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Skin Republic 24K Gold Aqua Gel Eye Patch

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Skin Republic 24K Gold Aqua Gel Eye Patch is an intensive under-eye treatment that helps reduce the visible signs of ageing, including fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness. The patch is formulated with chamomile and peony to help smooth and rejuvenate the eye area, amino acids and peptides to improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of puffiness, and rooibos to nourish and brighten. 


Skin Republic 24K Gold Aqua Gel Eye Patch


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The Skin Republic 24K Gold Aquagel Under Eye Patch is an eye mask infused with serum that is formulated to target aging concerns under the eyes, which I have aplenty. Inside the foil packet is 2 sets of patches designed for the under eye area. The patches have a rubbery feel and are curved and shaped to fit the contour of the under eye nicely. The patches not only fit well, but also stay put without feeling uncomfortable. After around an hour is when I removed the patches. Well, I was gobsmacked at the result. My crows feet had disappeared and the puffiness had been reduced. I looked so much fresher and my under eye area felt so hydrated. Well, call me impressed! The Skin Republic 24K Gold Aquagel Under Eye Patches are amazing! I highly recommend them to anyone and everyone. I always want some of these beauties on hand for when I need a pick-me-up.
I am a repeat buyer of Skin Republic 24K Gold Aqua Gel Eye Patch is an intensive under-eye treatment. I have seen a reduction in puffiness and lines under my eyes. The patches feel cooling and refreshing from the chamomile. These are easy to apply, don't slide down your face, and actually work. My favourite thing about them is that they are not slimy or too wet like other patches. A win! For the price they are very affordable to.
I love these Gold eye patches! They have a rubbery kind of texture but they fit well to my eye contours and there is plenty of serum left in the package to do your upper lid if desired.  After wearing for about 20 minutes the puffiness under my eyes had reduced and the dark circles seemed brighter. Using twice a week for the first month has really shown an improvement in fine lines so I’m continuing to use once a week to maintain these results. I’d happily recommend these to anyone needing some eye pep.
Love this! If you looking to treat yourself, get these instead of the regular collagen ones. They have a great scent look amazing and are not sticky or too much residue. They don’t slide off or are uncomfortable. A little more expensive than their standard collagen ones but worth the result  Great product, couldn’t recommend enough!
I love these eye masks; they leave me looking so refreshed and 'awake'. They are very easy to use, just pop them underneath your eyes and enjoy! I find the whole process quite relaxing as they have a lovely cooling effect and it's nice to lay back for 30 minutes and let them do their work. After removing the eye masks, my eyes are visibly less puffy and my lines are smoother. I love using these before a night out; makes me look brighter and healthier plus makes applying makeup a breeze. Cannot recommend these enough (or this brand! great masks at really affordable prices!).
I have tried this brands foil mask with great results so for a bargain price of $10.00 thought I would treat myself to 24k gold gel eye patches, who doesnt love 24k gold for $10.00 right? The little gold patches are super easy to apply and soaked in a good deal of serum for great results. The feel comfortable, cooling and soothing to wear. When I rinsed the serum off I could see a visible improvement in my under eye area. No puffiness and smoother younger looking skin. Fine lines were diminished and I looked fresher, less tired. These little eye patches certainly are gold, a great find. I love them and would highly recommend them
I love the fact you can wear these patches and look like an Egyptian goddess rather than a scary freak. The patches are gold with a rubbery texture and are coated in serum to combat wrinkles, bags and sags.  They are easy to apply and you can reposition them if you need to do so. The serum is refreshingly cool and I felt really relaxed while I was enjoying this 30-minute eye treatment.  The serum is light in consistency but it shouldn’t be under estimated because it is so refreshing!! I could really see an improvement in the appearance, my bags had snapped back into place and the puffiness had been ironed out!!! Yay, I love these little gold beauties!!  Pros:  Cooling Soothing  Easy to use  THEY WORK!!!  Cons: You have to sit in a reclined position so they don’t slide off.  I would recommend this product because it’s too good to miss out on. ☺