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Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is a nail file with three different heads for filing, buffing and shining toenails and fingernails. Use the file head to shape the nail; the buff head to even out imperfections and smoothen the nail surface; and the shine head to add a shiny finish to the nail surface. Uses one AA battery (included).

Available in Pink and Blue.

This handy tool makes DIY manicuring a breeze
Iantha Yu
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Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System


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Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System is a bit of a gimmick. It is great for buffing but I don’t like to use it as a file.  It is comfortable to hold and it only uses one battery that is provided so that’s a bonus. I find it a bit jerky to be honest and it is sitting in my draw. 
This is definitely my go-to device when I am wanting to buffer and shine my nails. When I first saw the Scholl Velvet Smooth Electronic Nail Care System, I was hesitant to try it, but I am sure glad I did try it! I have not regretted it since. My nails look and feel stronger, healthier and more polished. For anyone wanting a nail care system, this is it! I highly recommend trying it!
I am indifferent about this product. I received it as a present.  It made it really quick to shorten my nails when filing them to even lengths but the blue attachment left them feeling jaggered and a bit brittle.  The blue head wore out really quickly and replacement heads are $20 so I will not be repurchasing them. However for buffing and brightening the surface of your nails the white and light blue heads where really good and I still use them.
Hated it.  I unfortunately have very thin and brittle nails and I found it way too harsh and damaging.  I'm going to stick to manual buffing and filling.
I didnt really like it. I was not even exited when I saw it in shops. I am very picky with my manicures and even salon manicure sometimes make me regeret the wasted money. I found it to be good for longer nails for filing them down but for my short ones it was a bit clumsy. Hard to access corners and the tip was too thick. I will not purchase this product.
Heaps better then manual filing, buffing and shining!!! I have struggled for a long time trying to get my nails looking perfect, but i am so happy that i finally found this device!! I never knew that it could be so much more effective then manual nail caring and so much more easier!!! I really love using this product and use it all the time!! It makes my nails look and feel amazing!!
This is a fantastic little device for those who want beautiful, healthy looking nails easy and effortlessly.  It comes with three clearly labelled heads:one for filing ,one for buffing and one for a smooth and shiny finish. I found this simple to use,quick and effective.  My nails looked beautiful and so shiny in under five minutes . This is great for people like myself who want the pretty and well looked after looking nails without the time it usually takes or the expensive prices of the salons. The only downside is the price of replacement heads as i feel they would need replacing a bit as the filer on mine already seems pretty worn after only a few uses. Still a much cheaper alternative than getting it professionally done though! All in all-quite happy with the results and will continue to use.
I had seen the Scholl Nail Care System advertised and liked the idea, but was hesitant to purchase it as it's quite expensive and I didn't want to outlay the money for something that I potentially didn't like and wouldn't use beyond the initial purchase. So, I was excited to be given the opportunity to review it for Beauty Crew and the product didn't disappoint.  I really like the product and would definitely recommend it. It was really easy to use and took very little time and effort to get shiny, healthy looking nails. The file head worked really well and it was easy to shape my nails with it. What I really like though, were the buffer and polishing heads. They left my nails smooth and super shiny, especially when I used the Scholl nail care oil to finish up. The only real negative for me is the cost of replacement heads as they are on the pricey side.   Overall though, it's a great product and I do enjoy using it.
I was so excited to try this product. I was familiar with the Scholl foot file system. My nails are always flaky, uneven and chipped. The product easily filed and smoothed the nail to the shape I wanted with little effort required. Afterwards my nails continued to look healthy and neat and it gave a great finish when I wanted to keep my nails natural. Also was great to use before polish it made the result look so clean and professional.  The packaging was nice and the kit easy to assemble (the different files clearly labelled). The product was easy to hold and felt comfortable to manoeuvre. Although the product system is quite expensive (especially factoring in the cost of replacement heads), it is a quick and easy way to get a beautiful and professional looking finish on your nails. Would recommend to friends.
