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shu uemura brow:sword is a slanted brow pencil for an easy and soft, yet precise and defined application. The smooth texture allows for easy drawing and the convenient brush tip helps with blending for a perfect brow look. The lid comes with a built-in sharpener. 

Available in five shades.


shu uemura brow:sword


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This brow:sword is such a beautiful and unique makeup product. It is a slanted brow pencil which allows the precise application of flawless brows.   The shape of the pencil is based on the Japanese naginata (samurai sword), which allows variety in the depth of the strokes achieved by this pencil. After trying this shape, I cannot see myself reverting back to an ordinary pencil.   The packaging of this product is probably the biggest positive for me. It comes in a sleek black wind-up style casing, which dispenses a controlled amount of product. The packaging also contains a spoolie at the other end, and the cap contains a custom pencil sharpener which allows the ideal shape of the pencil to be achieved. All of this is amazing, however this is not even the best feature.. The pencil is refillable! You heard right, REFILLABLE!! Not only does this reduce the cost of your next pencil by a considerable amount, but this is such a beautiful and functional design for our environment. I really hope this design catches on asap and helps to revolutionise the makeup industry.   Regarding application and formula, the product continues to excel. The formula is soft and creamy, which allows the product to be built up and therefore provide a variety of looks, anywhere from subtle and natural to bold and defined. The product also wears well throughout the day,and I am yet to notice any unwanted smudging.   The pencil comes in five shades: brown, oak brown,walnut brown, seal brown, and warm taupe. I have chocolate brown hair and the shade walnut brown matches it perfectly, however this shade does have red undertones so maybe opt for either oak brown or seal brown if you prefer ashy browns tones.   I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking to step up his or her brow game. The functionality of the brow pencil still blows my mind, and I cannot see myself reverting back to having to carry around a spoolie and sharpener separately.On op of this, the formula is great and allows various makeup looks to be achieved. So I honestly cannot fault the product and am giving it full marks.   PROS: refillable, included sharpener/spoolie, range of shades, naginata shape, creamy formula. CONS: price.
This is a great invention of a 3-in-1 product because you’re getting a brow pencil, brow brush and brow pencil sharpener in a single purchase. There are 4 colours available and I’m using walnut brown to match my hair colour. The pre-shaped brow pencil is on one end while the brush and built-in sharpener on the other end. I find this brow pencil very easy to use and convenient for makeup newbies because the pencil is already pre-shaped and the built-in sharpener is designed for pre-set precision. The pencil itself has a soft and smooth texture allowing easy drawing. I use the brush tip to blend for a softer and natural look. Pros: - I love the fact that I’m getting 3 products when I only paid for one! It helps make room in my makeup bag instead of carrying 3 separate items. -Refills can be purchased which means I can buy a different colour refill if I change my hair colour. Also it’s cheaper to purchase refills. Bonus brownie points for helping the environment too! - The pencilis pre-shaped and the pre-set sharpener help shaping the pencil the exact way it should be. There’s no reason I can’t get a perfect brow with this powerful tool! Cons: To me this product is not cheap at $48 (because I was using Bloom Cosmetics Eye Brow Duoand it only costs $25, downside is that there is no refill for it!) Overall I’m really happy with my purchase of this brow:sword pen because its performance has truly exceeded my expectations. Fun fact: It’s no regular eyebrow pencil. Shu Uemura created this product inspired by the Japanese Naginata sword and the brow pencil is shaped like a sword. I will definitely be purchasing refills and continue to use it because I think this definitely a 5-star product!