Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher

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Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher is a quick-drying root coverage spray. It contains micro-fine mineral cosmetic pigments to instantly cover roots, concealing regrowth and grey hairs. The colour washes out after one shampoo and each can provides 25 applications.

Available in four shades.


Schwarzkopf Root Retoucher


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Lifesaver for root regowth

Being in isolation. my roots are terrible. The Schwarzkopf Retoucher is a life saver. It sprays evenly (but you do have to do it from a distance) and if you do get some on your skin, it easily wipes off. The colour also blends really well with your natural colour which is dark brown for me, I'm not sure how it would go for lighter colour.
I love the control that this product gives and the coverage is excellent! It was easy to apply, there was no stickiness, no fowl scent and blend it to perfection. A solid coverage was easy to achieve The key is to keep it moving as you spray so don't over load it.
My hair is coloured brown, with natural hair colour in black and 20-40% grey depending on the area. I routinely use another retouch spray to cover my regrowth and grey hair in between permanent colouring. The instructions are to hold the can upright, and spray from a distance of approximately 10 cm. The shade Brown matches the colour of my hair. It covers both black regrowth and grey hair.  When sprayed from a 10 cm-distance, the results look quite natural because it does not look too intense or overly powdery. It blends in with my natural hair colour very well.  It is also not overly matte like some other sprays that I have used in the past.  Overall, the coverage is good and and the colour is natural.  However, I use it closer to my scalp (i.e. less than 10cm), I found that the colour can look quite solid and unnatural. The product does transfer, so I would avoid touching my hair throughout the day. The transfer can be minimised by layering a fine mist of hairspray over where the product has been applied. The only problem, which is also a major issue for me, is the amount of mess that it makes.  No matter how I try (close to the scalp, far from the scalp, press down the spray softly or all the way, spray quickly or slowly), large droplets would come out from the bottle.  Although using a towel on my shoulders can prevent the product from staining my clothes, they actually go a lot further than just on myself - they do go to the back of my bathroom and on the floor behind me.  They can be easily removed if they land on the tiles but not if they get onto the grout (and they did!) - it's very frustrating as I couldn't clean them.  I have decided that I would not repurchase, despite really liking the actual product colour and coverage.  The mess that it makes is not worth it, and it is not practical for me to cover all or my bathroom walls and floor every time I use it. It is a shame because the product itself is great but the spraying mechanism is not.
Schwarzkopf root Retoucher is my saviour.  Dyeing hair is tolling on the scalp. Breaks from dyeing are great, with t.l.c. But the roots coming in is a reminder to dye again soon. Root Retoucher from Schwarzkopf has a nice scent and is a god-send in the world of hair beautifying.  Schwarzkopf is thee name in hair care. They know hair and how continuiing colouring is not in best interests of the scalp. These in between retouchers are fast and effective. Can go anothrr month before dyeing again.
This is an awesome product for disguising root regrow this. I regularly colour my hair darkest brown and often my root regrowrh is visible before I need to recolour. This product is so easy to use, just spray on roots to make grey hair disappear, too easy. The product didn’t dry my hair out and greys really were invisible. This is great for those wanting to disguise grey hair in a hurry without the hassle of a full hair colour. The spray is packaged nicely and at under $18.00 its great value for money as I get heaps of wears out of it.the colour dries really quick after it’s applied and it comes in 4 shades do it’s easy to find a good colour match. I love this product, especially if I’m going out and don’t have time for a full colour but grey roots are showing, it quickly disguises them. I would highly recommend this product.