I have enjoyed using this product! For someone who cant go near normal files ( it's like nails to a chalk board for me) i have really started to enjoy it, i actually find it quiet therapeutical. My nails have a very finished look after performing the easy to follow steps. The nail oil is great to, the smell is devine. I would recommend this to others that do not have the time to get there nails done professionally. My nails look healthier and more groomed than ever, all done in the comfort of my own home :)
A pretty nifty gadget, with first use, I loved how the filing action was doing most of the leg work for me so I could concentrate on getting the shape I wanted which was great. With the file, I found it really good for refining my shape, but they'd probably need to release file heads that are much 'rougher/coarser' for more serious shaping work (if you were into your pointy nail shape for example) because if you tried to do that with the filing head they have provided it would probably take a while. The buffer head is also great for smoothing out any minor ridges or texture inconsistencies in the nail, but again, its a pretty refined buffer (which is gentle on the nails), so if you have any coarser nail texture issues I'd probably recommend for them to release a coarser buffer. The shine head is great as there is nothing more I hate than manually trying to shine my nails as I get lazy and give up. It still takes a little while to shine which is expected, but at least its not me having to manually go back and forth on each nail. Great product, the only thing I could see it improving in is to release a wider range of 'heads' with increasing 'grit' or coarseness to suit individual needs. Oh - and a proper case to store all my attachment heads would be great, at the moment its just sitting in the plastic packaging it came in within the original packaging which isn't the most convenient to stay organised with.
I have been using the nail care system for the last couple of weeks, using it every few days, having mixed feelings. At first I loved it, I have natural nails and it was the perfect strength, size and speed. The first time I used it, it made my natural nails look amazing and shiny. I noticed over the next few days though after touching up a couple of times with the buffing pad only that the nails started developing lots of scratches easily and marks and towards the end of the first week, a couple started breaking a little easier. I think I may have gotten too overly excited with the ease of using the manicure tool and may have weakened my nails in the process. I still use the first head (filing) often but will now cut down to using the 2nd and 3rd heads a lot less and a lot gentler. This tool makes it so much easier to do the usually most difficult part of my manicure which is filing to the right shape and for that it's saved me a lot of time and I find it worth it and will be repurchasing the replacement heads and continuing to use the nail care system.
This product seems like a great idea put into action!  Great packaging that can be used to store the products in, and easy to follow instructions. The attachments are easy to use and put together, and can be used quickly when in a rush or longer for more thorough results. Buffs really well, and nails look so shiny and healthy!  The main low point is it will actually be expensive to buy replacement heads, still cheaper than a manicure though! Also, it feels quite strong and so can sometimes not be the most precise in shaping nails. My nails felt a little weaker afterwards (looked better though), but I think with regular use nails would be stronger. Overall, this product had good and bad points. It is probably suited best for people who like quick results at home, but have a bit of cash to keep using this regularly!
What a great product from Scholl. I've recently become a new mum and started appreciating products that save time and provide visible results. This one is a fantastic replacement for buffing cubes or emery boards. With those I would usually sit down and file my life away for 30 minutes or so. With Scholl's Velvet Smooth Electronic nail care system I am done within 10 or less.  The product comes with three heads for filing, buffing and shining the nails. The device vibrates when turned on and basically does the job without much of my involvement. My nail surface tends to be uneven, which in turn causes the nail polish to chip way too soon. The buffing head was able to smooth out the surface within seconds and prep the nails well for the shining step.  After the three step routine my nails look healthy and have a natural shine (not too strong though, nowhere close to a coat of clear polish) that last for a couple of days. It's a pricey tool but worth the investment if you want to save time on DIY manicure. I just hope I won't have to replace the heads too soon.
After I had gotten the Scholl velvet foot file for Christmas, I was excited to know that Beauty crew wanted to trial a different product, the Velvet smooth nail care system.  It did take me a couple of goes to get the technique right, but when I did, it was so easy to use, and make my nails look like they were done in the salon.  The packaging is so beautiful, and the device is very user friendly. 
