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shu uemura new generation eyelash curler

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shu uemura new generation eyelash curler is an eyelash curler for adding curl to lashes. The curler’s shape fits any eye shape, offering precise application that allows you to emphasise parts of your lashes without pinching skin. The design is small and portable and can curl even the shortest of lashes.


shu uemura new generation eyelash curler


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This comes boxed with extra 'rubber' replacements which is a great idea and makes this well-designed eyelash curler even better value for money than what it already is for such a reputable name at such a great price.  The thing I like most about this is how it is smaller in it's width so that it's easier to manage and control exactly where I put it on my lashes.  It also makes it easier to get the lashes curled at the angles that I wish and also makes it more suitable too for those with smaller sets of lashes!   It's a silver metal eyelash curler which I can recommend and I think anyone in the market for an eyelash curler would be pleased with buying.   I don't use an eyelash curler much (though I probably should as I have stick straight short blonde lashes) but for someone who uses an eyelash curler a lot, this would be a very good purchase which I can recommend.    I have tried a few different eyelash curlers in my time and this is an excellent one.
Before coming across this product, I rarely curled my lashes because it was soo hard to find a curler that fit my eye-shape - I would always pinch my eyelids, or there would always be some lashes that were impossible to reach. What caught my attention about this product was that it's smaller than the conventional lash curler - which meant that it could be used for every eye-shape because the curling could be done in sections. It turned out to be true and it's one of the best purchases i've ever made. It took quite a bit of practice to get used to, but I finally found something that could curl all of my short, straight and stubborn lashes with ease.
I’m a big fan of She Uemura’s original lash curler but the new design is definitely a step up. It is a lot more precise when trying to curl the ends of my upper lash. It can focus on the ends of the lash which makes my eye looks a lot more open.
I was a massive fan of the original  She Uemura so I had to buy the new generation. I read some reviews that said it was difficult to use but I think it's fantastic and better than the original.  I love how sturdy She Uemura curlers are and they don't pinch and are easy hold.  I have lots of different curlers and always go back to Shu Uemura. Never have I had a problem and the new mini one is the same.  I find it's easy to hold and it might take you an extra 3 mins to do both lashes but it's worth it. I don't find it time consuming and the curl you get is amazing. You are able to curl areas of lashes that you can't with the original. I really love the look, it's like extra long lashes with a curler.  I some times curl then apply mascara and then curl and apply mascara for a great night time effect.  During the day I only curl once and then apply mascara. I have been using an eyelash serum and my lashes are extra long giving them extra OOOMPH.  Love this curler, highly recommend. I have sensitive eyes and have never had an issue and find it easy to use. 
This is a really high quality eyelash curler that delivers amazing results. The unique design enables me to curl lashes with ease and no pinching, it gives a result of long lush full lashes with just the right amount of curl. I use this before applying two coats of mascara for best results. At a great price of $22 this curler is great value for money and really user friendly, I can't be without it, I love this brand and this curler won't disappoint anyone who purchased it. This is a great shu eumura product that I highly recommend
Perfect eyelash curler especially hard to reach area with shorter lashes. It's smaller and narrow than the usual eyelash curler which make it space saving. Great to bring on holidays.Takes a while to get use to it but once u get the flow it's easy to use and you will fall in love with it.
I honestly don't know what I'd do without the Shu Uemura new eyelash. Being someone cursed with short eyelashes, this is a massive help when I need to look good for a special occasion, but I also use it for everyday casual wear. Not only does this curler, beautifully lift my eyelashes up, it also makes them look longer and more full. One of the things I love about this particular curler is that it doesn't catch on my eyelashes, or rip them out like other curlers. This is an everyday must have and I would highly recommend buying this!
Synonymous with eyelash curlers, Shu Uemura is the first brand that springs to mind. Despite owning the classic Shu Uemura curler for as long as I can remember, it was only until recently that I discovered this new generation curler. It looks less intimidating than the classic curler, and is easy to use. I was introduced to this one day when browsing at a Shu Uemura counter and I highly recommend that you have a look for yourself. It helps to curl the outer corner lashes like nothing else I have used. It is well designed to fit your hand and I have found it to be comfortable and easy to master after a few tries. The sleek silver design is high quality and produces a lasting curl that really opens up my eyes. Give it a go, you won’t be disappointed!  Highlights - Unique design that provides a lasting curl to the outer corners - Ergonomic, easy to use, does not pinch the eyelid. - Quality investment that will make a big difference to the way you curl your lashes 
Shape differently to most eyelash curlers but definitely more effective than other lash curlers is Shu Uemura's New Generation Eyelash Curler.  This curler is easy to use and unlike other curlers which tend to not fully curl all eyelashes, this one definitely picks up all eyelashes to make applying mascara much more easy. The price is reasonable and I would recommend it if you want to reduce the time you spend on your beauty regime.
Behold, the ultimate eyelash curler. Forget about the electric eyelash curlers and your mums old one shaped lash curler because Shu Uemura has what we all have been looking for. The Shu Uemura curler gives the flexibility to curl your lashes at different depths and at your desired position on the eyelid. I could never use the stubborn one-size eyelash curler because I would miss a few lash strands and be left with decent curled lashes then some lashes looking saggy on the outside part. Now my lashes are glamorous and fabulous. Thank ya, Shu Uemura!
While this eyelash curler can't quite beat the original, this new generation eyelash curler is definitely comparable! The shortened width of the actual curler (compared to normal curlers), helps you get closer to your lash line. Not everyone's eye shapes are the shape, nor do we have the same length of lashes, making it super unique and great for short or straight lashes like my own. This smaller size, then of course means that you have to curl your eyelashes in sections - probably not the best tool if you are in a rush! The make of the curler, is top notch as expected from shu uemura. Sturdy metal frame which doesn't pinch or tug at your skin or lashes. I found that the black rubber pad that squeezes your eyelashes together was almost a bit too sturdy at first - not allowing the metal to clamp down tight enough! It took a few uses for the rubber pad to get to the right amount of "bounce" for perfectly curled lashes.  Further, it features a white, curved rubber pad which gently positions the tool against your eyelid to get the right angle. This is really great for beginners who are just starting out using an eyelash curler! However, the pad does cause a bit of your makeup to transfer if you are curling your lashes after eyeshadow or eyeliner. This is quite an inconvenience for people like me who just spent 10 minutes trying to blend!! I would recommend either curling your eyelashes first, or using this curler for a more minimal make up look. Overall, this is a great tool. It's a shame that it doesn't come with the black rubber refills upon initial purchase but otherwise, it's perfect for day to day makeup when you've got time to curl your lashes, for that fresh, open eyed look!
The original Shu Uemura is the OG of eyelash curlers, so despite owning the original, I HAD to try the new generation. The curler is well made, with metal body (no flimsy plastic here) and a soft rubber pad.  It feels gentle on your lashes as the curling plate clamps down, it didn't pinch my eyelids, which is a huge fear of mine,  and it didn't tug at my fragile lashes.  I found my stubborn lashes responding very well and when other brands didn't work at all, the Shu Uemura coaxed them into a gentle curl.  I don't do this daily, but like the effect when I use this curler. I've found it helps make my eyes look more 'open'.  Pro: - I think it's such a reasonable price for a sturdy makeup tool and like that the rubber pad can be repurchased.  Con: - It can be a difficult one to hunt down, so purchase through the above link (or online via selected stores). This is the eyelash curler I would recommend to anyone from any background. It has been designed to fit every eye shape and produced for notoriously difficult to curl Asian lashes.