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Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet

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Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet is a bubble face mask that contains activated charcoal to help eliminate impurities and exfoliate dead skin cells for a fresh and luminous complexion. When exposed to the air, the oxygen facial foaming mask begins to bubble and foam for a deeper clean. 


Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet


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When I was lucky enough to win a giveaway with a generous selection of Skin Republic masks, the Bubble Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask was the one that intrigued me the most. It is a purifying sheet mask formulated with activated charcoal which attracts dirt and oil. The mask also contains fruit extracts known for their exfoliating properties. The sheet mask is packaged in a foil packet. Simply tearing the top of the packet reveals the mask. Before removing from the packet, as instructed I massaged a little. This just helps begin the foaming process where the magic is meant to happen. Placing the black mask onto the face is easy as it is not a thin mask and fits nicely. As time passed wearing this mask, the foams continued to build. They tickled my skin slightly, kind of fun as opposed to being annoying. I left the mask on for about 25 minutes. A quick wipe over with a face cloth and I was done. Once my skin dried, I touched my face surprised at just how soft and smooth it felt. Actually, I couldn't stop touching my skin. Not only did my skin feel great, but looked fantastic. So clean and radiant. I was glowing! Even better, my skin still looked good the next day. The Skin Republic Purifying Charcoal Sheet Mask is not only a fun, bubbly mask to use, but is definitely not a gimmick. The charcoal works well to clean pores, whilst skin is being gently exfoliated. I will be replacing this mask for sure!
I wasn’t expecting the Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask to be so much fun.    I carefully followed the instructions to rub the unopened sachet for a few seconds to activate the bubbles. I then opened the sachet and applied the black mask to my face (which was a good fit) and almost immediately the bubbles started foaming all over my face.  I experienced some slight tingling within the first five minutes but it soon settled down.    After 20 minutes I removed the mask, massaged the excess bubbles and foam (and there was plenty) over my skin and then rinsed it off with water, as instructed.  My skin looked super clear, clean and radiant.    To lock in all the goodness I then applied a serum and moisturiser before going to bed, and woke up next morning with a bright, fresh and luminous complexion.  
I like to use a sheet mask once a week so was keen to try this charcoal based skin republics bubble mask. The mask is easy to use and feels soothing, cooling and relaxing when applied. There is quite a bit of liquid in it so I used the excess on my neck and backs of hands. I rubbed the satchel to activate the foaming solution and could hear and feel the bubbles working. The mask rinses off easily, it cleanses, exfoliates, deep cleans my pores and removes grime and oil. My face feels so smooth and clean after using this mak and looks brighter and more radiant. I love that this product is not tested on animals. The downside is that the mask is a bit messy and does tingle quite a bit but overall I would recommend it for oily skin for purifying.
Unlike the other reviews above I actually loved this mask. The mask fit well on my face and sat comfortably, no slipping or sliding at all. The bubbles were very gentle on my sensitive skin, no burning, tingling or irritation at all and I have very sensitive skin.  After use my pores were so clear and smooth, it was like a miracle! I have an oily t zone and this was so effective in cleaning away the excess oils but without stripping it. I’ll definitely be buying these again. 
This Skin Republic Charcoal Bubble Mask is lovely. The instructions recommend you to rub the packet between your hands to activate the mask. The mask is a great fit on the face and it sits nicely. It has a tingling sensation as it bubbles up on the face, which I find pleasant (this definitely isn't for everyone). After having a nice relaxing session with the mask on my face I will use the excess serum and massage it into my skin. After using this mask my skin feel so incredibly soft and I notice clearer skin within the next couple of days after use. I think this product is definitely worth the money and it is a lovely treat for pampering yourself. I would recommend this mask for anyone who is having issues with congested skin.
