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shu uemura gel pencil eyeliner

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shu uemura gel pencil eyeliner is a mechanical eyeliner pencil that applies like a pencil for a soft texture with the long-lasting finish of a gel. The formula is smudge-proof, waterproof and tear-proof for 12 hours. 

Available in two shades.


shu uemura gel pencil eyeliner


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I got this about a month back while going crazy about trying new eyeliner colors and brown seemed like a same place to start. Love the color and trying out sample on the and seemed alright but was quite disappointed when started using actual product. While the color is still gorgeous - somewhere between milk and dark chocolate, applying it is a nightmare. It's hard and just so dry, almost every time I try, I break the tip. Which brings me to another pain point - twist function. It doesn't come out and go back like most twist-up eyeliners. Every clicky twist brings out a little bit of lead and if you did it in excess ...well quite a rocket science to pull it back. Fortunately I don't really have to do it cause it just breaks so damn easily :/