Scholl Part Feet Soft Touch Gel Cushion

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Scholl Part Feet Soft Touch Gel Cushion are invisible gel insoles. The gel pads have discreet cushioning to help prevent the burning pain in the balls of feet.


Scholl Part Feet Soft Touch Gel Cushion


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Dance on tables all night with these fantastic magic cushions.  My shoes feel like slippers and I can disco diva all over town.
As I work in a mechanical workshop and my feet are on the cement alot I bought these to ease a bit of the discomfort I was starting to get. As soon as I put them on it was such a relief to have them in my boots that I have them on all the time. I would recommend these to anyone working on hard services.
I've used a pair of gel cushions on a pair of shoes for over a year now and they are still effective. I found my heels were putting pressure on my toes because I was slipping forwards in them, I popped a gel cushion in and the issue stopped and unlike other brands they last for ages.