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St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt

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Remove excess fake tan or fix patchy &  streaky areas with the St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt. Designed to be used on wet skin, this mitt helps even self tan and correct mistakes while buffing away dryness for soft, smooth skin.


St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt


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For some reason tan stays on my skin for literally weeks, no matter how much I scrub and scrub and scrub it just stays on, that was the case anyway until I tried this mitt, this is honestly a life saver, it scrubs everything off. I do add a little bit of soap to assist it and it works wonders. It’s smooth, reliable and super easy to use both before applying your tan and also removing it.
I absolutely love the St Tropez tanning mitt, it’s perfect for the last few days of tan when it’s fading out and you need to even it out and get ready for the next tan application. I use this in the shower and give my body a good scrub, I’ve found circular motions work best at removing your old tan and skin cells. I definitely recommend using this the last few days of your tan.
I love this mitt. I use this for exfoliating before tanning and to removed fake tan with ease. The mitt is easy to use, just rub it in a circular motion, and even though it exfoliates and removes tan its still quite gentle on skin. The mitt helps my tan to go on more evenly for a really professional finish and to stop streaking and any blotchy finish. Its high quality and I can wash it regularly and it comes up looking great. The mitt is great for removing dry dead skin and it lasts for ages so its great value for money. This mitt is a must for those who love to fake tan, I highly recommend it.
My favourite mit! I use it to exfoliate before applying my fake tan and also to remove old fake tan. You can actually see the tan coming off so you know it works well. I have had mine for about 2 years now and its still going strong. Just pop it in the wash every now and then to keep it clean and hang it up to dry after every use.
This is great for both removing fake tan and also exfoliating (and dry rubbing). It is high quality and lasts a lot longer than other mitts I've tried, and also is more comfortable than some other "scratchier" type mitts.  Really helps smooth skin and make it soft, great for application of an even tan product.
I use St. Tropez Tan Build Up Remover Mitt as an exfoliating mitt for a few days before I tan to remove dead skin cells. This makes my tan last longer and it also makes my tan more even and natural looking. When my skin cells start to shed my tan becomes uneven and spotty looking so I have to remove it before I can re apply. I use the mitt in the shower rubbing in circular motions removing the tan and making my skin silky smooth. If the tan is stubborn and doesn't want to come off using water I apply coconut oil to a dry mitt and follow the same method.  This mitt is a tanners best friend and I can't do summer without it. I recommend this product.