Scholl Blister Shield Plasters Large 5

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Scholl Blister Shield Plasters Large 5 are plasters with Hydra-Guard™ technology to protect the blister like a shield from friction and rubbing, keeping the blister moisturised and flexible.


Scholl Blister Shield Plasters Large 5


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This is a great product for blisters. They work far better than a bandaid for blisters from where shoes have rubbed. These stick really well and have the advantage of being clear so they are not noticeable, they relieve pain and protect the blister from getting worse. They aid healing, this product will stick fast all day. a great product I highly recommend this  product for when you get that nasty blister
A word of advice girls! Never wear a new pair of shoes anywhere with our tucking a few Scholl blister shields in your bag! You will no longer be that girl carrying her shoes whilst walking barefoot out of a venue (let's face it, it's not a good look!), because you'll have Scholl blister shields providing relief and comfort. Easy to use; they stay in place and they certainly ease the discomfort. From everyone who loves stylish but often ill-fitting shoes, we thank from the very 'sole' of our heart!
These are brilliant. Keep a pack in your work desk or bag, just in case for you or your work mates. No more ouch! New shoes@
These blister plasters are really great when you have a painful little blister that needs to be covered up and relieved from pain. In places where there is rubbing, these plasters will stop any sort of pain from ailing what you are doing. They are clear and relatively unnoticeable when they are on the foot. The cons of this product would be the longevity - they don't last too long...after wearing them for just more than half a day, they can peel of by themselves and are very hard to stick back on due to the flimsy surface. They aren't resistant to sweat and water, given the high moisture content already included within the plaster. Also, another con would be the small amount included in the packet - there should be more for the product to last longer.
These are amazing for those times when a plaster just doesn't work your feet are rubbing and sore from blisters  They provide extra padding so stop the rubbing and help with the healing  I love them