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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Top Coat

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Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Top Coat is a shine-enhancing top coat that helps extend nail polish wear by sealing in the colour. The formula is enriched with argan oil and delivers a luminous, high shine finish to nails.


Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Top Coat


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I love the Sally Hanson range, their "cult status" treatment products and the incredible range of colours and finishes. Colour Therapy is their newest addition and not your usual, as it combines the treatment with the polish. These polishes contain nourishing oils, such as argan and acai, to protect your nails so no base coat is needed, but Colour Therapy does have a Top Coat to protect your manicure and provide extra shine. Thanks to more of the argan oil this top coat is extra smooth and shiny. I wore it over the mushroom-pink shade of Powder Room, it is very easy to apply with its wide brush and gives a really smooth hard finish, almost like a professional manicure. It dried down quickly so it started protecting my manicure virtually straight away, and there it stayed for about a week, with only minor wear at the tip. I did wear this over a pale colour  - it would be interesting to try with a darker colour to see if chips are visible.  My nails certainly looked less sketchy after I'd removed the polish, so they probably are protected by the oils, although I tend to think any good would be undone by the polish remover which is always very drying!   All in all I was pretty happy with the results and can recommend this top coat as the price is on par with other good quality brands.  
I recently used the Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat for the first time, and i quite like it! I used it on top of shade 210 'Re-nude'  from the same line, and the products compliment each other well! I haven't noticed that it made the polish super long-wearing, however it did make them look very shiny and healthy. Overall, my polish wore quite well, with only some minor wear on the tips after a few days ( which is standard for me). The packaging is nice too- it has a nice light gold cap which looks luxe. Would repurchase and recommend!
Sally Hansen rarely disappoints so I went in with high expectations. The colour therapy colour polish was great, easy to use and thick enough to use just one coat. The top coat is similar to another treatment too coat they brought out last year, and is really really great. It's fast drying and makes for a hard finish. Almost shellac like. My nails didn't chip for five days and they grew without any issues. I feel that this too coat would help with my nail length goals. The finish is shiny and glossy, and there is zero chemical smell once dry. I really like this product and I'll most definitely continue to purchase SH products.
I don't know how Sally Hansen does it, but they simply do! I've been trying out the range (stay tuned for the review of the colours!), and I've been using this not just with the range, but also with other nail polishes. I like that this creates an even and pretty shine, and that this dries quickly, which means that I don't have to wait forever before doing things with my hands. This also has a really wide brush, which distributes the polish nicely, and it protects my nail polish from chipping. Lots of positives, and it's very affordable! Love it!
I always use a top coat on my polish to make it last and sally hansen is one of the best. I cant be without this product as I religiously apply it over all my polishes. This seals colour really well and delivers a lovely shine making my nails look professionally done. I love that it is enriched with argen oil to nourish my nails, all the while they look lovely with great colour all sealed in. this product extends the life of my polish to make my manicure last, a huge bonus. this is a gorgeous liquid that is so glossy and with the great design of the brush glides on well with just one coat, so easy to use. The product dries quickly which is great. I highly recommend buying this as it gives nails a professional finish and at such a great price,  an amazing product
I recently purchased this Sally Hansen Color Therapy Top Coat in conjunction with the Color Therapy polish in the shade 320 Aura’nt YouRelaxed? The nail polish retails at $16.95 for 14.7mL (1.5 fl oz) but I picked both up during a 2 for $20 sale at Priceline.   The polish is manufactured in the USA. The packaging is simple but super cute, clear glass with a champagne coloured sturdy lid. This nail polish includes argan oil in the formula, which supposedly helps to improve the condition of your nails.   As with the Color Therapy polish, the product has the usual nail polish smell, but it isn’t too overpowering. The consistency is normal, maybe slightly thicker than other nail polish brands, but applies with no lumps or streaks. The brush is the same in both the top coat and coloured polish, being thicker and flatter than the typical round polish brush. I found it great for applying the polish to my fingernails, but a little large for some of my smaller toenails. I found the clear top coat much easier to apply than the coloured polish. I found that the second layer of colour pulled/moved the first layer; even after leaving to completely dry. I didn’t have this issue with the top coat, as it applies evenly and smoothly without concern. I also found the top coat dried much quicker than the coloured polish had beforehand.   The top coat wears well; I didn’t notice it chipping as quickly as the colour polish did by itself. There was some wear and tear noticeable within a few days but nothing too drastic. I have not noticed any discolouration in over a week of wear.   The polish removes easily with nail polish remover, and I didn’t have any issues with staining or discolouration of my nails after removal.   I would definitely recommend this Sally Hansen top coat, and I will definitely be purchasing again. I had some (minor) concerns with the coloured polish in this range, however I cannot fault the top coat product.     In summary: Pros – affordable, cute packaging, decent application brush, no overpowering odour, doesn’t pull/drag previous polish layers, quick drying, chip-resistant, easily removed, no discolouration, argan oil replenishes nails. Cons – brush is slightly too wide for small toenails (but perfect for fingers). Suitability – everyone. 
Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Top Coat is a lovely product that is the final stage of your at home manicure.   It's a gorgeous, shiny liquid that you apply over your nail polish.  It has no smell.  You apply a thin coat to your polish (after it's dried) and let it dry, which is just a few minutes.  It leaves your nails super shiny and glossy, and is a fabulous way to finish your manicure.    Your nails stay super shiny, and I recommend after a few days, to apply another thin coat, just to keep your nails well protected.  The top coat contains argan oil, which conditions your nails.  The product dried quickly and my nails were well protected.  Over a week, the top coat protected my nail polish from splitting and pealing.    I really felt my manicure lasted so much longer due to this wonderful top coat, which stopped my nail polish from peeling, and also kept my nails shiny and looking fabulous. PRO's Extends the life of your manicure to last a week Apply an extra coat half way through the week to really keep the shine up Makes your nails shiny and glorious Contains Argan oil to add help nourish and condition your nails Great value, will last you ages \I recommend this top coat to anyone who does their own nails.  You will have super shiny nails that are protected from the elements, and are more resistant to splitting and peeling.  A great product that everyone should have.
There are so many top coats on the nail market and it can be truly daunting trying to find that one that standsout from them all. Finally, Sally Hansen has answered my top coat qualms with this new addition from Color Therapy. Having been on a trial for this new product and receiving a gorgeous nail colour as well as the top coat, I have found my top coat saviour. Infused with Aragn oil, Acai and Evening PrimroseOil, this top coat is glorious from the nourishing properties that give my nails optimal health to the long-lasting shine that is truly magnificent. After applying the nail colour I found I had to allow my nails to really dry, at least an hour because when I tried to apply the top coat after 5-10 minutes, the top coat would wipe away the colour leaving it streaky. But other than that I love how the top coat gave life to the underlying nail colour, actually intensifying the colour and giving a glass-like sheen. The drying time is quicker than that of the nail colour which is so convenient as I had to allow the nail colour to dry for quite awhile before I could add the top coat. The bottle shape is the same as the nail colour, the scent also being similar and the shape of the brush is the same as well – the brush is superb as it is wide and consistently applies product with each swipe. One application of this top coat is all that is needed for along-lasting manicure and it’s also a bonus in that you can wear this on its own as it is very nourishing on the nails and protective.