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Sugar Baby Sugar C-Rush Body Scrub

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Sugar Baby Sugar C-Rush Body Scrub is a skin exfoliator and detoxifier made with raw sugar to remove dead skin cells and expose fresh soft skin. It’s enriched with organic coconut oil to hydrate and moisturise, leaving skin silky smooth.


Sugar Baby Sugar C-Rush Body Scrub


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Super yummy, affordable body scrub! I thoroughly enjoy this product for many reasons; it does what it says on the label, it smells like a holiday, it doesn't break the bank, and it is not messy like coffee scrub counter parts. It has an easy to use pouch that is great for travel or convenienent storage. I find sugar scrubs work well for my excema prone skin and love the moisturising feeling of the coconut oil at the end. Definately one to add into your regime for when you want to feel extra pretty and smell delicious.
Smells absolutely delicious! Worked really well as a scrub but I found that it left my skin quite oily. My face normally gets quite oily, never noticed that on my body previously but perhaps that contributed to it? I got away with it in winter but i think using this in summer would be quite bad.
Its that time of year again where our legs,arms and other bits emerge from the covers often sporting flakey, dry,and dull skin. I want to feel fresh and shiny and confident wearing whatever I choose to put on show and know that I look in tip top condition. I spotted this product and could not resist the lovely 200g resealable packaging. The first thing you notice is the divine scent, just luscious, think Hawaii, pineapple pina coladas and sun kissed skin.I got to work while standing in the shower and I was immediately impressed with how quickly and easy it was to emerge from my dull winter skin. The scrub texture is great, fine and gentle while making you feel like the scrub is working. I noticed my thighs looked more toned and defined, It removed all the dead skin cells and left my skin skin looking smooth and glowing. This scrub also contains organic coconut oil which leaves your skin feeling very moisturised and smooth. I love how it contains five wonderful key ingredients being raw sugar, organic coconut oil, vitamin E, grapeseed oil and Himalayan Sea Salt. This product has not been tested on animals and is also vegan friendly.This is a wonderful exfoliating scrub to use regularly through out the year as our skin can get dry and flaky depending on the season. Go on spoil yourself :)
For those who do not like the smell and feel of grounded coffee but are still looking for a good body scrub, I would recommend this sugar scrub by Sugarbaby. This body scrub smells very lovely. The smell of coconut transports me to somewhere tropical and I feel like I am on holidays. This body scrub doesn’t feel oily but after using the scrub on my skin and leaving it on my skin for a good few minutes, my skin feels really moisturised and hydrated. This body scrub is a genius, it gets rid of the dead skin cells, makes me feel so refreshed - especially after a hard workout and my skin feels so moisturised.
Beauty ranges all the way from top to toe, and for me, it definitely begins in the shower and continues from there. I love how pampered I feel in the shower, as water is a very powerful and healing element in many ways. It is in the shower that I care for and prepare my hair to have a good hair day, and it is also where I care for and pamper the skin all over my body with shower gels, scrubs and moisturisers that nourish and soften my skin and makes it more radiant by the day. Body scrubs are a product that I've only recently started using, but they are a favourite and permanent part of my beauty routine now, and this Sugarbaby Sugar C-rush body scrub is a new discovery, but a brilliant, affordable, effective, and divine smelling product, that has now become a permanent inclusion in my shower, body care routine, for many good reasons, not least because of the cute pink package that houses a delicious smelling coconut scrub. After I wash with a moisturising shower gel, on skin that is still damp I massage a small amount of the scrub slowly and gently over my skin, starting from my feet and ankles and going all the way up to my shoulders and neck. I rinse off thoroughly and massage body cream into my damp, and now heavenly silky and satiny soft skin. The smell of coconut permeates the entire shower and bathroom and lingers on my skin all day and night long, and my skin was instantly and continues to be soft, smooth, hydrated, even in texture and tone, and radiates a natural looking glow. A tiny amount is needed each time, which thoroughly covers the entire body, so the generous sized packet lasts and lasts and lasts, and at  only $14.95 at Priceline, you can afford to stock up on it and keep your bathroom cupboard fully stocked at all times. Beauty is skin deep, and having smooth, soft, hydrated skin all over, with the help of products like this, is all it takes to fill you with inner and outer confidence, power and happiness, and when it radiates out for all to see, that's the beautiful thing about beauty.
I absolutely love this scrub - it smells divine and leaves your skin feeling like velvet! I keep it in the shower and apply it by turning the shower off then applying the scrub before turning the shower back on rinse it off. After a couple of uses you'll really start to notice the difference with how supple and hydrated your skin starts to become.
I received this beautifully packaged scrub in my first Health Parcel. As soon as I saw the bright tropical design on the front and read the basically all natural and organic ingredients list,I immediately had high hopes I'd like this. The scrub is packaged in a resealable foil bag and as soon as you open it the sweet, creamy coconut and sea salt fills the air, transporting your senses to a dreamy tropical island right in your own bathroom. The scrub itself looks and feels much like sand,thanks to the very fine grains of sugar and Himalayan sea salt. To use,you just need a small handful to rub all over the entire body as you shower. You can feel it effectively exfoliating in an incredibly gentle way. Once rinsed off my skin felt smooth,soft and incredibly hydrated and smelt absolutely heavenly! I usually find most scrubs have granules that are too large and rough or simply too little and dont do the job properly at all-this scrub got the balance just right. I love it-everything from the packaging design, texture, and the scent was perfect. A product I genuinely  looked forward to and enjoyed using. Pros Lots of small,tiny grains of sugar and salt to exfoliate effectively and provide nutrients to the skin Beautiful tropical scent of coconut and sea salt Natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you are using on your skin Leaves skin not only exfoliated,but hydrated too thanks to the nourishing jojoba and coconut oils Cons May need to be careful after use as it can make the shower area more slippery due to the coconut oil Id recommend this for anyone wanted a natural,effective and affordable exfoliating scrub that not only leaves skin smoother and more toned ,but also provides hydration and vitamins leaving skin silky soft and radiant.
I noticed a difference in my skin after using this product immediately. The sugar and salt removed any dry and dead skin while the coconut oil left me feeling hydrated and nourished. I loved that it contains natural ingredients and being certified organic was an influence to my purchase. Oh and tropical scent is just divine!  Although the packaging is a little flimsy, I must say it is easy to open and easy to store.  Its a product I love to use and one that I would happily recommend.