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St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

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Formulated for the face and body, St. Tropez’s Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse uses self-adjusting melanin technology which tailors to each individual skin tone and intensifies over three hours for a natural-looking deep tan. Infused with conditioning aloe vera, the lightweight mousse offers long-lasting, streak-free colour.


St. Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse


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There is a reason why St. Tropez is a world wide favourite and I was lucky enough to be gifted a bottle by a friend to see for myself!  I always start my fake tan prep the day before with a full body exfoliation with exfoliating mitts and a hydrating, creamy body wash to slough away the dry skin, especially this time of year on the cusp of summer. After a thorough full body scrub in the morning, I shave in the evening to give my skin time to settle down as sometimes going from exfoliating to shaving in one shower can irritate your skin. After I have scrubbed in the morning and shaved in the evening I will apply a hydrating body lotion to prime my skin for the following day to ensure that the tan is applied evenly. The following evening after my shower I apply a dab of body lotion to the areas of skin that can soak up more tan than necessary such as my knees, ankles, elbows, toes and fingers. . This tan works most effectively with the ever popular St Tropez Tanning Mitt which once you start using, you will never go back to suffering with Dorito fingers again! The tan is a mousse in consistency, which I have found to be more hydrating than the foam, even though they are very similar, it does not contain little pockets of air like the foams do. It is applied directly to the mitt and comes out very dark in colour as it has added tint to it which acts as a guide to help you see where you have applied the tan and where you need to blend more. This tint will wash off in the shower after the recommended time, so do not worry if you think you look far too dark after application! I like to apply the mousse from my feet, upwards in long gliding motions to ensure an even result. The scent of the tan is very pleasant, but due to the bronzing agent added to the formula, it is not transfer proof so wear dark clothes is recommended whilst it develops. I often like to apply just before bed and then wash off first thing in the morning as it recommends 8 hours for developing time for best results. The results are amazing! It really does live up to it's hype. It delivers a beautiful streak free, natural looking tan that suits all skin tones. As I am very fair naturally, going hard core straight into the darkest colour made me a little nervous about looking like an oompa loompa but it seriously looks so nice and natural on my skin! No orangey undertones at all! At first glance, many will look at this product and think 'there is no way I'm paying that much for a bottle of fake tan!'. Retailed for $59.95, I got about 6 applications out of this big 200ml bottles which works out to be far cheaper than a spray tan at $30 a pop. St Tropez is often on sale at Priceline, sometimes at half price so best to stock up and take advantage of their sales. The tan lasts a week but with daily moisturising, I still have a light glow 10 days after! Unlike some dark foams it does not come off very patchy, but more of a gradual fade which is so great for the very pale skin tones. The only annoying thing some people may find is the developing time, so wearing it to bed may have to be an option. I've now seen that there is a new St Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse that boasts only a 2 hour developing time so I will definitely be repurchasing that formula in the future. Overall an excellent product that every tanning girl or guy needs for a safe summer bronze glow!
My go to weekly tan! Quick, easy and fast drying, and With care and moisturising can last a reasonable amount of time. Really smooth and easy to apply and dries very fast. Added bonus is the nice smell and the outcome look you can achieve. All my friends also use St and I would highly recommend.
My absolute holy grail of self-tanning products! I am a total Summer lover and cannot stand the dry, pasty appearance that my skin sometimes accumulates in the Winter months; this baby picks me up when I am feeling down from the sight of my paper-white body that I can't help but catch a glimpse of every time I have to get in the shower! (too much info? We all get that though, don't we?!) A quick sweeping of the easily applicable mousse texture combats my winter complexion blues, leaving me to wake up in the morning with a delightful sigh of gratitude for the natural but dark bronze tone that this product develops. The green/bronze based formula is far from orange and I just love the smell of fake tan in general (I don't know if that's because I associate it with the positive feelings of looking tanned or what) but this product is the ultimate babe of tanning products! Quick and easy application (dries super fast so I can actually be bothered to do more than one coat if I'm feeling extra pale) and it lasts several days- what more could one ask for in a self-tan product? Nothing, the answer is nothing (except for maybe a little personal assistant to apply the tan on your back for you so you don't have to ask your partner) Summer in a bottle- a must have for both winter and warm months!
I have been absolutely blown away by St. Tropez Self Tanning bronzing mousse, it's definitely worth 5 stars. I have used many tanning potions and lotions over the years but I have never used a mousse, so I had my reservations.   I applied the mousse to my tanning mitt and hoped for the best. The application was easy and the mousse went on like a dream! It is the best smelling fake tan around (the scent is very,very faint). It isn’t sticky, fast drying and leaves you with a long lasting beautiful tan. My skin didn't dry out like it can with other brands and I didn't get even get itchy, so I am in love!  I high recommend St. Tropez Self Tanning bronzing mousse.   Note: Oompa Loompa skin not included when using this tan!   Pros: -Not sticky -Not smelly -Dries fast -Moisturising -Long lasting -Easy to apply -Cost effective compared to a spray tan -No reaction -Fades evenly   Cons: -I love it so I actually can’t think of any.