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Skin Republic Foot Peel is a soothing foot peel enriched with 15 plant extracts, green tea and vitamin E to peel dead skin cells off feet and remove calluses within a week.


Skin Republic Foot Peel


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I have just read the reviews and I am blown away! They are all positive! Really? Am I the only one who wasn't a fan? Did I do something wrong? I do not really think so as I had used similar products before and I had way better results than with this Skin Republic peel. I got it when it was on special, I was going to Europe for holiday and wanted my usually not so foot selfie friendly feet to look half decent. I must say that I do not like going through the whole proces of being immobile for two hours (really? 2 hours?) but I can sacrifice for silky smooth feet. Well, this time the result wasn't the best. I followed the step by step, put on two huuuuuuge boots, and waited. The boots/socks fell pretty well soaked in the peeling agents so I thought all was going to be fine. I prepared myself for the peel of the century and already told my family I am going to shed the skin like a lizard and.... everybody was disappointed. I didn't get the right peel, my 4 year daughter didn't get to see the lizard. A total flop. Didn't work on my feet. Obviously I need something stronger. That is why I think it might be great for those with very sensitive skin.
Spring has sprung,and that means one thing...sandal season is officially upon us. After months of feet in boots / trainers / socks and even ( please dear God NOOOO),sheepskin boots,it's time to get your tootsies into public worthy present-ability.It's time to break out the big guns...and here they are. The Skin Republic Foot Peel treatment is a pair of booties (fits all sizes) that you wear (inside please) for at least 90 minutes (up to 2 hours,so make sure you are done for the evening when applying) to kickstart an exfoliation process that lasts about a week (starts within a day or so after using),and ends with feet that are truly reminiscent of a baby's bot bot.The ingredients list contains some beautiful botanical extracts..It contains 15 of them,including ginko biloba,green tea and lavender extract (hmmm comforting),plus vitamin E to soothe and maintain healthy feet,as well as AHAs,which do the hard work to remove and peel dead skin cells to reveal soft,sandal ready skin. Now,a word of warning...this process is NOT pretty - AT ALL.It is all peeling,icky skin,and it doesn;t matter how much you try to help it along with the pumice etc,it doesn't stop.I won't deny that my feet didn't look very nice during this period (understatement of the year right there),and in fact,i wore boots for the week when i was not in my workshoes. I felt that they were looking and feeling very dry too,so I did continuously moisturise them to make them feel better (consequently,you'd definitely want to hold off with this if you have any planned outings in strappy sandals),but having said all that,this product does have the best fragrance of all this type of product i have personally tried out (which may not be a reason in itself to get this,but it sure does add to it) and really does leave you,at the end,with soft,sexy,sandal ready tootsies you will be ready to show off. The effects last for a few weeks (i got about a month of feet that looked like someone gave a hoot about before i thought "OK,let's do this",as i had to go in for surgery,and (i know how this sounds,i hear it,but hey...i WORK with these people) i didn't want my workmates seeing my feet and saying "Get out...get a look at those feet".Yep,that and "i need a wax" were a little more at the forefront of my mind than the actual op. Give these a workout before YOUR mind starts to get these thoughts. TIP:As mentioned,these work a treat...your feet will be like a new pair once the magic has appeared,BUT,dryness is an issue.Apply a little oil (any type you prefer.I like argan for it's "dry oil"" texture) or foot balm nightly during process to ensure that your tootsies feel as good as they will look whilst you wait.
