Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions

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Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions are invisible gel insoles. The gel pads help prevent the burning pain in the balls of feet and provide cushioning.


Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions


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For me these only provided short term relief. I also found it a little odd that they didn't have a sticky backing but once the foot is on them they don't seem to move. They don't seem to get flat or lose their shape so they're able to be used again and again.
I’ve actually been pretty disappointed with gel cushions - I’ve tried the back of heel ones and now these and they really don’t help much with pain, plus I find, and this may just be me, that they tend to stick to my feet a little after a lot of walking (I do walk a lot, even in heels, and fast, which is not ideal for a high heel wearer!) and pull up off the shoes so that they end up shifting to the wrong place.  I basically just wore them once and had to throw them out because they were no longer sticking.  Still got blisters and still swore (a promise I never keep) that I wouldn’t wear heels again for anything other than a sit down event!  Other people have had very different experiences and I’m sure if you’re not much of a walker or take it slowly and delicately, these could help - they certainly felt good to begin with, but it only took about 45 mins before I was in pain again.  I so love heels, but have yet to find a product that makes them painless.  For me, this wasn’t it.
These are okay for that aching type of pain or bad pressure, but for me they didn't help with the burning feeling of long-term walking or wearing. For a short-term fix they provided some comfort and relief, but I'm still on the lookout for something that really lengthens the time I can stand upright!
I absolutely love these great party feet gel cushions, great for my high heels when I have to stand a lot for comfort and cushioning. the invisible gel insoles work wonders to make shoes more comfortable and high heels more bearable. they come at a great price of just $10.00 and are resuable and washable. I cant live without these, once you've tried them you can never go back. The are fabulous for the balls of your feet when standing for long periods and really do make such a huge difference. So easy to use, just pop them into your shoes and away you go. They are clear coloured so you dont notice the, a big bonus. This is a brilliant product and I highly recommend these gems
Its really good for high heels and i can dance the whole night. Its comfortable and very good price. Absolutely lifesaver, i always have gel cushion in my high heels for me to last long. I even give this to a friend of mine who think its not gonna work for her to try and now she loves it.
I can dance the night away - Thank You Scholl Party Feet ! I find that I own a lot of little Black Dresses so to up my outfit I indulge in Fantabulous Shoes, that being said they are usually over the top, ridiculously narrow,staggeringly high and I require help to get them on - and off.  The only way I survive special occasions that require amazing shoes it to pop in a pair of Scholl Party Feet.  I keep several pairs ready to go as I don't like swapping them between shoes, once in they stay in. The gel supports my feet and prevents that horrible hot burn so not only do my feet look fabulous in my crazy shoes - I can wear a pain free smile all night xxxx
These are fantastic if you wear high heels, they provide some much needed cushioning for the balls of your feet when you're on your feet for any extended period of time and help to eliminate that burning feeling you get. They're reusable which is fantastic so you can easily change them from one pair of shoes to another and they're inexpensive so you can buy multiple packets and there's no need to swap them over, you can just put on a pair of shoes and go out and not worry about having sore feet at the end of your working day or after a night out dancing with friends.
These gel pads are fantastic for high heels. They are easy to put in and can be taken out and swapped between pairs of shoes. The gel is incredibly soft on the foot and lessens any pain from wearing heels for long periods.
I purchased a pack of these along with my first pair of heels and they have been my saviour ever since! These gel cushions are interchangeable between shoes and aren't sticky so you can move them if you place them in the wrong spot. However, I find that if you wear the shoes and try to remove them, they are kind of "stuck on" but still easy to remove. This helps relieve all the pressure that are put on the balls of your feet. As I have used these with heels for the past 10 years, I now have really hard skin in those areas and not sure if it is caused by these gel cushions. Although they are reusable, I prefer to just keep a pair in each of the shoes I wear often. This isn't only for heels but for flats as well. I like these so much that I even purchased them overseas. It's great that they are available almost anywhere; Myer, David Jones, Pharmacies, Target and most shoe retailers. I do find that it sometimes makes the shoe a tighter fit so if I know I'm going to be using these inside a new shoe I'm purchasing, I will always purchase half size up to ensure it still fits. Pros -affordable -readily available -easy to use -comfortable Cons -makes your shoes a tighter fit -may cause longterm issues with balls of feet  I would recommend this for those who struggle or need a bit of support in heels or even when your flats don't have enough cushion. Great for long days in heels, parties and almost any occasion or everyday wear.
