Scholl Gel Active Work Men

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Scholl Gel Active Work Men are gel insoles specifically designed for men’s work shoes. The gel pads help absorb shock and reduce the excessive pressure being put on feet over a long period.


Scholl Gel Active Work Men


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The Scholl Gel Active for men have really helped my husband suffer less with tired aching feet after a day standing!  Before purchasing these,the balls of his feet would hurt after wearing work shoes. Purchased these at Priceline when they had a sale making the gel inserts great value for money and a real lifesaver! Who wants to suffer with tired feet?!
I bought a set of these for both my brother and my partner and they both love them. They both wear them in their work shoes and are on their feet all day. My partner says they are incredibly soft and leave your feet feeling rested instead of sore after a long day's work. You simply choose your size on the produt and cut to size before slipping inside shoes. Be careful how much you take off. I was elected to fit these into my partner's shoes and he momentarily forgot his shoe size so now they are a size too small lol.