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Lift and firm up the eye area with SK-II’s RNA Eye Cream. Designed to smooth fine lines, minimise pores and tighten skin, eyes look bigger and brighter after six weeks of continuous use.


SK-II RNA Eye Cream


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I have dry skin and have few fine lines around my eyes, oh and of course dark circles. Have tried many different eye cream brands over the years and many gave me the result I wanted. I have been using SKII's facial treatment essence which I love so have decided to try their RNA Eye Cream. The eye cream feels lightweight on skin and absorbs super fast without feeling greasy at all. I use it at night before bed and every morning I'm so surprise by the result. My eye areas looks pumped and radiant which means my fine lines seems lightened. It is expensive but a little goes a long way.
This is definitely one of the best eye creams I have used! I'm in my mid 20s and don't have any obvious wrinkles in my eye area so I've never felt the need to invest in expensive eye creams, but since receiving a sample of this and noticing the difference its made I will definitely be purchasing this in full size! The packaging is quite disappointing given the high price tag - it's a plain red jar that looks similar to products from the Loreal Revitalift range but nevertheless it is practical and functional so can't complain too much.  The formula is the standout - it is a pale yellow soft-whipped cream that is incredibly light and glides on the skin, you really don't need much to cover both eye areas. It instantly feels cooling and hydrating and absorbs into the skin nicely. It doesn't have a strong scent which is really important for me as I have really sensitive eyes that water really easily when irritated.  After using this eye cream regularly for four weeks I have noticed that some minor fine lines have disappeared, my eye area is smoother and brighter, and I've found that I'm not as prone to getting dark circles under my eye. It's just a shame it is so expensive as i'd love to gift this to friends and family as I know they would love it too! Highly recommend if you can afford it :)  Pros -Effectively brightens eye area -Reduces appearance of fine lines -Light creamy formula that absorbs easily -Don't need much product to cover both eye areas so its quite long lasting -No irritating scent -Cooling and hydrating Cons -super expensive -the packaging is bland and doesn't reflect the products high quality
#SK-II#PEEPERS#LIGHT#BRIGHT#OMG# I received this product as a gift from my husband. I have always wanted to try a special eye cream to address the issue of ageing eyes. I found I was looked very tired and very dark around my eyes which made me look old and unwell. Makeup and concealers weren't giving the results I needed either so it was time for the big guns.I thought it was extremely extravagant and over the top to spend so much on one product so I was expecting BIG results and I got them!!!! I found you only need the tiniest amount and I pat on gently with my index finger. There is no noticeable scent an the texture is smooth. I noticed an instant brightening effect and felt I looked less puffy and tired in minutes. My eye area felt nourished and protected.  I Love this product and although expensive it has made such a difference to the appearance of my eye area I CAN justify the price.
I believe that if you are going to invest in skincare, that eye cream should be your number one investment. So many signs of aging- fine lines, sagging and pigmentation first begin to appear around the delicate eye area as a result of the skin being so much thinner than the rest of the face. So, although I might only just be pushing towards the other side of my 20's , I know that the number one secret to a youthful complexion as I reach my 30's and beyond is to start taking extra special care of my eye area now. The SK-II brand is a well renown prestigious Japanese brand of skincare, and with it comes high expectations. I was beyond thrilled when I found a sample size of this product in my Marie Claire Ageless Parcel, because without being able to trial this product first, I never would have felt comfortable enough to splurge and purchase the full sized product later on. The eye cream is of a lovely gel cream type consistency- it is no where near as thick as many eye creams I have used in the past and absorbs much quicker and better than any other products used. Just a few taps around the eye area with minimal product and the job is easily done, you are then able to apply moisturiser, sunscreen or start makeup application in no time. Instantly the eye area was noticeably more hydrated, and it only took a matter of 4 weeks for me to really notice a considerable positive result in regards to fine lines and the smoothing of the eye area. Considering the sample size product was only 2.5g, and that I had been using it for a month with morning and nightly application, the results and the fact that such a little product goes such a long way made the decision to splurge on a full sized product easy. Pro's - Beautiful gel cream like consistency which is readily absorbed and easy to apply. - Results are noticed immediately, but after only a few short weeks you can really see the power this product has as it completely transforms the eye area. - A little product goes a very long way and proves to definitely be worth the investment. Cons - This luxury item doesn't come cheap, but I truly the believe that the results and the longevity of the product easily justify the initial outlay to invest in obtaining and maintaining a beautiful, youthful, delicate eye area. Recommendations - I would highly recommend this product to anybody as I can definitely see this as a worthy investment in preventing the signs of aging in younger skins as well as effective treatment on skin that has already started to see the signs of aging begin and wish to do what they can now  to turn the clock back and see real results in a short time.
