral scents you'll love our Ayurveda and Sakura shower oils!  Rituals