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Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro EDP

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Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro EDP is a carefree floral fragrance inspired by images of the golden light of sunrise over the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The marine composition of floral features the citrus freshness and bitterness of bergamot blended with aromatic lavender. The sensual heart of wild jasmine and its tender petals are laid on the base of cypress and cashmere.

Price above is for 50mL. Also available in 30mL and 75mL.


Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro EDP


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Roberto Cavalli does sexy in everything he touches...from the amazingly wearable,but truly sensual fashion he produces every season,to the scents that just scream "Italian Riviera glam" with every spritz,this fashion house knows exactly how to make a woman feel her sexy,self confident best. This brand new," European summer in a bottle" scent ,does not disappoint...with its clean, fresh aquatic, fruity / citrusy scent (as a lover of anything citrus scented,especially in summer, I absolutely adore this scent) that hints at floral tributes (Lavender and Wild Jasmine,thank you),that lends this fragrance a truly Mediterranean feel that is pure Italy (think Capri in summer with a gentle breeze wafting in from the ocean...casting a hypnotic spell over everyone that catches a hint of that scent...making summer memories of a time in,well,Paradiso.This is what makes Paradiso Azzurro so nice to find....a different sort of clean and fresh,still a version of citrus and aquatic,but  the cypress and lavender dominate to give an olfactory treat you will love. And what about wearability ? Well,It lasts for a good 6 - 7 hours easily,but leaves a trace of freshness behind even at  it's last breaths. Now,being European,fragrances that hail from these areas can be quite "gender fluid" ( maybe aimed at a woman,but as easily adaptable to become at one with a man...and truth be told,this is one fragrance that almost verges on the unisex...yet still leans slightly more toward the feminine.Get your nearest and dearest to give it a try,don't mention it is directed more toward you,and watch his may be surprised.After all,did JPG not re-write the rules when he produced "fleur de male" ,blurring what we know as " his and hers" forever ? ). The final word must go to the spectacular bottle....true,Azure blue in hue,with chic gold lettering on the face and band around the cap...reminiscent of the Blue Grotto in Capri and the golden sands that surround this gift from nature.Add to this the crystal clear top that adorns the faceted glass,and you have a visual feast..every bit as pleasurable as the scent.Plus,at around $100,it is a lot cheaper than a trip to some European isle (and when empty,i think this bottle makes a stunning Objet d'art. If you dream of island breaks,if summer just doesn't last as long as you want,if crisp yet sexy is what defines your personality....then this is one fragrance you simply must try. TIP:The five senses:smell,sight,touch,taste and sound....they are almost all represented here in this scent,so be sure to make use of them all:smell (obvious),sight (that bottle will bring you to paradise even in the depths of the coldest winter),touch (again,that bottle...very tactile and perfectly weighted,it is a joy to hold), taste (bring together the mind and senses to remind you of a time you loved...apply this,and go back to that time you sat by the ocean,drinking a mojito) and sound (hey,if you can't hear either Bob Marley or The Beach Boys...well,i have failed.HAHAHA)
This lush, spicy perfume is perfect for both day and night. It's fresh citrus and lavender top notes mellow to a rich jasmine that lingers sensually. The scent reminds me of citrus and herbs hanging on a summer afternoon.