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shu uemura new generation eyelash curler is an eyelash curler for adding curl to lashes. The curler’s shape fits any eye shape, offering precise application that allows you to emphasise parts of your lashes without pinching skin. The design is small and portable and can curl even the shortest of lashes.


shu uemura eyelash curler


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Very affordable and lasts for ages! My lashes are straight and some go downwards. So curling lashes is a must for me. The device does a good job. Only reason that I took one star off as I have another lash curler that I bought recently and does better job. Just easier to use. Shu uemura has narrower opening and have to be careful with it to catch just lashes, not the skin . When I curl lashes and if using good mascara that holds the curl, it will last me all day...the lift. But if the mascara does not hold the curl, lashes will go to  their natural state. There is extra rubber there to replace when this one wears off. But since I do not wear makeup daily, the original is still as new after year of use.
I don't know how it is different from others, but it just is. This is the best eyelash curler I've used. It fits my eyeshape perfectly and I never manage to pinch my eyelid.  I have put so many people into it. I have had the same one for 10 years and it still is going strong, so worth the investment. If I ever lose it, i wouldn't hesitate to buy another!
I was disappointed by this product. It is a holy grail for many.  I have long straight lashes and this didn’t add much to them. I think the high expectations let me down. I would only recommend it to try because it is a cult favourite but personally I wouldn’t repurchase.
The Shu uemura eyelash curler is a must have item in every persons makeup bag I love the way it curls my lashes and gives them a sexy but soft lift. So easy to use.  It’s a one off payment but it lasts for years. Easy to clean and store so it’s really an all round win win item.
This is my HG eyelash curler and my go to everyday.  It curls my lashes really well and it fits my eye shape just right. I've been using it for several years and it's still working well. However, I struggled finding the replacement pads but managed to get a Shiseido one that fitted. I nearly had a mini breakdown when I couldn't find the replacement pads.  It is a bit pricey but it's a good investment as it will last long. It also includes one replacement pad.  I love this eyelash curler and won't choose any others.
There was only one choice when it came to me choosing my first eye lash curler. No doubt that it was going to be She Uemura. It’s considered one of the best and for good reason.  I have to admit, The deciding factor was the limited edition Mario version, its gold, eye catching and a conversation piece.  Now for the review. I don’t wear mascara but this curls my lashes so well and the curl stays in place all day. The days that I do curl them I always get asked if I’m wearing mascara.  It never pinches and with a slight tilt when curling, it allows the pads to adjust to any eye shape. I’ve had mine for close to a year now and there are no signs of wear. Easily One my best Beauty tool investments. 
I bought it just because everyone was raving about it and my old one was more than 5 years old, so I decided to buy a new one. Before I go on about it, I should say my eyelids are bit weird. Left eye double lid which like normal eyes but my right eyelid is flipped inside close to my water line. It is so hard to explain and you can only understand if you see it, but because of that it is so hard to curl my right eyelashes. This didn’t happen when I had my old eyelash curler. It curls my left lashes perfectly but for some reason it didn’t work with my right lashes.
This is a super high quality eyelash curler. There is a difference with a pricier eyelash curler compared to a cheapy, you can tell the difference. This shu uemura curler is super easy to use, it curls my lashes so they look longer and lusher, lifting and giving a great base for mascara. This is a quality curler, sturdy and well designed that wont damage lashes. its safe and comfortable to use. When I use this curler it really opens up my eyes making them look bigger and I have had compliments on my lashes when iv used this curler. It makes lashes hold their curl for longer than a cheaper version and the rubber pads that go over the metal curler are replaceable, however its a little hard to find these. Overall an amazing product that I would recommend.
