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St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss

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St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss is a high-shine wash-off self tanner that gives skin an instant, luminous tan. It can be applied over an existing tan to create a glossy finish or on bare skin to accentuate legs with an illuminating bronze colour.


St. Tropez Instant Tan Finishing Gloss


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I highly recommend this product. St tropez is one of the best tanning products on the market and I loved how easy this product was to use. It has a gel like consistency that glides on with ease, I recommend using a tanning mitt for best results. it does not have the nasty odour that some tanning products have, it smells quite pleasant.The product gives my skin a really luminous glow and nice tan that looks really natural, like iv been on holidays, no nasty orange here. It has a subtle shimmer which is quite flattering and makes skin look luminous. I love the modern packaging, and at $20.00 its great value for the results it gives. I never get streakiness or blotchiness when using this product, its a winner for me. Love it.
My absolute favourite and go to tanning product! St Tropez has the best tanning formula out of all the tanning brands and products I’ve used. It is affordable, packaging is beautiful and the product itself is just gorgeous. I love the shade, it doesn’t finish blotchy and orange. Apply with a glove and you will get a salon finish. Highly rated!
LOVE this tan!!! It really just glides on evenly and it doesn't come off all blotchy like other tans do!!!  It gives an amazing glow as well, like not too shimmery either.  And I love the smell, again other products are quite stinky and also smell worse when you sweat. 
Love the consistency of this product. I have tried many tanning products and St Tropez never lets me down. The smell isn't like burnt skin like many others. Highly recommend. The product has a nice finish and not orange in colour. Good affordable price and nice and easy to apply.
The product is a gel like consistency that when rubbed into the skin leaves a moisturising finish which is not tacky or sticky. The smell is subtle and not over powering. The glow is quite luminous, and bronzy so if you have an exsisting tan and add this over it, it will intensify your tan. It’s also a great product to add for a glow if you can’t be bothered fake tanning. When you shine light on your skin you will see subtle shimmers. It’s easy to wash off in the shower and I didn’t have problems with transfer when I wore the product. I love this! It’s bronzy and not orange