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A gradual tanner that activates on clean, wet skin, St. Tropez’s Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion works in just three minutes for natural-looking bronzed skin. With sweet almond oil to nourish the skin, use this lotion in the shower over three consecutive days for a healthy, sun-kissed glow.

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St. Tropez Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion


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I was so excited to try this product (finally!). But unfortunately, I was left disappointed. Great concept - tan while in the shower! No mess! But in reality, waiting a few minutes for it to develop in winter, just standing outside the shower and waiting, is kinda not worth the results. While I found the lotion pleasant smelling and easy to apply, though it gave me a tiny hint of colour I found I had to use it day after day to keep that minimal colour, which in my opinion just wasn't worth it. I'd rather use either a gradual tanner after my shower when I am dry, or a normal tanning product. This sadly just didn't live up to expectations!
I use this product as tan topper/maintainer, rather than a tanner itself. As others have already mentioned, it is the results after a week of use are quite minimal. On me, it is a slight glow, a slight depth to my skin. However, there is no real change in my skin tone's depth. I am approximately NC15 in MAC's shade range, so I expected the tan to have shown up quite prominently on me.  I find the method of application really easy - I like that I can just pop it on in the shower while wet. However, it is not handy during winter because I do get chilly in those 5 minutes without the shower on! I think it would be okay if I had heat lamps, but I don’t so this is strictly a summer product for me. Even just using it in summer is convenient for me though, as I cannot stand applying tan mousse. I like that that I don’t have to leave in on for 6 hours like a mousse. The 5 minutes is so convenient for a city girl like me who is always on the go - I can just apply, wash, and go! I also like that the texture is silky smooth and really easy to apply across damp skin. It really shaves off time maintaining my tan, and I never have to deal with patchy/streaky tans now as they fade. 
A tan to use in the shower, too easy. I love st tropez products. This is super easy to use, just apply while in the shower, this eliminates mess as well, wait three minutes then rinse. My top tip is to scrub hands really well after applying as it does stain. What I love most is that while I'm waiting the required 3 minutes for the colour to develop I can shampoo and condition my hair or apply a mask so it's great for time saving, 2 jobs at the same time, yay. I love that the colour looks quite natural, it's not too dark or fake looking which I hate, no orange nastiness. It smells quite nice and didn't streak, the colour was quite even, it lasted well, several days to a week, it fades out gradually. It's a little more expensive than some brands but it is good quality. I quite like this and would recommend it.
This is a great concept which, for me, worked quite well despite my initial scepticism. I know this product is quite polarising with the reviews so before I start, I highly suggest waiting for a sale to try it so you don't feel disappointed if it doesn't work for you.  I usually tan pretty quick but when I heard about this on YouTube, I had to try it. At the time it wasn't in Australia yet so I asked a friend to get me a bottle from the UK and boy was I chuffed. I used it for 4 days straight and developed a very subtle tan. The only reason I knew it worked is because it got a bit patchy around the ankles because I was that lazy to reach down and apply it properly (top tip: don't be lazy) For those expecting Ultra Dark level tan this isn't the product for you. This is a very subtle glow and colour that is perfect for a little pick me up, maybe for an event where you want a little something but don't want to risk cheeto skin or streaks. Unfortunately, the downside is that (I assume) most people want to tan in winter but this is quite.. painful in winter. Waiting around for 3 minutes in the cold is not fun though it can be done!  Price wise it is on the more expensive side hence why I suggest waiting for a sale due to the polarising reviews I have seen myself. 
I'm not a huge fan of fake tans in general as I do not have the patience to sit around applying fake tan with a mitt and then waiting for it to dry before I can get dressed! So the lazy girl in me was absolutely thrilled after finding out about this product! St. Tropez's Gradual Tan In Shower Lotion seemed right up my alley! A gradual tanning product that only requires 3 minutes and can be applied in the shower? I was sold! The lotion itself is incredibly creamy - not as runny as a body wash, but definitely not as think as a body moisturiser. I found it had a rather pleasant scent (not too noticeable) and was really easy to apply all over my body. I didn't use a glove to apply the product so I had to make sure I thoroughly washed my hands after! I actually used the 3 minutes this product needs to kick in to put in a hair mask as well (two birds, one stone - score!). The lotion washed away very easily after the 3 minutes was up and although I didn't notice any difference straight away, after a few hours there was definitely a slight tan.  I would strongly recommend for those seeking a nice natural looking glow (it's definitely not a dark tan, though I'd imagine that this could be achieved by leaving the lotion on for a bit longer than 3 minutes). Because it was so easy to apply, I didn't end up with any streaks and the colour faded away very naturally after a couple of days (though this could easily be maintained by repeating this whole process twice a week). 