Finally, an eyelash curler that does not feel like a torture device. I have long lashes but I want to be able to control the amount of curling throughout my lashline. This is the only tool that does it. This a must-have for any lash-loving lady. I only wished they gave in an extra rubber part because I lost mine = (
Hands down a must-have in anyone's beauty kit. This eyelash curler does everything that you could hope. I usually press it down on my top lash line for about 7 seconds, and then tilt the curler upwards for a couple seconds to give my lashes a bit of an extra curl. The result: Separated, up-turned and fluttery looking lashes. I use this before mascara to give them that extra oomph,however I've used this on days where I haven't worn any eye makeup and have received compliments on how bright and awake my eyes look. It's pricey but it'll last you a lifetime as you can buy replacement eye lash pads, so I definitely recommend the splurge! 
Eyelash curlers are funny things, because whether they are cheap or expensive, they all basically look the same.  So you'd expect them to all do the same job, right? Well so I thought until I swapped out my drugstore eyelash curler (which looked almost identical) for this one when I was in Japan a few years ago after hearing a lot of hype about the Shu Uemura curler. It effortlessly curls my lashes in one quick pass, rarely pinches my eye and provides a long lasting curl. I use it every single day! The only downside is that the replacement pads are hard to come by in Australia, but I tracked some down on eBay. It was only after about 3 years of daily use that the silicone pad split and risked damaging my lashes though, which I think is very good going!
Lash curler is a must have item for me as it makes a huge impact on my eyes. Shu Uemura’s lash curler has the perfect curve for my eye shape and it curls my lashes beautifully as if I had lash extensions. It is super easy to use without making my lush uncomfortable. Highly recommend this product.
I've never really been one to need much help in the eyelash department, but after I started having my lashes lifted I would notice that between treatments some of my lashes would start to drop while others stayed perfect, so I needed a big of engineering assistance to get them back into shape before my next lift (and to help me get similar results in between appointments so I could hopefully push them out). The Shu Uemura eyelash curler is such a cult item that I figured it would be over-priced and unaffordable, but I was pleasantly surprised at the cost and snatched one up. The curler feels high-end, well-made and luxe, and is a very welcome visual addition to my vanity. It's easy to use, and unlike cheaper eyelash curlers on the market, I never feel at risk of going too far and chopping my lashes off. The curler helps you find the gentle pressure you need to give your lashes a great curl, but they never look unnatural or like you've put your finger in an electrical socket - it's a really subtle eye opening, not a total transformation. As mentioned I bought this Curler to get make lashes more uniform when they go a bit heywire towards the end of a lash lift, and it certainly ticks the boxes for that. I can't find any cons - especially given the reasonable price - and I would repruschane in a heartbeat, but I don't think I'll need to given how well it's made. i have found myself buying this for friends as a gift, be they beauty devotees or complete novices, which I always think is a sign that a product is good. I recommend to everyone.
I'm a huge fan of eyelash curlers as someone who has eyelashes that are ridiculously straight. I gave the shu uemura eyelash curler a go as I'd heard so many good things about it. I certainly wasn't disappointed by the product. My stubborn lashes were soon so curly; it was brilliant! I heated up the curler with my hair dryer (as I always do) and it took only a little hold to curl them. I like to apply a small amount of mascara before I use curlers, and then follow with more mascara to enhance the impact of my lashes. I also found that there was no damage to my lashes (especially seeing as I heated the curler) - I found little to no eye lashes falling out and it didn't pull at my lashes when moving the curler away from them. For the first few weeks, I was so obsessed with how the curler made my lashes looked and was really happy with the product. The downside however to this eyelash curler is that I found it wasn't as effective for as long as my other eyelash curlers. Seeing as it double their price point, I feel I get better usage from other curlers I buy, which is the only reason why I have not repurchased. In saying that, I do think it would do wonders for those who have eyelashes with a slight natural curl already and it will not disappoint.
LOve this lash curler! I bought this years ago and it’s still going strong!! This is the ultimate lash curler gets so close to the lash line and lifts those lashes up to the heavens! I haven’t even changed the little rubber that it comes with and it still works amazingly.
