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Sugar Baby Vita Skin Slim-Ulate is an exfoliating body scrub formulated with natural coffee grounds to stimulate blood flow and circulation, which helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. The scrub is also enriched with organic coconut oil to soothe and hydrate skin, leaving it smooth and soft.


Sugar Baby Vita Skin Slim-Ulate


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I adore coffee scrubs, they smell so divine, and this is one of the best. I love that it comes in a handy resealable foil bag and the gorgeous tropical packaging is bright and fun. This smells amazing, really rich coffee with coconut, it feels like you are on holiday. Made from real coffee grounds it exfoliates beautifully to remove dead skin and is really rejuvenating. The scrub itself is quite fine and gentle so never irritates my sensitive skin and it leaves my skin super soft, silky, nourished and hydrated. Love the jojoba and coconut oils added for moisturisation and particularly love the price, it's great value for money. This is a really beautiful body scrub, easy to use under the shower, it washes off easily with no mess. Adore this and highly recommend it.
I’m not going to lie, when it comes to body products I always buy based on scent rather than any other claims- so the coffee and coconut sounded right up my alley. So needless to say this smells amazing! It’s very strong with coffee as that’s the main ingredients so if you’re not a fan of coffee this won’t be for you.  When I use this I like to jump in the shower, wet my skin, turn off the tap and then scrub. It is very grainy and really gives you a thorough exfoliation, and is great for when your fake tan needs to go! It’s made out of coffee grinds so it makes a whole lot of mess but it all washes off, and if you have a detachable shower head you’ll be happy as it makes cleaning the shower heaps easier. One thing I really like about this scrub is that unlike other sugar/salt scrub combinations It doesn’t dissolve in the shower so I can get a much more intense exfoliation.   This helps take off all the dead skin cells to reveal lovely smooth skin underneath, and then the coconut oil nourishes and moisturises your skin! So in a way it’s a two in one. After using the scrub your skin smells like coffee and I’ve had other people in my house comment on how good I smell.
I have used so many different types of body scrubs including coffee scrubs and this one has to be one of the best that I've tried. I love the fragrance - it's the perfect blend of coffee and coconut. It wakes me up with the coffee scent and the coconut scent transports me to somewhere tropical and amazing. The scrub spreads really well all over my skin - I also apply it on my face. I let the scrub sit and soak into my skin for a few minutes and I keep working it over different areas of my body. This scrub leaves my skin feeling refreshed, free from the dryness and flakes and really moisturised. I find this scrub is perfect after exercise. My body is rewarded with a nourishing scrub after a good workout.
I'm in love with this coco! Seriously though- this scrub seriously rocks! Awesome coconut/coffee scent which brings instant happy summer vibes from the moment you tear open the sachet of exfoliating goodness! Whilst this scrub didn't significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite for me personally (I find dry brushing more effective, however, as we all know, cellulite is quite stubborn and totally normal which is why we can/should all embrace it) I would still highly recommend it as an essential for all fake tan lovers/dry skin sufferers/coffee scent lovers, heck, I'd recommend it to anyone! Perfect for fake tan preparation as it scrubs away dead skin cells with ease, creating a clean, smooth slate for your tan to glide onto; no patches and streak free! I'll have 10! Also extremely useful in the winter months- gone will be the days when the cold weather would dry out our legs and create a scaly texture that we all feel obliged to shield- this scrub is the smooth operator and will have you wanting to show off your silky pins all year long! The texture is not too harsh and has that gorgeous coconut oil base with adds hydration to the process, meaning it will not strip away any of the good stuff. Do yourself a favour and say 'no' to streaky tans and scaly legs with some Sugar Baby Vita Skin Slim-Ulate scrub pronto
I was recommended Vita+Skin, Slim-ulate, Coconut & Coffee Stimulating Body Scrub when searching for a summer scrub as a pre-tan preparation. From the moment I opened it I fell in love with gorgeous coconut coffee scent!!!!!  While I dont think it lives up to all its claims (there hasnt been any noticeable difference in cellulite appearance)  I do find that it helps to hydrate my skin, it leaves me feeling moisturized but not greasy, removes dry skin and I have a healthier all over glow.  I absolutely love that it contains raw sugar, coffee, 100 % organic coconut oil and olive fruit oil, as natural ingredients are important to me.This product has not been tested on animals and is also vegan friendly. It comes in a snap lock bag, which although very pretty in sight, can be difficult to open and close in the shower. A minor gripe really. I have definitely been converted to a loyal consumer of Sugar Baby now and I am pleased to say I would recommend others to follow in my footsteps.
This scrub is absolutely amazing! Firstly, this comes in a resealable packet that has a gorgeous hot pink print on it. This contains a dark brown, rich coffee scrub that  is stunningly divine on the skin. Grab a handful of this, and get scrubbing! It has organic coconut oil in it as well to help moisturise the skin, replenishing the moisture that has been removed. This scrub will revitalise your skin, improve circulation to it, and exfoliate all the nasty old cells and scales off, leaving you soft and touchable, ready for some rich body lotion! Well worth the money and something I would definitely repurchase!
I have never been one for scrubs but after my experience with the Sugar Baby Vita Skin Slim -Ulate; I’m officially converted! Its main ingredients are coconut and coffee; the scent is delicious and not overpowering, opening the packet is very simple and the product is easy to use in the shower. I’ve also found that, unlike other sugar scrubs, I don’t feel raw after using it.  I absolutely love the look and feel of my skin after using this product; a small handful leaves my skin feeling soft and silky smooth with a natural summer glow. I also noticed my stretch marks weren’t as visible after using this product, so that is an extra bonus! Definitely recommend for people who are looking to make a difference to their skin, and keep their skin soft!
This scrub is amazing. I loved the way it spread making the product go a long way. The scrub wasn't too harsh on my skin and gave me an ultra clean feeling that I don't get from normal shower gels. It was easy to use and smelt good enough to eat! My skin was left feeling moisturised and smooth. No need to put on body moisturiser which I loved. I highly recommend this product and I have made this part of my beauty regime.
I received this nicely packaged scrub in my first Health Parcel. As soon as I saw the bright tropical design on the packaging and read the basically all natural and organic ingredients list,I immediately had high hopes I'd like this. The scrub is packaged in a resealable foil bag and as soon as you open it the sweet, creamy coconut and sea salt fills the air, transporting your senses to a dreamy tropical island right in your own bathroom. The scrub itself looks and feels much like sand,thanks to the very fine grains of sugar and Himalayan sea salt. To use,you just need a small handful to rub all over the entire body as you shower. You can feel it effectively exfoliating in an incredibly gentle way. Once rinsed off my skin felt smooth,soft and incredibly hydrated and smelt absolutely heavenly! I usually find most scrubs have granules that are too large and rough or simply too little and dont do the job properly at all-this scrub got the balance just right. I love it-everything from the packaging design,grainy texture and the scent was perfect. Pros Lots of small,tiny grains of sugar and salt to exfoliate effectively and provide nutrients to the skin Beautiful tropical scent of coconut and sea salt Natural ingredients so you can feel good about what you are using on your skin Leaves skin not only exfoliated,but hydrated too,thanks to the nourishing jojoba and coconut oils Cons May need to be careful after use as it can make the shower area more slippery due to the coconut oil I'd recommend this for anyone wanted a natural,effective and affordable exfoliating scrub that not only leaves skin smoother and more toned ,but also provides hydration and vitamins leaving skin silky soft and radiant.