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Sally Hansen Sexy Curls is an eyelash curler that has been redesigned so that the hinge doesn’t sit on or pinch the cheeks. The lash curler helps with precision and comfortable curling to achieve wide-awake eyes, and the kit includes an extra refill pad.


Sally Hansen Sexy Curls


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When my old eyelash curler got lost I decided to try this wonderful gadget.  I must admit I had been putting up with quite a lot of discomfort with my old curler - the Sally Hansen Sexy Curls is so easy and the best part is that it doesn't hurt me at all!  I always love to curl my lashes everyday whether I am wearing mascara or not - I think it really makes a big difference.
I love curled lashes, and if I don't have an eye- lash lift (eyelash perm) I use an eyelash curler everyday. I have used heated eyelash curlers, cheap eyelash curlers and more expensive eyelash curlers.  Sally Hansen products always deliver, you know they have been tried and tested thoroughly.  Sally Hansen, Sexy Curls is an affordable eyelash curler that promises on a beautiful curl.I love how the scissor grip is made out of plastic/rubber for ease on the fingers.  They achieve a beautiful curl and when used with mascara and last me the whole day with beautiful curled lashes.  If I'm going out of a night I might curl twice and do two lots of mascara for an added VAVAVOOM.   They don't pinch your eyelids or cheeks and are easy to use. I own two sets of these one for my makeup bag and one for at home.  Nice and affordable and they do what the promise, sexy lashes. 
I didn't use an eyelash curler for many years as I already have quite long lashes but as soon as I tried the Sally Hansen Sexy Curls I was hooked! Not only was it super easy to use, it gave my lashes some extra wow factor. I love the soft rubber pads and it comes with a refill - winning! It's best suited for anyone wanting to open up their eyes to create some sexy curled lashes to flutter around town.
I use my Sally Hansen eyelash curler everyday. Its one of those beauty tools that once you discover it you wonder how you ever lived without it. I curl my lashes from the base holding for a few seconds, then again a bit further down the lash to really get that lift. Then apply a few coats of my favourite mascara over the top. It really does make such a difference! Curling your lashes makes them 'pop' and really opens up your eyes. The Sally Hansen curler you will notice is different to other curlers because when you open it up, the inner mechanism wont push out to sit on your cheek, thus ruining your makeup or pinching your skin, Ouch. They really have thought of everything for this product and its made really well, it doesn't feel flimsy at all. I cannot wear mascara without using this product everyday.
This is my cannot-live-without beauty must-have! Because most eyelashes grow outward, not upward, so applying mascara without curling your lashes just won't provide the same impact. This product also lasts a long time and is very sturdy, so great value for money.