Scholl Gel Active Insoles Everyday Heels

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Scholl Gel Active Insoles Everyday Heels are gel insoles specifically designed for heeled shoes that are worn every day. The soft gel pad features built-in arch support to comfortably protect feet throughout the day and help relieve pressure.


Scholl Gel Active Insoles Everyday Heels


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These Scholl Gel Active Insoles Everyday Heels are amazing. They are a must have if you wear heels everyday. They are simple yet so effective, providing comfort for your feet. The gel pads are easy to apply to your shoe and sticks well so they don't come loose as you wear them. They are not slippery so you don't have to worry about your feet slipping off your shoes when you walk. They feel super soft and comfortable and give my feet good support. Whenever I wear heels, my feet start aching straight away so I wanted to try these gel pads because of the good reviews. They felt a little weird at first but I soon got use to them and found them to give good support to my feet. They really do feel like walking on a gel cloud and I can now wear heels all day without the discomfort and pain in my feet. At the end of the day my feet aren't as sore and achy/tired as before and with these gel pads  I feel like I can wear heels all day long. They gel pads come in many different shapes for all your different shoe types - flat shoes, high heels etc. They are so affordable and lasts a long time that  I now use them in all my shoes. Overall you must give The Scholl Gel Active Insoles Everyday Heels a try if you get sore feet from wearing heels and I would recommend them for everyone.
I know this isn't a sparkly and pretty little thing but it sure does work. My feet ache after wearing my heels for a long time and even though they aren't super high heels they still kill my feet. This feels soft and jelly like and it's comfortable and gets me through the day. You might think it's slippery the wear these but they have a suprising support and honestly it's not uncomfortable and it doesn't make you feel gooey and icky. It's affordable and it's an essential even if you don't get sore feet it's good for them.
Not one of the most glamorous beauty products, but one of the best secret weapons to guard against sore aching feet! I used to not wear heels as often as I would have liked, because of the comfort factor. At the end of the day I would have a burning pain in the balls of my feet. After trying these insoles I have never looked back. They come in a range of different styles: high heels, everyday heels and flats. The everyday heels are a staple for me to wear with my work pumps. The soft gel pad helps to prevent my foot from slipping in the shoe, and the insoles provide comfortable arch support to relieve the pressure on my feet during the day. The insoles are easy to fit into your shoe, you just peel off the plastic backing and place the insole sticky side down into your shoe. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and they have lasted very well!  Highlights - All day comfort, so you can wear your favourite pair of heels out and not worry about aching feet the next day! - Very reasonable, budget friendly price - Fits easily into your heels, are durable and last well!
Yes! For a long time now I have sworn by the Scholl Gel Active in-soles. They really keep you feeling comfortable for longer in uncomfortable heels as well as preventing my narrow feet from slipping out of my shoes. Genius product.
A must for anyone who wears heels daily! I love my heels but my feet don't after putting these in I have noticed a huge difference, they are comfortable and you don't notice the gel insole in your heel! I wanted to keep wearing my heels that look good and this has allowed me to do this, no more sore feet and so affordable!