Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment

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Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment is a treatment for fungal nail. The discrete, easy to use treatment protects the nail and prevents the spread of fungal infection to other nails. Comes with five disposable files.


Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment


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You cannot treat this successfully with external snake oil, as this fungus is in the blood.   I went to a doctor every 3 weeks for 3 months.  She cleaned the nails and used laser and it worked great.  But the nail fungus always came back after the 2nd week.   There is only one true cure and it is a pill taken orally.  The downside is that it may attack and damage the liver causing death.  There are dozens of so called remedies at the Pharmacy and none of them work,  so save your money. Sorry for the bad news.
Imagine my horror when l found out the discolouration on my toe nail was a fungal infection. I visited my pharmacy and they recommended Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment.  It does take a few weeks but if you follow all the steps your fungal infection will be gone.  You do have to be diligent with not using the same tools supplied over and over again as this will defeat the purpose of the treatment. I did follow all the instructions and my nail did improve and no longer has this problem. l was very pleased how the treatment worked. It certainly is better than having part of the nail removed or taking oral medications. Yes, it is expensive but well worth the money spent to have healthy looking nails. 
This product really helped my fungal infection. Love that it comes with disposable mini nail files so you don't spread the fungal. It is very easy to apply and comes in such a handy little pack. I highly recommend. It is a little pricey, so best to pick up on sale.