I've tried a few SKII products over the years, but this is my favourite. It's very rich and emollient but it's not greasy. I love a super punch of hydration for my under eyes these days (even more so as I'm nudging 40). I feel as though this delivers. I use this morning and night and it works well under makeup, which is a must for me. I don't believe in miracles when it comes to skincare, but I do believe in common sense. Hydration and protection = results and long term benefit.
I received a sample size of this and was very happy to get to try it. The RNA eye cream is made by SKII who have always impressed me with their amazing products so my expectations were high. It comes in a little red plastic jar with screw off lid and is basically scent free (as any product you are putting near your eyes should be!). The cream itself isnt as thick as most eye creams I've used and is more of a lotion consistency. Being this consistency made it much easier to apply and it absorbed a lot faster than any other eye cream I have used previously. I found my eyes felt immediately softer,looked more refreshed and the area around the eyes was very radiant and naturally glowy looking. I was quite impressed-never had an eye cream give such incredible results after just one use! The tiny sample jar I had ,which was half of the full size,lasted me about 4 weeks using every night. I have since finished the jar and found in the longer term this eye cream definitely smoothed and evened out fine lines,made the eye area radiant and youthful looking and definitely made my skin softer where it was applied. Pros Gives eyes an instant brightening Smooths and basically makes any fine lines/crows feet invisible Absorbs super fast A little goes a long way so it lasts for a longer time than expected Moisturising Cons Quite pricey but well worth it if you can afford it.Best eye cream ive ever used. Id recommend this for anyone looking for an effective eye cream that brightens,smooths and makes eyes appear more youthful in just one use !                         
I was really keen to give this a go with all I've heard on this brand and such an expensive product had to be goo, right?  So I used it morning and night until it was all gone. It lasted over 3 weeks. I noticed the fine lines disappear, it really seemed to work! It felt nice going on, didn't irritate my eyes like some products have, it was nice... Would I buy it myself, one of the few so expensive that I would definestely consider.
This shi* is the bomb! Extremely expensive but worth every penny. The Parcel's sample lasted well into three weeks and has a wonderful consistency and is so easy to apply. It is so good to be able to trial a product that genuinely works with great packaging too - no wasted product. If you are happy to splurge and in need of an eye cream, look no further!
This is most certainly the most expensive eye cream I have ever used so far and it seems like it is one of the best ones too. The sample I received in the Parcel is still in use after at least 5 weeks of nightly application so I have to say it's one of the most economic eye creams to date as well. The SK II cream is really beautiful, the deep red packaging appeals to me a lot, the science behind the cream too. I believe in Asian and Japanese beauty regime and since SK II is Japanese there must be a secret to it. The formula is fabulous - glides on easily on the skin. It is not greasy though, and not at all waxy. I would say it's more like a gel-cream formula. Not too thick, not too runny. Absorbs really quickly leaves the skin hydrated and smooth. I have got an impression that my eye are feels like it's in good hands, it is looked after and actually even pampered. The next morning the skin is plump. I must say I have noticed that my eye area looks brighter and smoother, eyes seem more youthful and more open. This eye cream is extremely gentle, doesn't irritate or make the eyes water. I just wish the cream wasn't that expensive, but on the other hand we will get at least 3-4 months of use so the price is quite just for such a terrific product. This is indeed a very luxurious, actively working product.
From the very first time I used this product I saw a change. It really surprised me that the puffy 'nearly 50' bags under my eyes were very much less visible and much much smoother. OOHH, I feel younger and so happy. Light and a little goes a long way. A must product to have!