The Scholl Nail Care system makes caring for my nails a dream. I have been far more dedicated with my nails since using this device because it's just so easy. It's really nice having polished nails with super easy upkeep. There are three different heads that file, buff and polish. I found it really easy to file my nails into a nice shape and it was far less effort than doing it manually with a file. The next step is the one I really love! I have deep ridges in my nails and the buff nail head helps to smooth them away. The appearance of my nails is so improved and I have never been able to achieve this level of smoothness with the manual buffer before! After filing and buffing it's time to use the polisher and wow, it leaves my nails so shiny and healthy looking.  I don't feel that I need any nail polish because they look great as they are. When I use it in conjunction with the velvet smooth nail care oil my nails are lovely and I feel really well groomed. I think this would work for anyone who wants an easy, super effective nail care system they can use at home in their PJs!
I received this product for review as part of the review crew, it leaves nails shiny and silky smooth in just a few simple steps. When I first opened my parcel I’ll confess I was probably a bit too excited because I received a pink one, everything is always better in pink! Pulling it from the package, it’s a decent size that fits nicely in the hand, and can be easily used in both the left and right hand (no need to put up with one hand always looking better than the other), furthermore I didn’t struggle with it as a left hander at all. The package comes with batteries, no need to be scrounging for them when you get home after purchase, HUGE bonus, you can purchase and it’s ready to go. The tool heads are clearly labelled 1,2 and 3 so it’s super simple to tell which head to use for each step. File, buff and polish. The file head was ok, I didn’t feel like it did as good a job as a standard nail file. The speed of the vibration didn’t allow for much control over the shaping of the nail. I prefer to keep my nails round, I’m sure that this step would be fine if you wanted a more square nail. The file head itself was quite thin, I think that it would need replacement quite frequently if used often, and the replacement heads do not come cheap. The buffing head was good, the round shape made it easy to get into the round base of my nail, the product could maybe use some kind of head to help push back the cuticles before this step, giving a nice round, even edge. The buffer worked well at smoothing out ridges and left the nails feeling silky. The polishing head was probably my favourite part, it left my nails looking super shiny, like I’d just coated them with a clear polish SHINY. Nice. My nails looked healthier after use and I have to wonder whether the vibrating might stimulate growth of stronger, healthier looking nails with frequent use. The oil was a nice finishing touch, it was non greasy but left the nails and my fingers feeling soft and silky. It was pretty simple to use on my fingernails, it was easy enough to manoeuvre around each of my fingers, however, it was a little more difficult to use on my toes. Buffing and polishing wasn’t too bad, it just took some extra manipulating to get it to fit onto the smaller, rounded shape, but it was too difficult to get it to work to file the nails to any kind of proper shape.  Overall, the product did a good job of making my nails look healthy and shiny. Would I buy it again though? Probably not. It worked as it should, but for the price I could get results just as good from a 4 way nail file/buffer. The only real bonus gained from this product is that you can switch it on and it will do the hard work for you.
This product is easy and simple to use. At first, I was nervous to use the electronic file however you eventually get into the rhythm of moving it in one direction to get the nail shape you want. I personally don't really like the feeling of the file as I have tiny nails and the vibration is quite strong but it works well and does the job! It is extremely user friendly and easy to change the three heads. I was very impressed with how well the device filed, buffed and polished. It also saves a lot of time in comparison to doing it manually. I would definitely use it again as it really did give my nails a natural shine. This is a great product for those looking to save time and look well groomed.
It beautifully gets the job done fast. The instructional video is great. As a beginner i did not worry about all the shapes. Nails look smooth and buffed. Great.
I loved this product for filing my toenails but I'm not the biggest fan on my fingernails.  On the toes it made what can be a super awkward job so smooth and easy!  But I don't feel it was gentle enough to use on fingernails. Shaping nails is hard and the vibrating wasn't delicate enough for me