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Skin Physics Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel

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Skin Physics Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel is an anti-ageing gel that works to volumise and define facial contours. It acts like a second skin, offering a protective shield across the face to effectively tightening skin and reflect a plumped and more youthful complexion without the needles. The barrier defends against external pollutants and impurities allowing the skin's surface to reveal an even and fresh complexion. Sangre de drago, a tree from the Amazonian forest, has a dark red sap, which acts as the key ingredient in this formula. It will regenerate the skin prevent further damage with its antibacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant qualities. The gel will plump, improve skin elasticity, protect skin collagen and boost hyaluronic acid. Green tea leaf extracts enrich the skin with antioxidants and protect against free radicals and UV rays. Stearic and palmitic lipids act as a barrier function, retaining the skin's moisture for an instant and long-term result. Apply to cleansed skin over the face and neck. Use morning and night.


Skin Physics Dragon's Blood Facial Sculpting Gel


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