I have never been a self tan girl but from time to time I get that urge to make my usually pale skin bronzed and glowy. Now, when I live in Australia it is a little easier to achieve but still, rather than spending time baking on the beach, I would do something at home to achieve a similar ( and healthier) results. While proper self tanning products might give rather comical results on my skin ( and they do not resemble natural glow at all, rather stains after an orange paintball fight), I have always appreciated a good gradual tanning product. I think I got a sample of it in some goodie bag, it was a sample big enough for a few uses. I love the idea of it being an in shower gradual tanning lotion. What I like is the fact that we rinse it off so there is no scare that I will stain my clothes or bed linen. The product comes in a blue hued tube with a black lid. The formula is a gel consistency yellow lotion. There is a faint scent to it. nothing too pleasant but nothing too overpowering either. All we need to do is to apply it in the shower on the wet skin, wait three minutes and rinse it off. I have seen reviews complaining about the waiting time, but for me it is just enough to brush my teeth and for example apply a hair mask too ( first the mask, then the gradual tan, then teeth). In my opinion it is just an excuse to spend more time pampering myself, and as a stay at home mum, the time I get alone is a very precious time. The results are subtle but visible. Not everybody wants a full on tan, those with extra pale skin are really happy with the subtlest effects and this product gives very natural looking tan. The more often you use it, the stronger the tan. I like it. I don't have streaks, any orange stains, just a lovely glow. For me it is enough. I am just not a fan of the smell, hence one star less.
If this was an instant tanning product I would be sold, but as a gradual tanning product it was too much effort for too little result. The concept is good - to shower, apply the tan (I used a mitt), wait 3 minutes and then wash it off - but I found it uncomfortable, getting cold waiting around for the time to pass, especially in winter. The colour was nice & natural looking but to get the level of glow I was happy with I needed to use this for a few nights in a row. Why go through all that fuss when I can get the same glow from one use of gradual tanning moisturiser?
I was a but skeptical but am really impressed. This keeps my tan even over the week and is super quick to put on.
I like a little summer glow during the warmer months. I hate the process of applying fake tanning products though and the messiness that comes along with it. Being a mother of 2 it is difficult to find time to yourself to get things done. St Tropez gradual in shower tan is probably one of the best 'lady with little time' products I have found. Easy to apply in the shower which leaves no mess to clean at all. You simply apply to wet skin, lather, wait three minute and Voila! All done. Application was simple and it also didn't leave any streaks or marks on my hands after application. It;s not really a deep tan more of a summer glow which is what I am after so I probably wouldn't recommend this product for those after a deep brown tan. Its more of a sun kissed light brown. With continual use it gives a nice summer glow for the required time. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a light summer glow with minimal effort and time.
