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Skin Republic Hand Repair Hand Mask

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Skin Republic Hand Repair Hand Mask is an anti-ageing 20-minute hand mask enriched with shea butter, fruit extract and vitamin E to hydrate, boost elasticity and slow down the ageing process by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age spots.


Skin Republic Hand Repair Hand Mask


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The Skin Republic Hand Repair is a mask formulated to treat the hands with ingredients that are known for their antiaging properties. Inside the foil packet is 2 plastic gloves. The gloves are lined with material resembling a sheet mask, which like a regular sheet mask, is soaked in serum. To avoid serum spillage, the gloves are actually one piece that you simply tear apart in the middle to separate and use. The gloves are quite big, but not too large to keep on my small hands. I found it strange to keep my hands in a fluid substance, only because we all know it's not good to keep your hands in water. After 20 minutes, I just removed the gloves and discarded them. Because there was plenty of serum in the gloves, I massaged the excess into my hands. The treatment gave extra hydration to my hands, making them soft. But if I'm being honest, I can get the same result from my regular hand moisturiser and it's much quicker. The Skin Republic Hand Repair is a nice treat for the hands, but I don't feel that I got enough of a result to take the 20 minutes needed to get the most out of using these gloves.