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Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask is a hydrating eye mask enriched with vitamin C, niacinamide and licorice to brighten skin and reduce the appearance of dark circles, leaving skin looking more rested and youthful.


Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask


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I love the Skin Republic eye patches and love to sleep in them as my mid-week mask, however I found I couldn't do the same with these. These are very similar to the full-sized sheet masks designed for the entire face however only have the section to cover the contours around the eye (both above and under - in contrast to patches which cover the under eye area only).  Each packet contains three eye masks in a resealable packet. I found the eye masks difficult to separate in my packet as there is no backing sheet for each and are not separately wrapped. Each mask is dripping in serum so it is quite messy especially when trying to unfold the mask. The eyes still have the flaps on so you can lie down with your eyes closed and place the flaps over the top of your eye lids. I did not try this in case this caused irritation. These are OK but as it was quite messy and I couldn't sleep in them I'd rather just use a full face sheet mask instead.
I got these Skin Republic Eye Brightening Masks when they were half price at Priceline as I found that I've had dark spots under my eyes every since being pregnant. They come in a pack of three and I found them great value for money. They are nicely coated with a decent amount of serum. They are a great fit for the eye area and have a cooling sensation when places around the eyes. You also have the option to put the flaps over the eyes as well for a full effect and optimum relaxation. They have definitely improved the appearance of my the darker spots underneath my eyes. I am very satisfied with the results of this eye mask. I would recommend this product for anyone who wants their under eyes to appear brighter.
After using this mask there was definitely a brightening effect which you could see immediately after using it. What I don't like about the packaging is that it is messy as it come in a pack of 3 and it is just stored in a sealable bag. I much prefer them to be individually packaged as I usually only use one of these a week and the package is already open and exposed. I will search for other eye masks but would repurchase again if on sale.
I bought the Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask with a healthy dose of scepticism, because there aren't many products that have successfully reduced my dark under eye circles. However, I was pleasantly surprised and chuffed that I'd found a ripper of a product!  Price These eye masks are so affordable at only $9.99 for a packet. You get three pairs of eye masks in each packet, so each pair only costs about $3.30. That's an absolute bargain compared to many other masks I've tried, some of which were at the $60 mark for the same amount of product. Also, I can get multiple uses out of each mask, meaning they are even better value for money! Application These masks apply easily and really stick to your skin without you having to push too firmly. They are soaked in active ingredients and have an instant cooling and hydrating effect and simply put, feel amazing! I actually prefer to cut them in half horizontally as the top eyelid section feels a little awkward and my dark circles are only evident under my eyes. This also gives me an extra bit of mask to use at a later stage! Results I was so happy with how much brighter my under eye circles appeared after I peeled the eye masks off! I looked SO much better, less tired and even younger. My dark circles really age me, and having the skin under my eyes whiter and brighter meant I could apply less corrector and concealer, and therefore less product ended up getting in my fine lines and emphasizing them. Instead the product just skimmed over, so the brightening effect was really twofold! I'm so happy with the Skin Republic Brightening Eye Mask I'm actually kicking myself I didn't find it earlier. I'm going to stock up and use these before events, date nights, and special occasions. They really give me more confidence, knowing that my dark circles are banished and I actually appear rested and more youthful. I love these!
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Replying to Dianne ChildsI have always wanted to try this as I have dark circles under my eyes too, but wasn't quite sure if I should try it, but I will be giving it a go and see how it works out for me. I'll be commenting back & I'll leave a review once I have trailed the product by the end of next week.
I am a mother to two kids under 2 so it was imperative I try something to remove/reduce the tiredness I have in my face from lack of sleep! I liked the convenience of the product (pre moistened) and was excited to give it a go. The smell and immediate cooling effect once it hit my eye area was bliss. I felt relaxed, and hopeful that the intensive treatment would be just that - intensive. It really was. When I removed the mask, i did notice my eyes did not look so tired and the skin looked hydrated. The dark circles were not as dark (but still there).. I am confident that if i continue to use them, it would continue to reduce the dark circles and puffiness. I am definitely buying this again