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St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse

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Control the intensity of colour with St. Tropez’s Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. Shower after one hour for a sunkissed glow, leave on for two for a medium tan, or wait three hours for a rich, deep bronze.

Price above is for 200mL. Also available in 50mL.


St. Tropez Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse


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Favourite Self Tan

I exfoliated my skin and shaved any areas that needed some removal the night before I decided to try the bronzing mousse so my skin was prepped and ready to go. I have fair skin and when i have done self done tans or spray tans in the past and if left on for more then one or two hours it either goes orange or just too dark for my skin so for trailing purposes I wanted to leave it on for one hour to get a light tan. Before applying the tan I moisturised the heels of my feet and my hands as they tend to be the most dry areas on my skin and tan will tend to really grab there. I then used my St Tropez tanning mitt to apply the mouse to ensure a even tan, and no extra buildup on my hands. I applied the mousse to my feet first then work my up I find that easier than working from the top down because then I’m not bending and touching my body parts that already have tan applied. The tanning mousse didn’t have that typical strong tanning smell, I didn’t notice any overpowering scent. It felt really comfortable on my skin, absorbed quickly and didn’t feel sticky. After 1 hour I rinsed off my tan in the shower and it revealed a beauty light olive toned glowing tan. It still develops for 8 hours after rinsing to get the colour of your preferred application time so keep that in mind after your first use. I will definitely be using this regularly on my skin for that beautiful glow and would recommend it to everyone whether they’re wanting a beautiful olive toned glow or something more medium or deeper.

No Orange Tan

I have always been a little hesitant to use fake tan out of fear of it turning my very fair skin orange & usually just use a gradual tan lotion that I can use to build up a soft colour over time. My fear was amplified when I saw the dark colour of the mouse, but I am happy to say that I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I left it on for 1 hour the first time which resulted in a very nice natural glow. I have since increased it to the 2 hours to get a fuller tan, but not game enough to brave the 3 hours yet. The mouse spreads easily over my skin & absorbs quickly. It doesn't have the usual overpowering chemical smell & actually leaves my skin feeling soft & hydrated. I found the colour lasted an average of 7-8 days. Be sure to exfoliate & moisturise knees, ankles & elbows before application.

Amazing fake tan

By far my favourite tan product. I am usually super pale and this does not look patchy or orange. It glides on like a dream and fades really nicely! It has quite a nice scent too it and doesn’t smell too much like fake tan! I usually leave this on overnight and wake up in the morning to wash it off. I much prefer this tan over bondi sands - has a much nicer colour pay off and fades beautifully! The colour pay off is very lovely for a fake tan that still looks super natural. I get comments all the time when wearing this fake tan
I love St Tropez for my faux glow...somehow,even with my alabaster white hue,St Tropez never steers me wrong (never an "Oompa Loompa" to be seen)...and this was no exception. St Tropez eliminates the need to spend your hard earned  coin on spray tans by giving you the same formula a salon uses at muss,no fuss,no standing naked in front of strangers (i don't care how body positive you are...THAT'S TERRIFYING) and no hassles of appointment times or parking etc.The huge plus is the 360° nozzle on this beautiful,tropical blue tin....that means an easy to apply mist,that delivers a convenient all over, streak-free finish....perfect for those hard to reach areas,that doesn't have that massive hit of "tell tale" faux glow smell (rather,there is a soft,fresh kind of scent).As this tan includes a self-bronzer,you can instantly tell where you have tanned ,as well as being able to step out looking tanned if you have to "tan and dash" post treatment.If you ARE waiting for the glow to develop,this is where you have full control over how dark you go....apply to bod, shower after one hour for a sunkissed glow, leave on for two for a medium tan, or wait three hours for a rich, deep bronze that lasts for about 7 days (with care).And when it does fade,it fades like a real tan....not patchy.I thoroughly recommend this tanner...get it before it leaves our shores for good (as is apparently happening). TIP:Care for your tan post use by following a few simple rules:Do not use harsh shower mits on the tan (so no loofahs and no rough scrubbing with a shower puff),moisturise daily (to maintain hydration),no harsh cleansers and ONLY exfoliate to remove fading tan.
This is one of the best, when it comes to fake tans. It gives a believeable tan in an hour! What I love most about this product is, it’s tinted, so not only do you get an instant bronze glow when you apply it, but you can see what you are doing and where you have applied the product. It’s fantastic that it’s 100% natural DHA, that it contains no parabens, sulfates and phthalates too. It gives me a streak free golden tan every time I use it. I have quite pale skin and this does not give me an orange fake look.  It has a fake tan smell when your applying it, but to me this seems to fade out quite quickly as it dries on the skin.  It may seem like a lot to pay for a fake tan but if your considering getting a spray tan, this is reasonable in comparison, especially when the colour develops so quickly.  I would recommend this tanning product to anyone that is new at fake tanning or is pressed for time, as it’s easy to apply because of its tint, and you don’t have to wait impatiently for hours for the colour to develop. 
St Tropez was my first introduction to tanning mouses and I'm so so glad that we were introduced. Out of all of St Tropez's formulas, I love this one the best as I hate having to sit around waiting for my tan to develop so the express formula works perfectly for me! After I've exfoliated and shaved, I apply this with a tanning mitt all over, and do a double layer on my legs (they are lily white so need some extra attention), air myself in the bathroom for a few minutes, chuck on a dress and wait approx an hour and a half before I head to the shower and wash it off. It is seriously soooo good, after washing it off the colour starts to develop within a few hours and within 24 hours I am the perfect shade of bronze! I find that it fades really nicely on me and I don't ever look patchy. I also love this formula as you can choose how dark you want to go with how long you leave it on.. 1 hr light, 2 hr med, 3 hr dark! The smell is your average tan smell but because you don't have to leave it on long its not overpowering.
The express tan from St. Tropez is the best fake tan I have ever used - this is for a number of reasons! - I have very fair skin. I find that the St. Tropez fake tan colour does not make my fair skin look orange (as some other cheaper brands do). It also turns my skin a lovely sun-kissed colour without looking overly "fake" - The fact that the mousse contains a bronzer means I know exactly where I have applied it on my body - this means no funny white gaps where I have missed a spot! - I LOVE the fact that this product is express and fast-acting. This is probably the best thing about this product. I don't have to sleep in the tan overnight. I just pop it on after work when I get home from the office, and wash it off a few hours later before bed. I don't go to bed sticky, smelly and uncomfortable. I don't ruin the bedsheets. I just wake up in the morning a glorious bronzed goddess! Here is a tip - if you find the St. Tropez tans are not deep enough in colour for you, apply a second layer 20 mins after you've done your first layer. The layers blend beautifully without causing orange elbows/knees/ankles. You just end up with a deeper natural colour! I would highly recommend this product to those who hate sleeping in a fake tan overnight, and who are after a very natural colour.
Love St. Tropez, a great natural, even looking tan from this product. Not too sticky but you should use a mitt with it as it has a tendency to build up. Nice tan, fairly easy to use, I only left it on for an hour as I am fair and it turned out great. I would definitely recommend to a friend!
Absolutely obsessed over this! After I shower i put this on for an amazing sunkissed glow, this product does not go streaky on you and has a beautiful deep bronze finished. My all time favourite product i have all my friends obsessed with it aswell! Definitely recommend for any one!