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St. Tropez Gradual Tan Body Lotion

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The hint of fake tan in St. Tropez’s Gradual Tan Body Lotion is perfect for those wanting to build up to a natural, sun-kissed glow. Aloe vera provides long-lasting hydration, while natural emollients and minerals activate collagen formation to promote smooth, supple skin.

Available in two shades.


St. Tropez Gradual Tan Body Lotion


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My new must-have!

My new absolute must-have! I have very pale skin and often find when I use a fake tan mousse the contrast is too obvious and if I’ve made a mistake then I end up covering up anyway! This gradual tan is so super silky to put on and glides on with ease and my favourite part is the smell!! It’s nothing like the normal fake tan smells that I’ve grown to despise. I can put it on quickly each night knowing I’m going to bed moisturised and will have a natural glow in the morning that’s suitable for me and doesn’t look like I’ve actually fake tanned!
I’ve tried a few self-tanners in the past.  An Ulta consultant, talked me in to trying this product last summer.  She said it’s the self tanner that she has always used.  Anxious to go home and give it a try, I can say that this isn’t a favorite of mine. I didn’t like the strong smell, the sticky feeling of the color. It didn’t give me a natural glow like some of the others I’ve tried in the past.  So, I would say this is a no-go for me!
I have this gradual tanner in light/medium and it’s not bad, but I’ve tried better for a much better price. It gradually develops a nice honey tan as you apply it over the course of a few days. It’s lovely and nourishing to the skin so it helps to combat any dryness that can spoil a tan. It’s lightweight in texture and is easily absorbed, it doesn’t feel sticky and the scent is pretty standard scent for tan but not unpleasant. I always apply it before going to bed and it does leave marks on my sheets but they come out in the wash. It isn’t streaky and gives a nice even sunkissed look. I think it’s most effective when you use it on an already applied tan to get even more longevity out of it. If I was to buy it again in future I’d probably buy the medium/dark shade. When I first purchased it I was scared of fake tanning products, but I have officially jumped on the bandwagon and think I’d appreciate a deeper colour next time. St tropez formula never leaves me looking orange, it is always a nice true bronze look.
As fan of St Tropez products (because the whole world LOVES St. Tropez), I was very excited to get  started on St. Tropez's Everyday Gradual Tan for Body Medium - Dark. However, I did personally trial and review Everyday Gradual Tan for Face last year but I was unhappy with the results so I was unsure what to expect from the body version. RESULT: A week and a half later my skin was a little darker than it was to start with but I somehow managed slight streakiness and the colour was not the gorgeous 'brazilian' deep brown that I was hoping for, yet good for a touch of colour. Of all the gradual tanners I have used, this one proved to be most effective.
Best gradual tan I have ever used, Un-offensive smell, quick drying and above all great colour.