My favourite lash curler. I have to admit, I was reluctant to pay so much for a curler at first but since purchasing it I have never gone day without using it. I purchased it 5 years ago and it still looks as good as I've bought it, and I've only had to replace the curler pads twice! This curler is built to last, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm still using it in other 5 years. It is truly amazing quality and I would recommend anyone to purchase this over buying a cheap curler that gets replaced every year. The curve of the curler is absolutely perfect - it captures ALL my eyelashes - big and small! You can tell a lot of time went into researching and designing this to ensure the baby lashes near the corners don't get missed. You only need 2-3 firm presses, moving the curler up further up the lashes after each time to get perfectly curled lashes - no crimping at all! Wth cheap curlers I use to get a crimping, rather than curling result. And the curl holds! I set the curl with mascara but usually the curl will hold for 1hr by itself.  This is an absolutely necessary in every person's makeup girl and I could never go without it now!
Does this iconic eyelash curler live up to the hype? In a word - absolutely!  I have tried many curlers in my quest for curled eyelashes that last the day, and finally I have found THE ONE. As the owner of short, straight lashes with hooded eyes, I need to use an eyelash curler every day. Mascaras that claim to offer curls that last all day don't stand a chance with my lashes so this is where the Shu Uemura eyelash curler comes into its own. I curl my lashes for around 15 seconds and gently release before applying my volumising mascara. This gives me the best eye-opening effect and helps me achieve beautiful curled lashes that last the whole day. I've tried skipping the curling first but there is just no comparison between the results. It is the Shu Uemura eyelash curler for now and forever for this beauty loving short, straight lashed gal.
This is hands down my HOLY GRAIL eyelash curler. I think I bought it around 4 years ago (it came with a rubber refill) and it still working perfectly. It fits my eyes perfectly so I really curl the root of every lashes. I found that somehow my lashes always hold the curl longer when I use this eyelash curler. What I love about it the most is how it doesn't hurt my eyes (it didn't realise how good it was until I tried other curlers and ended up with watery eyes). The rubber band is all very good quality.I only changed it once in 4 years. Usually, I just wipe the build up product with eye makeup remover so that the curler can work at its best. The material they use to made this curler is very good quality. I don't know how to explain but you just feel it when you hold it in your hand. It's very sturdy, the grip and everything is just perfect. At first, I though $30 for an eyelash curler is expensive but now I think it's totally worth it. After 4 years, my eyelash curler still look BRAND NEW and I'm pretty sure it will last me for at least couple more years. I've recommended it to all of my girlfriends and they love it too. So if you haven't try it, then you should. It will be the best investment you'll ever make!
If you ask any Asian woman which brands have the best eyelash curler it's highly likely that they'll respond with either Shu Uemura or Shiseido. Why? Because they're both Asian companies their eyelash curlers are created at a better curvature for our lash lines. Something that Western companies don't really take into account for any human being that uses makeup. Regardless of ethnicity eyelid curvatures differ from person to person! Other eyelash curlers made by Western companies don't really fit the curvature of my lash line and the ones I've bought before have pinched my skin or simply just don't curl my lashes properly. The Shu Uemura curler fits along my lash line ensuring that I can evenly curly my lashes without any awkward kinking in my lashes. I've never accidentally pinched my eyelids using this product.
Is an eyelash curler really worth $31?  You betcha!  Mascara is one of the few makeup items I wear religiously so eyelashes are my thing.  Even if I don't have another drop/swipe/splash/smear or makeup on my face, I do my lashes.  Even JUST nicely curled eyelashes with a coat of clear, brown or black mascara is a game changer and with the rise of the no makeup makeup look, it's these little details that really elevate your look.  So why this eyelash curler?  Design-wise, the shape of this eyelash curler is as iconic as a bottle of Chanel #5.  It's a classic, and for a very good reason - it just works.  I get a perfect curl every time.  No need to heat and risk burning your eyelashes off, just curl and go.  I've considered swapping this model for the shu uemura eye lash curler 2.0 version, but this one is where it's at.  It's simple, sturdy, reliable and it just doesn't get any better.  I've been on the same eyelash curler for 20 years now and it is STILL just as good as the day I bought it.  So $31 divided over 20+ years... Yeah, this baby is worth it!