Scholl Gel Active Everyday Women

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Scholl Gel Active Everyday Women are gel insoles specifically designed for everyday wear. The dual gel pads absorb micro shocks and help reduce excessive pressure on feet from walking and daily activities.


Scholl Gel Active Everyday Women


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I have a job where l,m on my feet for a large number of hours, l had to find something to help eliviate the pain that l have been experiencing. A friend recommended the Scholl Active Everyday for Women, so l purchased a pair and found that they have relieved some of the pressure.  They fitted nicely into my shoes. The gel pads absorb the shock of my steps to make being on my feet a little easier. I thought at first the gel inserts were a little pricey but believe me they are cheaper than a pair of orthotic shoes.
a really good substitute for regular inner sole, it makes your shoes more comfortable and stops aching on the balls of your feet. I did find since I have wider feet that the inner sole didn't quite fit to the edges of my shoe, but not enough to make a difference.
Such a great idea to support hard-working feet and reduce foot pain. I first bought these when I was planning an overseas trip with a fair bit of walking planned. So glad I did - the comfort these provide meant I was able to walk as much as I liked each day, minus any foot pain, or discomfort. These are ideal for shoes like sneakers, or standard ballerina flat shoes.  Inside these, they are invisible - with their bright blue and yellow colouring, they would be quite conspicuous in other types of shoes! I have feet on the larger size (10), and did not need to alter, or trim the inserts, nor were they too small. They inserted easily into my shoes and literally put a 'spring in my step' from the very first wear.  If you need support for the work day, Scholl make other inserts with a firmer surface - but for everyday use, these work perfectly. I highly recommend trying these out
As someone who is on their feet LITERALLY all day,i need comfort and support to aid me in my day to day working when these came on the market,i HAD to get them. I am an avid fan of any by Scholl,so i had high hopes here....but alas,it delivered for only a few weeks.Scholl Gel Active innersoles DO give great comfort,support and shock absorption,BUT it was shortlived (maybe,as a nurse,i gave them a bit too much of a beating) ,and the underneath padding gave way (as in,i walked and pieces of the blue gel pad came out with each step). These are not cheap,so i expected a little more "bang for my buck" than this, however my husband had no such issues (he is on his feet too,though not quite as much,so that may explain it). In relation to odour control,yes,it helped.....but sweaty feet,wet shoes (from showering patients)leaving my work shoes outside the house (no way are they coming in) and socks,it was a huge ask.Perhaps in ordinary,off duty shoes,these may be more beneficial and i may get longer lasting results. TIP:Make sure you cut the soles to fit perfectly....the foolproof guides on these make it a cinch,and maybe try them in your gym shoes to add a little comfort to your workouts.
Like walking on a cushion of jelly!..  Made an ordinary pair of boots comfy to wear all day!
These are slips of squidgy deliciousness! I suffer terribly from sore feet, as no shoes ever seem to fit me without a fight. These really are comforting on the sole, particularly that gel heel. Another plus - they don't disintegrate, tear or stink like some of the other types of insoles available (I'm looking at you, lambs wool). Can Scholl now please use that same rubbery substance to make heel guards? I would love something like that to stop shoes rubbing the backs of my heels raw!