Despite regular pedicures, my heels had started to develop cracks and my feet were starting to look old and feel gross! I decided to give the Skin Republic Foot peel a go, and honestly, I was a bit dubious as to how effective it would be, but it actually works! Essentially, you put your clean, dry feet in little plastic booties that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that remove the dead skin,leave them on for 90-120 minutes (120 mins being the most effective), and remove and dry your feet. In about a week, the dead skin will start to peel from your feet to reveal smooth and soft skin. The foot peel doesn’t have a scent, doesn’t sting and isn’t uncomfortable to use. Having used them a few times now, I have a few tips: ·        Plan when you are going to do the peel -the peeling does look a bit gross, so I wouldn’t do it when you know your feet will be on display. I like to do mine at the end of Winter so my feet look good for Spring/Summer, and a couple of weeks before a special event. ·        While you can walk in the booties, it’s best not to. Set yourself up with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and relax. ·        Place a towel under your feet while you have thebooties on, in case any of the liquid leaks. ·        While the 120 mins is the most effective, leaving them on for 90 minutes also works well. ·        If you want to speed along the peeling process, a foot file will help to remove it. ·        Once all of the dead skin has been removed, follow up with a foot balm to maintain the results. Foot peels are such an un-glamorous product, but this one works and is now a regular part of my routine. At $16 they are cheaper than a pedicure, and in my opinion, much more effective. Highly recommend!
Is there anything weirder than a foot peel? NO! Does it actually work? YES!  Rather than awkwardly try not to ruin the booties for 2 hours i popped this on before bed and put some socks over the top so they would stay put overnight. Woke up the next morning and besides feeling rather moisturised NADA. not a thing.  Fast forward about 8 days and it looks like i've got a serious case of third degree burns on my feet but no gross feet yet.  Next minute my feet look about as delightful as overgrown Shellac, and continuted to do so for the next few days. Pros: Actually does peel your skin away. You don't have to scrub for hours with a pumice and achive 1/4 of the results It feels weirdly funny to be wearing the booties. Cons: Nothing happens for a week. Then they look gross as for a few days. Defs need to be on the ball for timing ie. don't do this a week out of a wedding or you will have gross slighlty infectious looking feet for the big day.  Will be buying this for a girls night, and also scheduling a repeat girls night a week after to enjoy laughing over whos feet look the grossest!
A foot peel. A foot peel,  my kingdom for a foot peel! Not having anything like summer ready feet I decided to give this a go, and I was not disappointed. Yes, my feet were pretty gross while peeling (do not be tempted to speed this up by pulling the skin), but the result afterwards is worth it - the silkiest smith feet I have ever had. Downtime - 2 hours for the solution then 4-5 days to take effect and 3-4 days peeling. Don't do this within a week of a party, otherwise highly (highly) recommended.
I have only been wearing sandals for a couple of weeks and my feet are already looking terrible. I have a meticulous foot pedicure routine and an amazing foot paddle but I was fighting a losing battle so I need some extra help.   Skin Republic Foot Peel is packaged in a silver packet containing to sealed plastic boot-like bags with a sticky tabs to stop leakage around your ankle. Before I started I had everything I needed lined up ready to go (drink, snack, mag, phone and TV controls) so I didn't have to get up for 2 hours as recommended.    I cut the top off one booty at a time and popped my foot into the slime. I put an old pair of socks on over the top to prevent the liquid leaking out. It is really refreshing and had a cooling effect like you would expect. Do not get up walking around because it is like walking on a bag of slippery slugs, very dangerous! After the two hours I removed the plastic boots in the shower and rinsed the slime off. Then I waited and waited and waited for the peeling to start. My feet didn't do a thing for the first7 days so I soaked my feet in water for 20 minutes to speed the process up. On day 8 they started to bubble (like sunburn) and then peel. The peeling goes on for a long week and then bliss. When all of the horrible skin sheds silky smooth baby skin appears.           Cons: My feet looked like the ugly duckling when they were peeling so I couldn’t wear my pretty sandals. Your skin goes everywhere and you have to vacuum it up lots because it is gross! They say not to pull it off but I found that it was just rolling off in the shower so I removed it (dumb move because now I have sore feet!) Pros:   Budget friendly   Minimal effort.   The amazing results speak for them selves, super smooth baby feet!    I can’t get this result using any of my tools at home so I will be buying Skin Republic Foot Peel again.