I basically bought these because I was on holidays and going on a hike and I knew that my shoes were really hurting the balls of me feet. They really comfy with a gel cushion that just gives your feet that little extra bit of support that will stop your feet from hurting. The only real issue I had was I found the glue didn't hold up that well to my sweaty feet. They really are a must have though for any girl that's going to spend all night in heels.
I purchased Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions when out & about at a pharmacy after the balls of my feet began burning whilst wearing a new pair of flats.  It was instant relief.  Because they are reuseable, I have moved these gel cushions to afew pair of heels and what a difference it makes to the comfort of my feet. I would definitely recommend that all women try these whether they wear heels or flats.  It will make a huge difference to your comfort level.
Let me put this simply, Scholl Party Feet Invisible Gel Cushions are an absolute MUST HAVE for every person wearing a pair of heels or sandals. I just love them! They're well priced at under $10 and they last really well as they don't break down like some other brands' versions do and they're washable. They're so easy to use, you simply peel back the plastic backing and place it sticky side down in your shoe. Voila! There you have it, you're now ready to dance until you're hearts' content in what used to be uncomfortable shoes but are now like walking on a gel cloud. The gel material means that you don't get any burning sensation whist wearing your shoes and also prevents your foot from slipping forward in the shoe. And because they're invisible...well enough said.
Being a bridesmaid is hard work.. and these were my absolute saviour. Shoes that will only ever be worn once are made SOOOOOOO much more comfortable by slipping these in. BUY THEM!
Every heel wearing lady needs to own these gel cushions because they will save your life.  Before ever trying these out I would have to debate whether I would choose style or comfort when going out. Granted, it was never an easy choice but most of the times I would choose comfort.  There have been many times when I had to take my shoes off because the pain was just unbearable or had to carry flats in my clutch because the inevitable was going to happen.  These gel cushions solved all of that so now I no longer have to choose!  They are clear coloured and provide a soft cushioning to the balls of my feet. I could walk, dance and stand in them without feeling like my feet were about to be crushed from the pain.  They are reusable, easy to wash and easy to use.  Everyone will be wondering how you managed to stay in your high heels for the whole night!
These gel cushions is a great product and does easy the pain and burn for the balls of your feet, but it did not work for me that well because i sometimes sweat under my feet and i found my feet to be slipping on them in my shoes which was not pleasant.
Every girl needs a pair of these in her shoes on a night out, absolute lifesavers.
These gel cushions were an absolute lifesaver for me on my Wedding Day! I was a little bit worried with how I would go standing in my heels for 6+ hours but these made the world of difference. I personally didn't put them in my shoes straight away, I put them into my clutch and slipped them into my shoes later on in the day when I felt like I could really use the cushioning. I found this worked really well as the gel cushions felt quite cool to the touch which was refreshing against the ball of my foot, that plus the cushioning from the gel provided me with immediate relief. Product pros: *Easy to clean *Quick to just pop in your shoe *They aren't made to stick in your shoes so you can easily interchange them *Compact, so easily fit into your clutch or handbag Definitely a product that I would recommend to people and perfect for anyone who has a pair of shoes that make the balls of your feet burn or for anyone after a bit more comfort.
These are a must have for me.  I use them every time I wear heels.  They provide some extra cushioning on the balls of my feet which helps to stop them aching and feeling like I want to rip my shoes off and throw them away.  They are washable in some warm soapy water, and reusable.  Love them!
I love these babies... they are absolute foot savers!  They eliminate that burning feeling you get in the balls of your feet when you are wearing heels for any extended period of time - think night out dancing, race day.  They are particularly helpful in shoes that only have a leather soul, with no other cushioning, as they stop your feet from feeling like they are 'drawing' into the ground.
The ultimate accessory for a night out, hands, or feet, down!