Scholl Bunion Protectors

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Scholl Bunion Protectors are adhesives that provide immediate pain relief from bunions. The ultra soft and extra slim design helps prevent pressure and friction from shoes.


Scholl Bunion Protectors


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As you age, you seem to get these bunions that look hideous but they make your favourite comfortable shoes start to hurt.  My bunion is below my big toe on the outside of the foot so it rubs on the shoe which can get quite painful.  I bought the Scholl packet which has two bunion pads inside.  I just had to position it over the bunion - it looks like it would be bulky when you put your shoe on but no, it feels bliss and not noticeable at all.  They stay on for a while even after having a shower.  Finally comfort is felt when wearing shoes or even sandals.  Due to being a beige colour they do look invisible to the eye.  As I said,I wear sandals and they are not noticeable.  Pure comfort all day.
These are a blessing and anyone that suffers from bunions and bunionettes(bunions on the outside by the little toes) can't get into shoes without something hurting. My doctor told me to buy wider shoes well that's great but you can't go around in clown shoes! So this is the next best thing. I wear them everyday in my work shoes and work great. I change them every so often but they hold up so no need to change them every day. Great comfort in a little pad. Highly recommended!