i love face masks. I try and use a mask every week. I have repurchased the bubble + purifying charcoal as I think it had great results.  The only issue with the mask is that it is quite large, but I find all face masks are like it and I use a pair of scissors to cut a strip near the chin and either side of the nose. I find this fixes most mask issues and I can press it down on my face more firmly.  I always make sure my skin is clean before applying, and try to get it on quickly out of the packet. I press down on the areas near the chin and nose once I have made a few cuts to get a nice firm fit. You immediately start to hear and feel the bubble sensation. It's a really strange feeling, and you can hear a soft gurgling noise.  The mask has little to no smell and I leave it on for twice the recommended time 30-40 mins as I feel I get better results.  I use a face washer and some cold water to wipe it off and dispose of the mask. I don't think it's very messy, and I love how my skin looks so soft and glows.  I also feel that if I have a break-out it seems to calm it down a fraction.  It's great for someone like me with very sensitive eyes, I don't get any reactions and I find that it's affordable for the results that it gives.  I will definitely buy some more of these masks and keen to try more in the Skin Republic brand. 
This mask was a frustratingly fun time to use! After activating the bubbles inside I applied the mask to my face which was a little too big in some parts so I had to move the flaps, but the bubbles were another story.. they just kept spreading and rebubbling! I couldn't sit up with it on, so I had to lie down and keep my bubbles from running down my neck etc! My skin felt tighter and the texture of my skin was definitely smoother, my skin also looked less red and had a nice glow! My skin stayed smooth throughout the next day and looked less congested and more so clearer!  The results are worth the bumps, maybe use it in the bath.. I would definitely repurchase, it also leaves a nice cool feeling afterwards!
I love most of their sheet masks although this one is a little trickier  More messy than their standard masks and has a sticker texture. I possible used it incorrectly but I feel as though you get a better outcome with their sheet masks. Although if you’re after a bubbling mask that doesn’t break the bank, I would give it a try 
I have tried a massive amount of sheet masks and had high high hopes for this. But, overall, I found the mask messy there was bubbles everywhere (maybe I over-activated it) but, I had read reviews about it not having bubbles so I wanted to make sure it was activated. Anyways, bubbles aside, my skin wasn't left as feeling as clean/supple or refreshing as it usually is with sheet masks and that is where I took off a couple of stars. Also, because it's kind of a bit more pricey than the Garnier ones and I definitely do not feel like it is more luxe. Nothing really to write home about, found it average and a 3 stars. Wouldn't repurchase.
I love a sheet mask as much as the next girl so was excited to try one that cleaned rather than provided a dewy glow before makeup or after a long haul flight. I have tried this mask twice and the first time I didn’t rub the contents together well enough and the result was anticlimactic - no bubbles. So the next time I made sure to activate the mix really well before I opened the packet and this time I got the foaming bubble action. It was a strange tingly feeling and afterward I wasn’t boweled over by the results. My skin was already clean and dry before popping the mask on and after I rinsed the residue my skin felt a little dry (like it had been stripped). I think if you have a particularly oily complexion this might help or if you have only removed makeup with micellar water or a wipe this might give you a deeper clean/second cleanse but for me it didn’t deliver any exceptional results and when you compare the cost of a one time mask with the cost of your average cleanser, i didn’t find it was really worth it.
Skin Republic Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet is a purifying facial mask sheet with activated charcoal that bubbles and foams when exposed to air. I was very intrigued to try out a foaming and bubbling face mask that I have seen in the beauty world recently. The mask is simple to apply and once I put the mask on my freshly cleansed face, I immediately felt it activating with the bubbles forming on my face. It began as a tingling feeling but after a while, it was a strange sensation that I wasn’t really enjoying. I left the mask on for 15 minutes and washed my face and I did feel that my skin felt soft, smooth and deeply cleansed. Although my skin felt nice after applying the mask, I probably won’t be repurchasing as I find normal charcoal face masks are more affordable and do the same job without the foaming and tingling effect.  
I am a tad obsessed with sheet masks so I couldn’t get Skin Republic’s Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet on quick enough. I cleansed my face, rubbed the satchel to activate the foaming solution and popped it on. I could hear and feel the bubbles. It started out as a slight tickle but it then started to prickle and then burn!     I lasted 5 minutes and then I had to remove and rinse my face with cool water. My skin was red in patches but it did settle down after an hour or so and thankfully it didn’t leave a rash.  I really wanted to love Skin Republic’s Bubble Purifying + Charcoal Face Mask Sheet but it just didn’t love me back.   I will say that my skin did feel soft and well cleansed in only 5 minutes but it just wasn’t for me.     Pros: Not tested on my furryfriends Cleanses and exfoliates Easy to apply   Cons: If you can feel it burn take it off immediately.