St. Tropez....the name conjures up visions of white,sandy beaches,perfect bods and tans to rival that of any Victoria's Secret model. It also brings to mind perfect faux tanning products that never fail to deliver that golden "yes,i did just arrive back from the Sth of France" glow. When i saw this,of course i went and picked up 2 (one of each shade...the medium and the deeper shade) to test out. With its silky texture, nourishing and moisturising feel,this seems to blend in a comparable way to a mouse or a cream (not against other St Tropez products mind you...they are the Cream de la Cream),and this ridiculously simple application method (simply wash as usual,evenly apply a layer of this lotion and wait three minutes...Et Voila....light tan complete.You cannot make this kind of ease up. Add to that the satin-y texture you end up with post rinsing,and you have a great little multi tasking time saver. A major note to self (and you) is that there are a few simple "must do's" you need to heed: 1: Apply as evenly and carefully as you would any faux tan....if not more so.You cannot see streaks as they happen (and they do happen),so vigilance is key.Also,exfoliate as you would any other tanner prior to applying (lest you wake to the tan you wanted all over,just only on your knees / elbows and ankles) 2: WEAR GLOVES !!!! I learned this the hard way,as i applied this with as much abandon as i do an in - shower body lotion...MAJOR NEWBIE ERROR. I found my hands and nails a mix of jaundiced / dirty shade of brown that took days of wear (and some serious scrubbing) to rid myself of.It feels weird as hell wearing gloves in the shower (if you aren't scrubbing it),but DO (you will thank me). 3: Make sure that every bit is rinsed off, after the three minutes are up — and trust me, three minutes is all you need for this innocuous-looking shower cream to work.To my surprise, it did come up with a golden tinge (within eight hours) and it was a natural,non "oompa loompa" hue. As this is described as a gradual tanner,that means you can keep applying it day after day to build the colour (and this is where the star rating comes from...the shade,even the darker version,is minimal...and i mean MINIMAL.If typical St Tropez depth is what you are wanting,FORGET IT...YOU WILL BE LEFT SADLY DISAPPOINTED.I applied this OVER the top of another self add to the depth,and had i not had that base to begin with,my alabaster bod would be looking in need of serious "hurry,we are losing her" pasty pale. It will suit anyone who likes a BIT of colour, but is short of time, perfect if you want to avoid looking pasty on a beach before heading on holiday, but have left it too late to get a spray tan (or just don't have the time / inclination / cash to do so.It really does leave just a hint of colour to the skin, so if it’s a big dollop of sun-kissed limbs you want – here, is not where you’re going to find it. Also three minutes doesn’t seem long, but when you’re in the shower, butt naked, let me tell you – COMFY IT AINT. It can be difficult to time the 3 minutes too (in truthful honesty,i guesstimated that time). I did find, that the day you use it,there is a bit of a biscuit-y scent that hangs around, although it’s not too offensive and subsides gradually. Finally, the more you use it, the more you have to watch out for build-up on the usual areas; especially around your knees, ankles, elbows and neck. Truth be told,for $40,i would give this a miss, get a proper St Tropez tanner and get much better results.HOWEVER,if you are new to the self tan club,this may be a perfect entry level product to dip your (touch more golden) toe into. So no,i won't be getting this again. TIP:So whilst this isn't my perfect tanner,it is an easy and quick way to give your face a glow.Simply cleanse,exfoliate and apply.Rinse well,and see a visible (perfect for face) glow.Another tip is to do as i did....a few days after you have used your favorite self tan,apply this to give an added longevity.
I have been using this and keep repurchasing it for a year now. It really gives me gradual tan after a few use. I do not like very dark tan personally I like a light to medium tan more, so this light gradual tan lotion is really working for me. Since it is a in-shower lotion, it does not gives me orange hand which some fake tanner does sometimes.  The only thing is I had to wait in the shower for 3 mins which is not ideal in Winter time, it is a bit cold just stand in the shower not moving around. But besides that, this product is actually giving me the light tan I want.
A lot of effort for a minimal result. I was so excited to try this product after the hype i had read in various blogs and online material. I was disappointed. There is little to do in the shower for 5 mins whilst you stand there wet and cold waiting for the time to tick away. The concept in theory sounds amazing but the reality of this product is less than ideal. i had to apply at least 4 consecutive days to see a minimal result and after a week of application the tan was visible but streaky. I will be sticking to the foam solutions in future and wont be repurchasing this in the future.
The concept for this product is great - tan inside the shower, no mess, no fuss. It's a little more complicated than that and unfortunately, for me, the results weren't really worth the effort. I'm a big fan of St Tropez and use their other products (and love them) so I was really excited to try this. I found that, even after using it religiously for a week, my pale skin was barely a shade darker. I was left with a lovely glow that made me look healthy and vibrant but it wasn't the tan I was looking for. Also, the actual process can be a bit fiddly and also uncomfortably cold in winter. You must apply the lotion, wait three minutes out of the water, and then rinse off. It promises a streak-free finish but I managed to leave streaks on my legs.  I won't repurchase because, although I had a lovely glow, my pale skin was barely tanned and it was a lot of effort. I will stick to my other St Tropez products that I love.