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Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist is an at-home hair dye. It provides a long-lasting, glossy hair colour and is formulated with Schwarzkopf’s Omegaplex technology to strengthen the micro-bonds inside the hair fibre during colouring.

Available in 13 shades.


Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist


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Being a Mum to two small children I haven't been in a salon to have my hair dyed for many, MANY years.  I remember my colourist in the salon recommending Schwarzkopf for home hair colour.  I really like the Schwarzkopf colour specialist. It works really well on my very long hair, it has enough dye for coverage. I am getting a sprinkling of greys around my part-line and this covers it effectively. The dye is not harsh on my skin either, I leave it on for 45 mins.  I use the shade Imperial Brown which is a really nice dark brown shade.  I find it doesn't drip making it really easy to home colour in my bathroom. The conditioner once its is rinsed is very nourishing. I like that they give you another conditioner after 3 weeks to use.  I love this hair dye, and will continue to repurchase. 
DIY home hair styling and colouring has been my thing for years/decades now. Only because I am the only one managing to get what I want. This hair colour has been my latest must have when doing bayalage. I use light blonde in cool to lift my natural dark blonde/light brown a few shades up. Gives me perfect blend and more sunkissed look, not stark. Blends like perfection with my hair colour and texture.  My hair is tailbone length, fine texture, very fine hair strands...but plenty of the hair! One box is enough for selected streaks I do. Hair has been highlighted/bayalaged by me for almost 2 decades 2 times per year on average. This formula is so gentle! Usually I get some damage and with time split ends and parts  that break aftre some time. Not with this colouring kit! It has some serum to mix into the formula as well as colour and developer. Then applyed stays in the hair as much as it needs to depending what one wants to be the result. I never colour whole head, just selected streaks, so I leave it 30-45 min...checking along the time. Comfortably I left it even up to an hour without damaging the hair once! HAve used this colour since it came out, 4 times or 5 already. Did not trim hair either since last year my big finally got the length I want. Just because the colour did not damage my hair. So cool, being able to be bronde (more blonde) and have no damage on such a long hair!  Will keep using...
I used shade 8.1 Cool Light Blonde and have to say it is the best colour I have ever gotten from a box dye to date (and I've tried pretty much every box product avaliable). I bought this for half price at Chemist Warehouse and the results I was able to achieve for less than $10 really suprised me. I had dark blonde ombre ends which were getting quite brassy, with the mid lengths getting quite orange. I applied this on my mid-lengths and ends and after a no-fuss process taking 10 minutes for the colour processing time and 2 mins for the conditioner, my hair was instantly toned and matched the swatch on the box - I still can't quite believe it. It's been one month and 8 washes later and the colour is still going strong with no signs of brassiness. This did not damage my hair at all. The application itself - you get the 'plex protector to add to the mix and a good 60ml volume of colour and developer. I have hair a couple of inches past my shoulders and I was doing only the bottom half and I had so much product leftover. I could have easily done a full head of hair. I was impressed that it did not leave my hair dry at all, and was easy to wash out. The product does smell but it is not overpowering. It was also quite a thick consistency and I did not drip product anywhere. The conditioner worked really well and I was in a bit of a rush so only left it for 2 mins rather than longer which I would usually do (instructions only req. 2 mins), and it left my hair soft, silky and smelling nice. The sachet was enough for almost 3 applications and it also comes with a colour refresher that lasted me 3 washes. The only downside were the gloves which were those thin old school type ones but they did the job so can't really complain. I will be using this from now on and can't wait to try out some other colours down the track.
Colour used: 6.68 Dark Fiery Blonde I have naturally medium blonde hair that has been lightened to a light/very light blonde (depending on the season and which part of the hair you're looking at). I wanted to darken my hair a bit for winter and add some warmth - this certainly achieved that!  The initial colour was much deeper than I was aiming for, but by the 3rd wash most of the excess colour had bled out leaving closer to what I wanted.  The red-gold tones are actually very pretty and shine through beautifully. In terms of care - the colour left my hair soft, shiny and without significant loss or breakage.  I'm very happy with the condition of my hair and would continue using this colour for that reason alone!
I have naturally black hair with more than 20% grey hair.  The product says 100% grey coverage. I got a free box from Priceline which was in the gift with purchase goodies bag. The shade I chose was chocolate brown, a shade that is slightly darker than what I normally colour my hair with (L'Oreal Preference in 05 Palmer). Schwarzkopf Colour Specialist has NO grey coverage. ZERO. NADA. The colour looked very nice and vibrant at first. The colour looked darker than on the box but I was okay with that. However, during the first shampoo, there was so much colour bleed that my grey was instantly visible. The colour continued to bleed for a week or two. In no time, the colour on grey hair has faded to a blonde colour. Useless. I colour my hair for one single purpose which is to cover grey. Because it cannot achieve this purpose at all, I will not repurchase or recommend this to anyone.
I have recently started using this permanent hair colour and it’s a great at home colour that’s effective and easy to use. The shade I use is 3.0 Imperial Brown, which is a rich chocolate brown that has some subtle red wine undertones too. It’s slightly darker than my natural dark brown hair colour but provides beautiful, glossy colour that looks natural and lasts pretty well without fading. I have frizzy, dry and damaged hair and really like that this hair dye comes with a anti-breakage serum that you mix in with the colour to prevent excessive damage during the colouring process. It’s super easy to prepare and use, and you get great colour and coverage in less than 30mins. I have visible grey hairs and this hair dye does a pretty good job covering all my greys. The colour lasts a good 3 months or until I get visible regrowth. The pack also contains 2 seperate sachets of post-colour treatment conditioners; one to seal in the colour immediately after rinsing your hair and a colour reviver to use after 3 weeks. Overall I am very pleased with this hair dye, as it doesn’t break, damage or dry out my hair like some other at-home hair dyes I’ve used. In fact my hair looks and feels healthier when I use this hair dye. So it’s a great affordable alternative to salon colour, and there’s a good choice of natural looking shades available too. I will continue to repurchase this hair dye and definitely recommend it to anyone who has dry, damaged hair and wants a hair dye that also treats hair during the colouring process.